Images Of The God Of War

For the past 2 months, nosotros have been keeping a watchful center on many of your God of War Photo Mode images. These pics showed usa amazing glimpses into Kratos and Atreus’ adventures from your indicate of view.

Whether information technology was a stiff use of a vignette, a unique vertical shot or a pouty Atreus selfie, at that place were lots of scenic images shared all beyond the web that anybody at our studio loved checking out. Now, through our Photo Mode contest, nosotros received some of your best work yet.

We combed over 100’s of images all over the world and were immensely impressed past your inventiveness and originality of work we saw, whether information technology was a repose, self-reflective moment with Kratos in Midgard to a fierce battle with Atreus in Muspelheim.

We’re proud to denote our legendary Photo Manner contest winners below. Check out their gorgeous photos and our team’southward commentary on each prototype. Our winners will receive a Cook & Becker museum quality print of their winning shot signed by the team + a Night Equus caballus Art of God of War book.

Thanks to all our fans worldwide for your submissions. This certainly will not be the last Photo Style contest. Delight continue to ship your pictures to @SonySantaMonica or BOY!

1. Photo past John 50.

God of War

“From the swell apply of colours to the evocation of emotion, this is a beautifully simple shot that tells a story. We dearest the diagonal composition, using the clouds as framing to draw your eye to Atreus’ face. The mood of his confront also matches the color of the shot and its compositional elements, delivering a unified sense of emotion.”

2. Photo by @ninjerello

God of War

“The kickoff thing that impressed us is the unique use of perspective with the Blades of Anarchy being at the eye of the image. It gave us a sense of both brutality and movement, reflecting the personality of Kratos in battle. We also loved also the color contrast betwixt calorie-free blue and cherry-red.”

iii. Photo by @the_macebook

God of War

“There’south a groovy sense of motion and tension in this prototype. We really enjoyed the composition and apply of thirds also every bit the unique use of colors to convey the tension. Birthday, information technology tells a very evocative narrative.”

4. Photo by Ian Fifty.

God of War

“Nosotros love the great use of compositional lines and angles hither. At that place’s a strong use of negative infinite and depth of field. The overexposed background pops from the foreground and complements the choice of colors overall.”

5. Photo by @gatirosho

God of War

“Apart from the obviously neat quality of the image, we think it really captures the spirit of Atreus overall in a more than quieter and peaceful setting along with a great usage of color and mood.”

6. Photo by @TheHunterVictor

God of War

“We chose this image equally it makes good employ of its depth of field, great lighting and composition. There is a great sense of intention permeating from the imagery.”

seven. Photograph by @libraa_sandra1

God of War

“At that place is a powerful narrative showcased from this paradigm here. Nosotros love the strong lines come from the framing with a corking limerick. We also appreciate the original use of the background hither with a strong silhouette.”

8. Photo past @_Rosapexa

God of War

“This moving-picture show describes the huge power and anger of Kratos. His Blades of Chaos are shown in a very dramatic and strong way, and we similar that the burn around the Blades with the Greek writing shining. This detail stands in contrast to Kratos’ harsh facial expression — reflecting Kratos’ character and origin.”

ix. Photograph past @linalyx_

God of War

“We appreciated the way the photo was edited; the strong employ of the scenery and verticality of the image. The silhouette of Kratos stands out here as both lonely and powerful.”

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