Instagram Add Post To Story Missing

The “add post to your story” characteristic should typically bear witness up when you click the share button (you lot should encounter an plane icon) on someone else’s Instagram post.

There are so many intriguing features on Instagram; if you’re a frequent Instagrammer, nosotros’re sure yous’ll hold!

Sharing posts from your feed to stories is mayhap ane of the all-time Instagram features, essentially allowing you to share your and other people’s posts on your story.

Past clicking on information technology, the person’s post is posted to your personal story for your viewers to meet.

As exciting every bit this feature is. However, some Instagram users do not take the “Add posts to your Story” button.

In that location are several reasons why this feature may not be available on your Instagram app.

If you, like many others, are curious equally to why Instagram does non allow you lot to share other people’southward posts to your story, y’all’ll find this article helpful.

So, please walk u.s. through this guide to observe the solution, and find out how to savor sharing all your favorite posts to your story without limitations!

Why Can’t I Share Posts to My Instagram Story?

There are several advantages to sharing posts on your story, be it your posts or someone else’s. Offset, it makes the posts more visible since even more people become to run across them by viewing your story.

add this post to your story missing on instagram

Second, sharing other people’s posts makes it more engaging and personable, and it’s especially benign for you lot if you’re running a corporate account.

Not to mention, it’southward way easier than having to take a screenshot of the post before calculation information technology to your story.

Now, if the “add post to your story” feature is non showing up when you click on someone’s post on Instagram, there are some things that could be causing this, and we’ve discussed them beneath:

The Account Could Be Private

Only public accounts take admission to the “Add together post to Story” button on Instagram.

You won’t notice the
push in the sharing bill of fare beneath the post if you endeavour to share a mail to your Instagram story from a private business relationship.

Ostend if you tin can encounter the resharing option by looking at posts from other people’s accounts, preferably ane belonging to a public effigy.

Information technology makes no deviation if your account is individual or public. Information technology’southward the account that you desire to share a post from that matters, in this instance. If it’s individual, you lot won’t be able to share the person’southward postal service to your story.

So, open up the Instagram website in incognito mode and see if the business relationship you want to share a mail from is a private or public account.

If the person’south posts are accessible, the profile is open to the public for viewing. The profile is private if the posts are hidden. Additionally, y’all’ll see the words “This Account is individual” on your screen.

It’s an Advert or Sponsored Post

Like with private accounts on Instagram, there is no choice to share sponsored posts or ads to your Instagram story.

Then, if there’s a post y’all’re trying to share to your story, and it’due south giving you lot a hard fourth dimension, y’all may need to verify that it is not a sponsored post or ad.

Instagram ads may present in many locations beyond the platform, including your newsfeed and Instagram Stories.

These advertisements can typically be identified by the give-and-take “Sponsored” next to the posted image or video.

Sometimes, all the same, it can be more challenging to determine if a post is sponsored, especially when it’s a celebrity you follow posting it.

All the same, you can identify sponsored posts using some of the tips we’ve posted below:

Bank check for hashtags; the hashtags used in a post are ane of the simplest means to identify a sponsored post, though this isn’t always the case.

Along with the more obvious #Sponsored or #Promotion hashtags, many people, especially celebrities, will also use the hashtags #spon, #sp, or #ad to bespeak that they have been paid to promote a product.

Compare the postal service with the person’due south other posts.

If the postal service you’re trying to share to your story seems a little different in style and tone from what the person usually posts, then it just may be a sponsored ad, and that’s why you cannot repost it on your story.

The outset three lines of text on Instagram for mobile are typically displayed. You should be able to run across if a person has indicated that they take sponsored a postal service by clicking on “Read more” at the bottom of the post.

You can use any of the above methods to confirm if a mail service is sponsored before trying to share it to your story so that you’ll understand why if you don’t detect the option.

Permission to Share May be Disabled

Now, if yous’ve confirmed that the person’s account is public, the share permission may also exist to blame for the absence of the “Add mail to Story” push button.

To put information technology another way, the person whose mail service you desire to share to your story might accept disabled sharing of their posts, meaning that other people won’t exist able to share their Instagram posts to their stories.

If this is the case, you won’t see the share button for this person’s business relationship. But look at posts from other open up accounts to confirm this.

Over again, it makes no departure if you lot accept or accept not enabled the sharing pick for your business relationship. It just depends on the account you’re trying to share from.

The Share feature May be Missing From Your Instagram Account

Last but not least, another reason you lot may not be able to share posts to your Instagram story is that your profile might not have the characteristic.

Instagram typically introduces features in stages. In other words, not everyone uses the features simultaneously.

Even if they practice, the features could disappear at any time from your business relationship, most times temporarily.

Regardless of why you tin’t (based on all the scenarios nosotros’ve described above) if you want the “Add postal service to Story” push button on your Instagram account, there are several fixes you can endeavor to enable this intriguing Instagram feature.

These suggestions will typically depend on why you can’t access the feature in the get-go place, and so consider trying one or more of the following fixes.

Employ the Reshare Sticker instead

You could opt to utilise the reshare sticker instead of the “Add Post to your Story” characteristic on Instagram if it just won’t let you to share posts to your story.

To exercise this, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device; make sure that y’all’re using the app’s latest version (update the app if need exist, yous tin can follow the instructions nosotros’ve provided later on in this article)

2. Click on the “+” sign at the pinnacle right corner of your screen

3. Then, click on Story at the bottom of the screen, and select
from the menu that shows next.

4. Tap the sticker icon at the peak of the screen, then look for the
sticker amongst the sticker options

v. Click on the
sticker, and you should be able to see a page to select your preferred post from your collection of recently viewed or saved videos and pictures

6. Choose the postal service you would similar to share to your story from your collection, so resize the post and edit information technology to your preferences.

7. When you’re done editing, click on “Send to” at the bottom correct corner of your screen to share the post to your story.

You’re all done! Check to ostend that yous can view the post on your story.

You tin can easily use the Reshare sticker to share whatsoever posts you like to your Instagram story if the “Add Postal service to your Story” button does not work.

Update Instagram

If you lot’ve tried to use the reshare sticker to featherbed the “Add Post to your Story” feature not being visible on your Instagram, and information technology even so doesn’t work, consider updating your Instagram app.

Usually, when the version of the app y’all take installed on your phone is not current enough, some of the newer and more exciting features may be unavailable for y’all.

This ways your app needs an update, and luckily for you, updating the Instagram app is pretty straightforward. But follow these easy steps:

one. Open the App Store for iPhones or Google Play Shop for Android devices

ii. Search “Instagram” by borer the search icon in the lesser right corner.

3. Look to the right after seeing Instagram in the results and clicking on it. Your app should read “Open” if you’re using the current version. Otherwise, it will evidence “Update,” pregnant you need to download an update.

4. Click on “Update,” then await for the update to consummate.

5. Later on, launch the updated Instagram app on your device and verify if all the features are intact, including the “Add Mail service to your Story” and “Reshare Sticker” features.

Instagram May Be Down

Although it hardly ever happens to all users at once, Instagram occasionally could get offline due to a server mistake. You might not exist able to use the “Add Mail service to your Story” characteristic.

You lot probably won’t notice any network issues when using the app because Instagram’s network is consistently stable. Fifty-fifty with that being said, nothing is stopping yous from simply checking if Instagram is downwards.

This is especially if you’ve already tried other things, such equally restarting your device or force closing and re-opening the Instagram app itself, and information technology however didn’t resolve the issue.

You lot can use DownDetector to check the network status of Instagram or type “Is Instagram downwards” into the Google search bar.

From the search results, yous’ll be able to tell if it’s a general issue with Instagram you’re experiencing or if it’south something more than personal to your account.

Check Again

It’s besides proficient to constantly log out and log back into your Instagram app to check if the “Add Mail service to your Story” button has reappeared.

This is an excellent suggestion later you’ve restarted your device, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, or downloaded the most recent update to the app.

Just check in constantly so you tin tell when the button re-appears.

Try Using a Dissimilar Business relationship

You could also try to create a new account if yous just joined Instagram and only have a few followers. The “Add together Post to your Story” feature is common in new accounts.

However, this may non be appropriate if you already take a sizable Instagram following. It tin can be challenging to start growing your Instagram following again from scratch.

In this instance, the best you can do is expect for the feature to get bachelor on your Instagram. This is if y’all’ve already taken all the other suggested steps and still can’t share posts to your story.

You lot could too take a screenshot of the post in the meanwhile and share it to your story. Remember to tag the original owner of the post on your Story.

Attempt Sharing Another Postal service

The upshot with not existence able to share an Instagram post to your story could also be from the post itself. To confirm this, try sharing a different post to your story.

If the sharing feature works for other posts, so this may mean that due to ane reason or the other, the detail post yous want to share is just not working, every bit opposed to it being a general issue with your account or your mobile device.

Sadly, in this example, there may not be much y’all tin do to fix the issue. You lot may need to exist content with not beingness able to share that particular post.

You could look for like posts on your Instagram and share them instead of your story.

Reinstall Instagram

You may observe that reinstalling the Instagram app on your mobile device is benign if you lot still can’t access the “Add together Post to your Story” feature, despite trying everything else nosotros’ve suggested in this commodity.

Reinstalling an app helps you if the program is corrupted and cannot perform some functions or grant you lot admission to some of the needed features.

So, to reinstall the Instagram app successfully, have note of these instructions:

On your iPhone device,

i. Tap and hold any icon on your Home screen for a few seconds

2. When all the app icons outset wiggling, click on the
in the corner of the Instagram app’s icon. Doing this will delete or uninstall Instagram from your device.

3. Select
to complete the uninstalling action.

iv. Click on a free surface area on your Habitation screen afterward. This will stop all the icons from jiggling.

5. After this, restart your phone, following the instructions above.

When your iPhone has powered up entirely, download the well-nigh recent version of Instagram onto your device from the App Store.

On Android devices,

1. Launch the Settings app, then select

two. Cull
from the app options.

5. Tap the
button. This will delete the Instagram app from your device.

4. You must log in to Google Play Store, download Instagram over again, and reinstall information technology on your device.

Relaunch the app once y’all complete the reinstalling process, then sign in with your login details.

After doing these, check if y’all can now admission the “Add Post to your Story” feature on your Instagram.

Use Another Device

Y’all could likewise try checking in from a different phone if you wish to share a post as your story, and it just doesn’t work, fifty-fifty later trying other solutions.

Although this suggestion may seem strange, numerous people have reported success with it.

They reported seeing the “Add mail service to Story” push button on their account afterwards they logged in using a different telephone.

So, it’s beneficial to consider logging in to your Instagram account using another device if the outcome is with your current device.

Try using a VPN

Sometimes, when an app similar Instagram rolls out new features, these features are but made available in some areas of the world, with other regions getting admission to these features much later.

Similarly, it could be that the “Add Post to your Story” feature you’re looking for on your app is not enabled considering of your current location.

If this is the case, you could try using a VPN short of irresolute your unabridged location to access the sharing feature.

A VPN helps you past allowing you lot to modify your IP address and apply the app equally if you were in a different location, preferably with access to the “Add together Post to your Story feature.”

And then, y’all’ll detect it beneficial to utilise a good VPN. You lot can follow these easy steps to use a VPN to enable admission to the “Add Mail to your Story” feature on Instagram:

i. Annals with a VPN service.

2. Download and install the VPN app on iPhone or Android device.

3. Connect with a VPN server. Nosotros recommend using Tunnel bear (information technology allows yous to do this for free)

4. Choose a location that surely already has the “Add together Post to your Story” feature.

After enabling a VPN on your device, check your Instagram app to run into if you can now access the sharing characteristic.

Note that using a VPN works both ways; your VPN could already be on and ready to a location that doesn’t allow you to employ the “Add together Post to your Story” characteristic.

In this example, yous demand to turn off the VPN (if you’re in a location that has access to the characteristic) or change your location on the VPN server to one that allows the feature.

Afterward, confirm on your Instagram app that you tin share your favorite posts to your story.

Ask The Person to Enable Resharing to Stories

As we described earlier, ane of the reasons you may not be able to share any particular postal service to your story could exist because the person in question has disabled sharing permissions on their account.

This volition mean that, regardless of what you exercise, y’all won’t be able to share this person’southward post.

In this instance, if the mail service is 1 that you have to share, consider asking the person to enable sharing of their posts to other people’s stories.

Anyone tin can easily enable resharing stories by following these unproblematic steps:

1. To go to your profile, click on your profile picture in the lesser right corner.

ii. Next, click on the elevation right, then select

three. Click on
Privacy, then select

4. Click on
to allow
Resharing to Stories.

Forcefulness Close Instagram

Equally with other typical issues you may run into with using Instagram, force closing the app normally helps in some cases when y’all can’t access the “Share Mail to Story” feature on your app.

Strength closing Instagram is pretty easy. You lot only need to follow these described steps. Make sure to take annotation of the instructions according to the device you’re using.

On your iPhone,

ane. From the bottom of your screen, swipe upwards on the Home Screen and pause in the screen’s center.

ii. Locate your Instagram app by swiping right or left (it should be the commencement app you see, but if you opened another app afterward, swipe to the left or right).

3. To shut the Instagram app, swipe upwardly on the preview window

On your Android phone,

ane. Launch the

two. Select
Apps & Notifications.

3. Click on the
See all apps
option to view all the currently open apps.

4. Click on the Instagram app to force close it

v. Choose
Force Terminate
from the bill of fare.

6. Click on
to confirm your selection.

After following these instructions on your device, launch the Instagram app on your phone again and confirm if you can now add the posts you lot similar to your story. If non, consider taking another form of action.

Check Your Net Connection

Your internet connection could besides be why y’all’re experiencing challenges with sharing posts to your Instagram story.

As such, you demand to confirm and eliminate information technology from the list of possible issues that could be preventing you from accessing the feature.

Cheque other apps you often use when continued to the internet. Normally, if other apps are also non working, it would signify that your network is the trouble.

Here are some helpful tips to improve your internet connection and admission your preferred features on the Instagram app:

one. If you lot’re browsing cellular data, endeavour switching to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

2. Turn your Wi-Fi device off, so turn it on again. This will help fix any glitches that could be getting in the way of your internet connectedness.

iii. Your router’due south connection may also be blocked by a wall, floor, or piece of furniture, so ensure you lot’re as shut to information technology as possible.

4. Y’all should as well consider elevating your router to a higher surface area or changing its general location. This could help amend or stabilize the net connection.

5. Disconnect unnecessary devices from your Wi-Fi as they could irksome down the internet connexion.

After confirming that your internet connection is working fine, try accessing the “Add together Post to your Story” feature on your Instagram app.

Contact Instagram Support

Finally, if, after all your efforts at troubleshooting the effect, you still can’t access the “Add Mail service to your Story” feature on Instagram, your best bet is to contact Instagram’due south help center.

Typically, Instagram has several means to assist you lot resolve unlike bug.

You tin can contact their help center by visiting their website.

Y’all’ll find many oftentimes asked questions compiled on the website to provide information about different bug about dissimilar features of the app.

Too, consider reporting the trouble to Instagram. If y’all do this, ensure to include as many relevant details as possible.

You could also add a screenshot and, if possible, data about the device y’all’re attempting to apply the “Add Mail to your Story” feature.

Specific details similar this make the outcome easier to tackle and provide a solution.


If you find yourself stuck on an interesting mail that you lot tin can’t share to your story no affair what you try, you lot’ll be pleased to know that at least one of the fixes we’ve suggested in this commodity volition assist you navigate the issue.

Remember that you may need to exist patient while resolving the issue; if one suggestion doesn’t work, there are many others to try.

Feel gratuitous to bask the best of Instagram’s features and maximize your experience using the app.

Happy sharing!