Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK Review: Quality cleaning for less

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It might not exist the cheapest dishwasher to run, just the Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK is well priced, and has lots of room within. I found it a little fiddly to get the right load, just in one case used to the dishwasher, I could fit a lot in information technology. Well-nigh importantly, this dishwasher cleans brilliantly.


  • Cleans brilliantly
  • Flexible internal space
  • Good range of programmes


  • Like shooting fish in a barrel to get items caught on shelf edges

Key Features

  • Identify settings
    This dishwasher has 14 place settings, which is enough to cater for a regular family unit and all of the cooking kit for a meal.


With a dishwasher, there are ii things you need: lots of space inside and quality cleaning performance. They’re two things that the Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK delivers, which is incredible given the mid-range pricing.

There are a few rough edges, including a fiddly-to-use Push button & Go mode, and open shelves at the back that can brand information technology easy to become items stuck. Still, once you get used to this dishwasher, you can’t fault its quality or performance.

Design and features

  • Highly adaptable shelves
  • Adept range of washing programmes
  • Needs a flake of idea to get everything loaded neatly

With infinite for xiv place settings inside, the Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK is one of the larger dishwashers that I’ve tested, although a piffling behind the Sharp QW-NA26F39DW-EN. Indesit has arranged the space inside over iii private racks.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK inside

The bottom i is for larger items, such as plates and pans; the center shelf is for glasses and other smaller items, and the peak drawer is for cutlery. Each drawer moves well on its sliders, easily pulling in and out.

Flexibility is primal for a dishwasher, so the middle shelf tin can exist raised or lowered. A uncomplicated set of clips on either side let you do this without having to remove the shelf, although information technology makes sense to simply suit while it’s empty.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK middle shelf wine glass holder

On the side of the centre shelf are fold-down cutlery holders, that have cut-outs for vino glass stems. These holders can be put into multiple positions, adjusting to suit the type of wine glasses you lot accept. I take very tall ones, nonetheless I managed to get them stored neatly.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK middle shelf

The back of this shelf is open, with the wire holder sticking out a footling. Be careful how y’all load at the rear: I found it easy to become a mug defenseless around the wire, making it hard to get out.

With the lesser shelf, you get a prepare of unlike sized plate holders. I plant that the wider ones were ideal for dinner places, as information technology kept them out of the manner of the spinning shower caput in a higher place. I did find that putting dinner plates in the smaller holder didn’t piece of work, as the showerhead would hit them. Moving the middle shelf up solves this trouble, but doesn’t leave much room for glasses.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK bottom shelf

The elevation shelf has tonnes of room for cutlery, and it’s very like shooting fish in a barrel to load up. While it takes a chip of practise to work out what items should get where, in one case y’all’re used to this dishwasher, there’s a lot of space.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK cutlery in place

In that location’s a standard salt container at the bottom of the Indesit DFO 3T133 F Great britain, which should exist filled with table salt and water the get-go fourth dimension y’all use the dishwasher. Using the control console, you lot have to set the water hardness in your area, so that the right amount of salt is used.

You also need to set the right amount of rinse aid to use. Rinse aid goes in the compartment on the door, side by side to the washing tab holder.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK washer and rinse aid

On the superlative of the door, Indesit has put a guide to the wash programmes available. The Eco wash is likely to exist your main programme, but in that location’s a more intensive 65C wash, a dishes mode, glasses mode and a rapid 28-minute launder for lightly soiled items. Plus, at that place’southward an actress hygiene way and more intense wash.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK programme guide

Equally with its washing machines and tumble dryers, the Indesit DFO 3T133 F Great britain has a Push & Get mode, which is a launder designed for everyday dishes. To utilise this mode, I had to turn the dishwasher on, expect for a 2d and and so press and hold the Button & Become button; it’southward far easier to let the dishwasher default to Eco mode and then only hit the get mode.

Depending on the cycle you’ve selected, yous can select which zones you want to utilize, reducing water consumption if, for example, you merely want to clean items on the bottom shelf.

Cheers to the LCD screen on the front, the dishwasher shows you how long remains on the cycle. Once finished, the door is slowly pushed open by a robotic arm (similar to that used on the far more than expensive Miele Thousand 7160 SCVi AutoDos integrated dishwasher). It’s neat and means you won’t get hit by a jump-loaded door pinging open at the end of a cycle.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK LCD


  • Excellent cleaning operation
  • Exist conscientious how you stack to get the best results
  • Boilerplate running costs

To test out cleaning performance, I load all dishwashers with the aforementioned exam load of items and stains.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK fully loaded

Commencement, at that place’s the java cup test, loading upwardly a mug with dried-on stains, and placing information technology on the eye shelf. Here, the Indesit DFO 3T133 F United kingdom did brilliantly, leaving no mess behind.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK dirty coffee cup
Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK clean mug

Also, the dishwasher got rid of the red wine stains from my wine glass, leaving me with shiny, streak-free drinking glass.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK dirty wine glass
Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK clean wine glass

Equally a tougher exam, I put ketchup onto a plate and leave it to dry. This proved no trouble for the dishwasher, and information technology easily removed the stains.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK dirty plate
Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK clan plate

Also, my dried-on Weetabix test proved no trouble in terms of stain removal. All the same, as the dirty bowl was touching the ane in front of it, some Weetabix remained on information technology. A quick rinse was enough to remove it, showing that the Indesit DFO 3T133 F U.k. had cleaned the mess, but just hadn’t managed to rinse it out.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK dirty cereal bowl
Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK clean cereal bowl with a bit of mess left behind

Finally, there’due south the tough egg test: the remains of scrambled eggs fabricated in the microwave. I put the muddied bowl onto the middle shelf. This test oftentimes presents problems for dishwashers, merely non so here: the bowl game out virtually clean, with simply a tiny bit of egg left behind. This is one of the best performances that I’ve seen.

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK dirty egg bowl
Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK clean egg bowl

Measuring the ability and water usage for the Eco setting, I institute that the dishwasher used 0.812kWh of power and xi.7-litres of h2o. Water usage was competitive but the ability usage is a little higher than on the more efficient contest – this explains the B energy rating.

Based on the energy label, I worked out that it costs around 16p per bike to run this machine, which is a little higher than with an A-rated apparatus. That works out to simply over 1p per place setting, with an average running toll per year of £39.48. In that location are cheaper dishwashers to run, but they’ll cost yous more coin to purchase.

I measured the dishwasher at 4.59dB, which is exceptionally quiet: you tin can easily have this on in the kitchen while you’re watching TV and not go distracted.

Latest deals

Should you buy it?

If yous want a well-priced dishwasher that can clean brilliantly, and so this dishwasher is for you.

If you want something a flake easier to load and with cheaper running costs, at that place are plenty of alternatives.

Final Thoughts

The Indesit DFO 3T133 F U.k. isn’t the cheapest dishwasher to run, and it has a couple of rough edges, including slightly fiddly-to-load shelves in some cases. All of this can be forgiven, based on the quality cleaning results and competitive price.

If yous’re looking for a well-priced dishwasher with lots of space and some of the best cleaning results I’ve seen, this is a great choice. Alternatives are available in my guide to the best dishwashers.

How we test

We test every dishwasher we review thoroughly over an extended menstruation of time. We use industry standard tests to compare features properly. Nosotros’ll ever tell you what we find. We never, e’er, accept money to review a production.

Find out more nigh how we test in our ethics policy.

We measure out water and energy usage for each dishwasher to encounter how efficient they are.

Nosotros use real-world mess to exam a dishwasher’s ability to clean.

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How many place settings does the Indesit DFO 3T133 F Great britain accept?

Information technology has room within for xiv identify settings, making this model suitable for large families.

Can you adjust the centre shelf?

Yes, information technology tin motility up or down. In its everyman position, there’south plenty room for standard dinner plates beneath.

Trusted Reviews test data

Sound (normal)

Free energy consumption standard clean

Water consumption standard make clean

Free energy consumption eco clean

Water consumption eco clean

Indesit DFO 3T133 F UK

45.9 dB

0.961 kWh

11.4 litres

0.812 kWh

11.7 litres

Full specs



Size (Dimensions)

Release Date

First Reviewed Date

Model Number

Number of Place settings

Number of Racks

Height adjustable pinnacle rack?

Annual water consumption

Annual electricity consumption

Indesit DFO 3T133 F United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland



600 10 590 x 850 MM



Indesit DFO 3T133 F United kingdom




2413 litres

251.9 kWh


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