InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal Review: Goodbye waste

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For those who don’t want to mess around with nutrient bins or scraping waste into a regular bin, the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal sits under your sink and grinds upwardly nutrient waste matter. You demand a fair amount of cupboard space to conform this model; just information technology’due south convenient to employ, repose and powerful.


  • Powerful
  • Deals with most food waste matter
  • Quiet


  • Takes up a lot of room

Key Features

  • Grinds nutrient
    A three-phase grinder breaks downwardly organic waste and pushes it out through your regular drain


More common in the United states, food waste disposal units should be more of a thing on these shores. The InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste product Disposal unit does away with the worry about what you lot practice with nutrient waste product, grinding and flushing information technology downward the drain for recovery at the water-processing plant, where it tin can become fertiliser amongst other things.

Built with rubber in mind, this waste material disposal system is easy to use and handles most types of waste brilliantly. You’ll just need plenty infinite under your sink to house it.

Design and Features

  • Bladeless pattern is safe to use
  • Simple push button control
  • Takes upwardly a off-white amount of nether-sink space

The InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Nutrient Waste matter Disposal unit is designed to fit into the closet under your kitchen sink. It’s compatible with the vast majority of sinks, and the main requirements are that you take enough space to home it (the unit is 344mm alpine) and access to power. If y’all have a adequately meaty under-sink cupboard, expect for much of the infinite to be consumed by the InSinkErator unit. My sink has a slightly more convoluted waste pipage layout, as I also test washing machines hither and need boosted drainage points; for a standard kitchen, you’ll take a neater layout.

InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal plumbing

This model also has an optional inlet for a dishwasher, and so you can send the waste from your cleaning through to the grinder.

One time installed, at that place isn’t much that’s different on the sink side initially. There’s a standard pull-out strainer designed to grab bits of food and items that you don’t desire to fall down into the waste disposal unit. InSinkErator provides a chrome encompass for this, although I don’t think information technology’due south the most attractive.

InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal strainer

Pull out the strainer, and yous’ll discover a rubber plug below. This lets h2o through to bleed as normal but catches and slows food droppings, making information technology easier to feed the Evolution 250 at the correct pace.

InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal rubber plug

You can remove this rubber plug for cleaning, and you’ll see that there are no blades on display. Instead, the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal uses a 3-stage grinding procedure, which is both more efficient and safer to use.

InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal main cavity

Using the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal is easy. There’s an air switch to plow the unit on and off, which tin either be mounted under the cupboard or, as I have it, in the spare tap cut-out on the sink.

InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal air switch

To use the waste disposal unit, merely take common cold water running, then slowly feed items into the running grinder. Yous can add pretty much annihilation organic into the disposal unit, including most peel and leftovers, modest bones, seeds and fruit pits. In fact, InSinkErator recommends small bones and fruit pits are used regularly to aid clean out the inside of the grinder.

While lower models can’t deal with fibrous materials, the Development range has a been designed to cope with more than fibrous materials, including celery and corn husks, plus you should grind fibroid material such equally basic. Y’all can read InSinkErator’s more detailed guide.

If the unit does become stuck, there’due south a wrench in the box to assist yous access the unit underneath to loosen the mess and become information technology running again – just follow the instructions and unplug the unit before you showtime.

Once yous tin can hear that it’due south just the menstruum of water running through the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste matter Disposal, you lot should turn it off and leave the cold tap running for a few seconds more. InSinkErator says that this unit uses effectually v litres of water per person per day, and uses just 2-3kWh of power per year (that’s less than 60p per year of electricity).


  • Works quickly
  • Deals with most food waste only

To test the InSinkErator Development 250 Premium Nutrient Waste matter Disposal, I used information technology over a period of weeks on a diverseness of food sources. These included vegetable skin, coffee beans, eggshells, modest chicken bones, left-over noodles and cerise pits.

I slowly pushed the mess through the rubber plug, letting the waste matter disposal unit grind up the items finely before pushing them out through the regular drain.

Using the unit was simple; despite all the mess going through the InSinkErator Development 250, there was no funky smells from the unit of measurement and, looking into the chief crenel, there wasn’t whatever mess left behind.

I measured the waste material disposal unit at a maximum of 53.8dB. I could clearly hear information technology whirring away, merely it’south far from intrusive.

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Should you lot buy information technology?

If you want an easier way to deal with food waste, this waste matter disposal unit of measurement can grind near everything up and ship it down your regular drain.

If you don’t have a lot of infinite nether your sink or yous compost much of your waste, this may not exist the right product for you.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with food waste tin be a messy business concern and quite fiddly for those of u.s. who have council provided food bags. That’s not to mention how evil-smelling food waste material can get. The InSinkErator Development 250 Premium Nutrient Waste Disposal makes life easier: this powerful unit of measurement grinds up the bulk of your organic waste, taking it out through the standard bleed where it’s recovered and put to good use. If you have the room, so this product volition alter how you deal with food waste.

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Tested with real-world food waste in real-world situations for fair comparisons.

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What tin can you put into the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal?

It can handle most nutrient waste, including peelings, modest bones and fruit pits.

What can’t you put into the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal?

Don’t put in anything that isn’t food, and information technology’s non recommended that you pour oil or fatty.

Where does the InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal send the nutrient waste?

Ground food goes out through the drain, where it’due south reclaimed at the water-processing plant and can be used in fertiliser.

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InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste material Disposal



Food waste disposal unit

244 x 244 x 344 MM



InSinkErator Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal

Dishwasher inlet, strainer, on/off button


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