Incipio Plex Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Consummate total comprehend edge-to-edge curved protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Incipio’south Plex® Plus Shield Edge Screen Protector offers a perfect fit and protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’ screen. Due to a custom fit and slightly curved blueprint, this tempered glass protector will fit onto your device’south screen perfectly, adding an additional protective layer, which shields information technology from scratches, dents and bruises.

A note on example compatibility

This screen protector is very form-fitting and does add together some depth to your telephone screen at the extremities. Therefore it may be wise to consider your case if using one alongside it. Certain types of cases, such equally gel cases and other softer options are not going to nowadays a problem. In fact, any case that does non encroach on the forepart of the screen or fascia should be fine. Some rugged protective cases may do so, and by that we mean apply pressure on the outside of the screen protector causing pocket-sized cracks that may compromise it. All cases vary past model, so please, if yous’re not certain, just ask united states of america.

9H hardness tempered glass for enhanced daze protection

Unlike the cheaper plastic film screen protectors, Incipio Plex® Plus Shield Border screen protector for the Galaxy S9 Plus is fabricated of a loftier quality 9H hardness tempered drinking glass, which offers a substantial protection against knocks, bumps and scratches. It has been designed to absorb the impact of the daze, preventing your phone’s display from getting cracked.

Easy installation with no take a chance of bubbles

As this is a loftier quality glass screen protector and non a motion picture, information technology does not bubble at all on awarding.

Incipio Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Plex Shield Edge Glass Screen ProtectorIncipio Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Plex Shield Edge Glass Screen Protector

Anti-scratch coating

This form-fitting tempered drinking glass screen protector comes coated in a special anti-scratch end, which resits superficial scrapes and scratches. This will non merely shield your device’south original screen, but also makes sure that your tempered glass stays in an excellent condition also.

Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and makes cleaning easy

The Oleopobic coating features an oil-resistance to prevent smudges resulting from oil, cosmetics and other contaminants with no rainbow effect. Whatever marks and fingerprints can exist wiped away easily, which results in optimum clarity and a pristine make clean screen!

Offers an excellent fit for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Incipio’s Plex® Plus Shield Border has been designed and crafted exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, which means this screen protector will fit your mobile telephone like a glove. Enjoy a market leading protection and quality with this Incipio’s Plex Plus Shield Border tempered glass screen protector.

Cardinal Details

Office No CL-662-TG
UPC 0191058062741
Mobile Fun ID 67311
Colour Clear
Brand Name Incipio