Ikea Starkvind Review: The air purifier that blends into your home

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Functional and able to blend in with your home, particularly if y’all buy the side-table edition, the Ikea Starkvind is an air purifier that looks practiced. It’s exceptionally simple to use, and you can add together smart control via the optional hub, which delivers app control plus HomeKit and phonation command – but in that location’s no remote control via Ikea’southward app.

In our tests, the Starkvind could be a trivial slow to ramp up its fan speeds, but it cleared our examination smoke in decent time and proved to exist a quiet operator.


  • Funky design options
  • Elementary to use
  • Inexpensive, smart upgrade


  • Can exist deadening to ramp up fan speed
  • No remote control with Ikea app


  • UK
    RRP: £129
  • United states
    RRP: $129
  • Europe
    RRP: €128

Key Features

  • Environmental
    Three filters hither remove big particles (such as pet hair), pocket-size particles (allergens and the like) and harmful gasses and odours


Air purifiers are a bright way to go on your home environment in the best shape possible, filtering out harmful particles and pushing out make clean air. Many purifiers come in the form of rather ugly boxes that can be an eyesore, but the Ikea Starkvind aims to change that.

With Ikea’s customary attention to detail, the Starkvind is a purifier designed to blend into your home and is bachelor as either a freestanding unit or a side tabular array. It works out of the box with the on-screen controls, but through the Tradfri Gateway, the purifier becomes smart.

Information technology comes with a slightly limited automatic way and, in one case it ramps up to full speed, the Starkvind is capable of cleaning the air fast.

Blueprint and Features

  • Table or freestanding options
  • Simple on-board controls
  • Optional smart command

Much like Ikea did with its Symfonisk Sonos speakers, the Starkvind is designed to hibernate the tech in a trunk that blends into your home. The air purifier is available in 2 options: ane sits upright on curt legs and has a material cover (white or black), while the other has longer legs and a hard meridian, so y’all can use information technology as a side table (available in black or white with oak veneer).

In my stance, the Starkvind looks neat in both forms. I have the freestanding version on review, although it’south arguably the tabular array that’southward more useful.

Both versions share the same physical air purifier unit. A round, drum-like device, your first chore after buy volition be to assemble your purifier (this is Ikea, after all), attaching its legs. You’ll as well need to insert the filters.

At the bottom sits the black filter for capturing gas and neutralising odours. Next comes the white filter for removing particles, followed by a pre-filter for larger elements, such as pet hair. The pre-filter tin can be wiped make clean or vacuumed; the other two filters accept a lifespan of around six months each.

Ikea Starkvind filters

You’ll see a calorie-free turn on when it’south fourth dimension to inspect the filters, and both can exist replaced for a reasonable £27.

Integrated cablevision management means that yous don’t have too much of the power cable on display. Once plugged in, the Starkvind tin be used entirely via the control punch. Press in one case to plough on the purifier in Motorcar mode, and then turn the dial to manually select a speed betwixt one and v.

Ikea Starkvind Auto mode

Air is pulled through the rear and comes out of the vents on the side. Given the orientation of the purifier, it should mean that y’all don’t get hitting by a cold blast of air. Equally such, you lot can use the Starkvind in lower temperatures without feeling discomfort.

Ikea Starkvind side

The automatic mode uses the PM2.v sensor to observe levels of small particles. PM2.five particles tin get into the lungs and crusade breathing problems, and are a major source of irritation in our homes.

Annotation that this sensor can become clogged, so you should make clean information technology from time to time using a vacuum cleaner –specially if the fan speed e’er appears to be on max. Follow the instructions in the transmission: there’s a comprehend you demand to unscrew at the rear to get to it.

Different the Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde, the Starkvind can’t react to pollutants such every bit NO2 (nitrogen dioxide, released via combustion such equally from cars), or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, which can be found in erstwhile furniture, paints or even cleaning sprays) automatically. Only equally a result of the combination of filters, the Starkvind can still deal with these pollutants.

There’s no indicator to display how clean the Starkvind believes your air to be; y’all can only actually make up one’s mind this by listening to how fast the fans are spinning.

Add a Tradfri Gateway (£25), which is also used to control the visitor’southward other smart devices – including its lights and blinds – and you can connect the Starkvind to your dwelling network. This allows control through the Ikea Home Smart app or via the Apple tree Abode app via HomeKit support.

With HomeKit, you lot tin suit the fan speed and toggle the purifier on and off – but the controls are a little confusing. The top power push in the app turns on Auto mode; the lesser slider lets you toggle power and select the fan speed manually. The purifier’south air quality sensor likewise shows upward as a separate device that you lot can apply in automation.

Ikea Starkvind Apple HomeKit

With the Ikea app, yous tin can decide air quality through helpful letters, such as ‘good’ or ‘non expert’. There’s also a slider to suit fan speed or to toggle the Auto fashion. To apply the app, you have to be on the same network as your gateway.

Ikea Starkvind app

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrations are available, also, offering phonation control over the purifier, including fan speed and Auto mode. Via the Alexa app, y’all tin can also remote command the purifier. Since the Starkvind appears equally a proper device, you can utilise it in Alexa Routines – say, turning it off automatically when you lot set up your Ring Alarm.


  • Sensor tin can be slow to respond
  • Fast air cleaning
  • Very repose
Ikea Starkvind filter in place

To test the air purifier, I lit a smoke capsule in my role, which burns for 60 seconds. I left the Starkvind in Machine style and timed how long it took my Nest Protect to record that the danger was over.

In Auto mode, the Starkvind took a while to respond to the threat, ramping up fan speed quite slowly. Other purifiers reply faster to a threat, getting to maximum speed faster.

All the same, the Starkvind cleared the threat in 11mins 57secs, which is pretty skilful because the size of the purifier. The Shark Air Purifier half dozen HE600UK was much faster, but the air purifier itself is huge. Leaving the purifier to run, I waited until its sensor read make clean air, which took 25 minutes in total.

Measuring the Starkvind for noise at minimum fan speed, information technology reached just 34.8dB. That’s background racket level, and I couldn’t really hear the fans. Even on maximum, the Starkvind only got to 56.3DdB, which is extremely quiet.

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Should you buy it?

If you want an air purifier that can blend into your habitation, and so this is a peachy choice – particularly if yous opt for the side table version.

If you desire a device that tin can act equally a fan, also, so in that location are multi-purpose alternatives that may exist a better choice.

Final Thoughts

Blending into your dwelling house, particularly the table version, the Ikea Starkvind looks fabulous. It’s well priced, and simple to utilize out of the box. Yet, it’s smart-ready, which expands the purifier’southward offering further. It’south relatively quick to clean a room’s air, although a wider range of sensors would aid to brand information technology respond to multiple threats. All the same, this is a great purifier at a decent price.

If you want something different, the Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK is a peachy choice for big rooms, while the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde can be used all-year circular as a purifier, heater and fan. My guide to the best air purifiers has other alternatives.

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We fourth dimension how long it takes each purifier to remove smoke from a closed room.

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What’s the deviation between the two Ikea Starkvind versions?

The master bodies are the aforementioned, only one comes with longer legs and a hard meridian and tin exist used as a side table; the other stands vertically.

What practice I need to make the Ikea Starkvind smart?

You demand the Tradfri Gateway, which is as well used to control Ikea’due south other smart products.

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Ikea Starkvind





510 x 190 x 530 MM




Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri



Gas, particles

6 months




Jargon buster


Apple’s unifying smart home engineering science that lets yous command compatible devices from Siri or the Apple tree Home app on iPhone and Mac.


Amazon’s smart voice assistant

Google Assistant

A voice assistant which is Google’south take on Amazon’due south Alexa.

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