Alert: The post-obit commodity contains major spoilers for Flavour 2 of Netflix’south


, steaming at present.

Dark is one of the nearly intricate and engaging time-travel television series in quite some time. Season 1 focused on the fictional German town of Winden with a series of macabre events linked together: kids going missing and others were found expressionless, a nuclear power plant whose radioactive waste matter turned a cave into a wormhole, and lastly, a bunch of families whose past and present connected to shape a dystopian hereafter.

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At the center of it all were Jonas (Louis Hofmann) and his center-aged cocky known equally the Stranger (Andreas Pietschmann). Season 1 saw them navigating the time-stream to stop the apocalypse while Season 2’s finale sees the younger Jonas understanding he has to let it happen if he’s to detect the “beginning” he’southward searching for in order to break the fourth dimension loop Winden’s been stuck in. This leads to a violent confrontation on D-24-hour interval in 2020 when his scarred future cocky Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) arrives to put Jonas on the path to becoming a scarred, bitter villain.


Just before Adam and Jonas meet upwards in 2020, Jonas tries to stop his begetter’s suicide the twelvemonth before — aka the event which started the unabridged series. Nevertheless, as they reunite and converse, he realizes his dad, Michael (Sebastian Rudolph) has to kill himself so Jonas tin showtime traversing the timestream to figure out the loop. What’s shocking is Jonas also discovers he ushered young Mikkel into the town’s temporal cavern in 2019, assuasive him to become stuck in 1986 and grow into Michael.

In other words, these catalysts which shaped Season 1 were all due to Jonas, considering information technology’s after their chat that Michael/Mikkel is pushed to hang himself as he knows Jonas is function of a bigger plan to salve the world. It’s all ironic because we’re now seeing that while all these scenes were occurring in Season 1, Jonas was already working in the background while his 2019 self remained none the wiser. Nosotros all thought this unseen entity was some shady villain, just now the truth’s been revealed and Jonas is actually “the trigger” for last flavor’s pain and tragedy, including his own.


When the nuclear meltdown begins, thank you to wormholes syncing up and opening in 2053, 1921 and on D-Day in 2020, Jonas meets Martha (his lover and Mikkel’s sis, making her his aunt) at his house. Every bit they encompass, deciding that no affair what, they’re meant for each other, Adam arrives from 1921 through his time auto and shoots Martha (Lisa Vicari), killing her. He does this knowing Jonas will now bound through time to get the Stranger and move a footstep closer to transforming into Adam.

Adam then leaves knowing the path laid out for Jonas merely all of a sudden, another Martha shows up and tells him they need to escape earlier the nuclear moving ridge hits them. She pulls out an orb, her own temporal device, and when Jonas asks her what time she’due south from, she reveals she’due south really from another earth. Martha two.0 activates the orb and they teleport out the house, leaving Jonas’ dead Martha backside as the house is destroyed.

It’s a surprising development as
has usually dealt with one World but given how the space-time continuum has been messed with repeatedly, it seems the show’s expanding to a multiverse.


Over the course of the series, we constitute out Adam’due south evil group was known as the Travelers, and he was manipulating the priest Noah (Mark Waschke) to bear out killings. This was all to put Winden on the path to nuclear meltdown in 2020, thanks to its God Particle in the radioactive waste. When Charlotte (Karoline Eichhorn) tries to stop her law officers from opening the nuclear containers, the meltdown is triggered.

But by that fourth dimension, Charlotte’s husband Peter, her deafened daughter Elisabeth, as well as Claudia (Julika Jenkins) and her cancer-ridden daughter, Regina (Deborah Kaufmann), all accept refuge in Noah’due south murder bunker. They’ve been guided at that place by Jonas and the former Claudia (Lisa Kreuzer) to survive as they’ll grow to play primal roles against the Travelers. This helps Claudia become the White Devil, Adam’south nemesis, and also Elisabeth will grow into a military leader in 2053.

Ironically, Elisabeth activated the wormhole in 2053 as we found out she was actually Noah’s wife in the future, and their daughter is Charlotte, thus creating a biological paradox where they’re both mother and daughter to each other. Ironically, both encounter each other every bit the wormholes sync up, meaning they might exist lost in fourth dimension now. To complete the big moving-picture show in the bunker, though, a young Noah (Max Schimmelpfennig) too arrives from 1921, sent by Adam to ensure he and Elisabeth fall in love.


Earlier Adam killed Martha in his see with immature Jonas, young Noah told the Stranger at that aforementioned firm that he needed to salvage Martha’southward brother, Magnus, as well as Magnus’ girlfriend Fransizka (Charlotte’s other daughter) and Regina’southward son, Bartosz. Noah and then reminded him he’d take to rescue him and his sister, Agnes, at some other point in time.

The Stranger leaves Noah and rescues the same trio, using his fourth dimension-box to teleport them out of the apocalypse, non knowing young Noah was playing him before he headed to the bunker. These people the Stranger would save actually grow upwards to be Adam’due south Travelers.

In fact, it’due south the older Magnus and Fransizka who activate the wormhole in 1921 and and then time-jump somewhere with their own boxes. Sadly, Young Noah doesn’t know old Noah was killed by Agnes and Adam, after figuring out Adam didn’t want to ready the loop, he wanted to end the world as part of his war on time (which he viewed as God). In playing the Stranger, young Noah is unaware he’s going to be Adam’s pawn for the next few decades.

At present, we don’t know where the Stranger has taken the teens simply once more, he as well is eating out of Adam’s hands. It’s worth noting that former Claudia was killed by old Noah in 1953, and simply then did he get her diary which shed insight on Adam’due south schemes, so it seems both Jonas and the Stranger will have to notice allies in the war to come. With Magnus’ mom, Katharina, in the cave in 2020 every bit the apocalypse happens — as she’south trying to find Mikkel — she could bear witness to exist an ally co-ordinate to whichever timeline she’southward stuck in.

However, with Jonas’ mom, Hannah, remaining in 1953 to make Mikkel’due south time-trapped dad, Ulrich, pay for scorning her, her role might conversely prove detrimental to whatever Jonas and the Stranger have planned to try to derail and eventually defeat Adam.

Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese,
stars Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn and Jördis Triebel. Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.