InSinkErator 4N1 Touch Review: Everything you need in one tap

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Rather than having to have multiple taps, the InSinkErator 4N1 Touch does everything you lot need: boiling water (or close plenty), regular hot and cold, plus filtered water at the bear on of a button. It’south efficient to run, easy to use and the range of colours and designs means that you lot can find the tap type that suits your domicile decor. It is quite expensive and y’all will need a fair corporeality of room under the sink to fit the hot water tank and filter, though.


  • Can replace a standard tap
  • Normal h2o, humid water and filtered water
  • Easy to use and safe


  • Takes up a lot of closet space


  • UK
    RRP: £1149

Key Features

  • Capacity
    This tap has a 2.5-litre h2o tank for boiling water.

  • Water filtering
    You can get fresh filtered water at the touch of a button


Boiling h2o taps have been around for a long time at present, but the InSinkErator 4N1 Bear on goes across simply hot water, every bit it likewise dispenses filtered water alongside regular hot and cold h2o. It’southward efficient to run, comes in lots of styles and finishes, and gives you lot everything yous need in one place.

It’s quite expensive and takes up a fair corporeality of space underneath your sink, so won’t be for everyone.

Design and features

  • Everything in ane tap
  • Replaces an existing tap
  • Needs quite a bit of closet space

Rather than having to have a separate hole drilled for a hot h2o tap, the InSinkErator gives you everything in 1 unmarried tap. It volition even fit in the infinite left by your old tap, so y’all can upgrade without having to worry about drilling additional holes or protecting your countertop.

A tap is ane of the nigh visible items in any kitchen, so information technology’due south squeamish to see a range of tap options. Starting time, there’s an selection of shape, with L Shape, J Shape and the U Shape that I accept on review. Each tap is as well available in chrome, velvet blackness and brushed stainless steel, and then you should exist able to find the model that fits your kitchen.

I went with the black option. Its matt cease looks fantastic and high terminate but doesn’t selection up fingerprints besides easily.

On the right of the tap are the standard water controls, sliding up and down for hot and cold water, and pushing the tap out to plow on the water. It works smoothly and is no dissimilar to any other mixer tap.

InSinkErator 4in1 Touch normal tap and touch button

On the left is a secondary tap, which is for boiling water. For prophylactic, you have to printing down the spring-loaded handle before y’all can turn on the water. When yous’re washed, a second spring shuts off the h2o and engages the safety lock again. This will stop accidents, either with kids playing virtually with the tap or merely a moment of forgetfulness.

InSinkErator 4in1 Touch boiling tap

Then, there’s the touch button on the front, which engages the filtered water. You can tap to turn this off, although the InSinkErator 4N1 Touch will only run for 20 seconds before shutting off automatically.

This touch push button is controlled by a 9V battery that sits underneath your sink. It’s easy to open upwardly the waterproof container to replace the battery when it goes flat, but a single battery should last for a good couple of years.

InSinkErator 4in1 Touch 9V battery

Installation needs a fair amount of room in the closet underneath the sink, for the tap’due south workings. As with all boiling water taps, a tank has to be fitted. Here, that’s the 2.5-litre NeoTank.

This heats up the h2o to the temperature you lot set using the selector on the exterior to selection temperatures betwixt 88C and 99C. Temperatures aren’t actually marked on the display, so you have to estimate a trivial every bit to what the temperatures between maximum and minimum are.

InSinkErator 4in1 Touch tank

InSinkErator says that this range gives you the flexibility to handle everything from more than delicate teas (a lower temperature) upward to filling a pan for cooking. This is true to a degree, but if yous’ve already heated the organisation to a maximum temperature, yous have to await a while for it to cool down to the lower temperature.

When the power is cut, the InSinkErator 4N1 Affect remembers the temperature that you lot set up it at. When you turn it back on, the NeoTank will automatically warm the water to the fix temperature.

Side by side, there’s a water filter, which lasts for half dozen months before you unscrew it and supercede information technology (two new filters cost £74). If you’ve got a single cupboard under your sink, you won’t have a huge amount of space left; it’southward easier to fit (and have space left) if you take a double cupboard, equally in my kitchen.

InSinkErator 4in1 Touch filter


  • Gets upwards to rut quickly
  • Maintains temperature efficiently
  • Holds enough h2o for cooking

I measured the InSinkErator 4N1 Affect at a maximum of 1.2kW when heating an empty tank. It takes the organisation around five to 10 minutes from common cold to heat your water, at which signal the insulated tank maintains temperature with very piddling water usage – around 1.2W maximum.

As the temperature does decline, the tank tops upwards the water temperature to the level that you’ve set. The aforementioned occurs when you use hot water and common cold h2o runs into the tank. How much it costs to run this organization per day depends on how much hot water you lot utilize.

It’southward very efficient to convert electricity into rut. How much power you employ affects how speedily water boils, only the cost is the same. Typically kettles, such as one from our best kettles list, draw 3kW of power, so eddy fast, whereas the InSinkErator 4N1 Bear on uses a fraction of the power simply takes longer to heat.

Information technology’s what happens when you get to the boiling bespeak that makes a difference. Kettles start to lose rut quite fast, while the InSinkErator 4N1 Touch maintains its temperature. When you use the InSinkErator 4N1 Bear on’s boiling tap, you lot merely accept out every bit much h2o as you demand, and then only a piffling energy is needed to peak up the tank’due south temperature.

Using the system throughout the day to make cups of coffee, I used only 0.4kWh of power, which works out at around 6p. In comparison, boiling my i-litre kettle uses effectually 0.2kWh of power. With a kettle, information technology’s hard to judge how much water you should use, so we all end upward humid our kettles inefficiently repeatedly during the day. So, fifty-fifty with the aforementioned water usage, kettles tend to be less efficient overall.

The only caveat here is that if yous get away on holiday, yous should turn the InSinkErator 4N1 Impact off, as you’ll otherwise be wasting energy maintaining a tank of hot water that y’all won’t utilise.

Measuring the InSinkErator 4N1 Bear upon, I found that on maximum the tank was exactly 99C. I then measured the water coming out of the tap, and found that it was around 92C – you lot lose some temperature through the arrangement, only this is the aforementioned for a kettle, which loses temperature the 2d it switches off.

With a 2.5-litre tank, I could hands fill a pan for cooking, and and so the system refreshes automatically, so I had additional hot h2o when I needed information technology. Ultimately, this is a arrangement of convenience, delivering boiling (or near enough) water exactly when you need it.

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Should you buy it?

If yous want the convenience of boiling water and filtered h2o alongside regular hot and cold, this tap gives yous everything in ane package.

If you don’t use that much humid h2o per 24-hour interval, so a regular kettle may work out better for yous. You’ll besides need enough infinite for the tank under your sink.

Final Thoughts

Boiling water taps are a source of convenience, and brand detail sense for those that utilize a lot of hot water during the day. By maintaining its water temperature, the InSinkErator 4N1 Bear upon tin be more than efficient than using the same amount of boiling water from a kettle.

I love the all-in-one blueprint of this tap, giving everything from humid h2o and regular hot and cold to filtered water without cluttering the sink. For those that want everything, this single tap design makes a huge amount of sense.

Yous need a fair chip of room under the sink for the tank and filter, simply if yous’ve got the room and want the convenience that the InSinkErator 4N1 Touch delivers, information technology’s a smashing choice.

How we test

Dissimilar other sites, we test every humid tap nosotros review thoroughly over an extended period of time. We utilise manufacture standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you lot what we find. We never, ever, accept money to review a product.

Find out more about how we test in our ethics policy.

Used as our main boiling tap for the review period

We measure the water temperature at the tank and from the spout to run into how hot the water being delivered actually is.

Nosotros measure energy usage to encounter how efficient each tap is.

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Does the InSinkErator 4N1 Impact evangelize boiling water?

Not quite. The tank has a maximum temperature of 99C, plus you lose a few degrees through the tap. What you become is good enough and similar to the output from a kettle.

How oft do you have to change the filter for the InSinkErator 4N1 Bear upon?

You have to modify this every six months.

What prophylactic features does the InSinkErator 4N1 Affect accept?

The boiling tap has a rubber lock and it likewise springs back to close off automatically.

Full specs

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InSinkErator 4N1 Touch



Boiling h2o tap

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InSinkErator 4N1 Touch

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