Instagram Edit Photo Order After Posting

Many years ago, when I first opened my start Instagram account, it was impossible to edit a post that has been posted, how frustrating that could exist.

Imagine having discovered that you made some major/minor errors during the process of creating the content, such errors may include posting a wrong image, video, explanation, or even as little equally spellings, grammar, or typographical errors.

Imagine only coming to discover these errors after posting and so coming to realize that one tin can do little or zilch to correct that mistake. Isn’t this really frustration?

But thanks to the app developers, Eventually, the edit feature was introduced on the Instagram awarding/platform, thereby removing the frustration of posting without the chapters to edit.

Instagram has afterwards become fun and more comfy to use due to the introduction of this characteristic and many other similar features.

In this article, we shall exist unveiling the possible procedure and steps to editing your Instagram post even after yous might take posted information technology. So, just relax and read on with us.

Therefore, how do you edit an Instagram mail after you take posted it?

How to Edit an Instagram Post After You’ve Posted

How to Edit an Instagram Post Subsequently You’ve Posted

Ensure y’all take the Instagram app installed on your phone, then open up your Instagram account and go to your profile menu.

On the Instagram menu folio, you volition come across the list of all the posts you accept made so far, then click on the item mail that you would similar to edit.

Once the post has fully opened, expect at the top right hand of the postal service, y’all will see three dots vertically arranged.

Then click on the dots and later on choose edits from the list of actions given. One time yous click on edit, information technology volition take straight to your content to at present edit and make every necessary correction.

When you are through with the editing, you volition notice a check icon at the top right hand of the edited content while on the content page, click on the icon, and your edited content volition automatically salve.

Your editing has been done successfully, and you are now costless to get back to your account or folio for other activities.

Other Actions That You Can All the same Perform On Your Instagram Post Afterwards Yous Have Posted

Information technology is also important to know that many other actions can exist performed on the post even after you take posted it. Correct on the content page where you selected the edit activity are also other actions like;

Post to other apps

Where you are being given the selection to post the same content you posted on your Instagram page/business relationship to some other social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Copy link

Where yous tin can copy the link generated for that post; this link can be attached or utilize in some other content such that when clicked past a reader, the reader is directed straight to this content.

Where you are allowed to share your content with a friend on your contact list, WhatsApp friend list, WhatsApp groups, few supporting apps already installed on your telephone, other social media platforms, email account, etc.

You lot can also employ this push to share this content with some other device via Bluetooth or fifty-fifty share the content with your google drive business relationship.

The share to the other button is very similar in functions to the mail service to. While the latter is restricted, the former is broad and enables several other actions. other app buttons


Where you can archive a mail service. When a post is archived, you lot will be the merely one that can meet such a post.

Also, bear in mind that when yous chose to archive a postal service, such postal service is automatically removed from your contour(visitors can no longer view that mail service), except if information technology is reposted back to your contour from your archived mail.


Where you can delete already posted content from your profile. Once deleted, it will no longer exist visible to both y’all and your visitors.

Nether the delete button, yous also have the selection of archiving the same content should y’all change your listen about deleting it.

Professionally, I would suggest you lot to archive whatever post y’all no longer demand on your timeline instead of deleting information technology.

The advantage of archiving is that it can be retrieved, edited, rebranded, adapted, polished, and and so posted at whatsoever fourth dimension, dissimilar deleting where it is gone and gone for good.

With this push button, you tin plough off commenting or turn on comments for a particular post.

As the name implies, when yous turn off commenting, it means visitors will non take access to write a comment on that post, but you tin undo this action by simply turning on commenting. Both actions can be performed from the same push button.

Simply like Instagram, some other social media platforms recently have the edit button included in their platform to enable users the privilege of making corrections on their postal service even afterwards they might have posted such content.

Though, it is important to have into cognizance that while some platforms allow y’all to edit your already published content, few others don’t back up this feature.

This means that for some platforms, once you have posted your content, you can no longer call back it for any class of correction, unless of course if you intend to delete such mail service to rewrite a fresh i.

In the heading that follows, we shall be briefly looking at some social media platforms that allow post-editing and some others that don’t allow postal service-editing


This is i of the most popular and most wildly used social media platforms with over billion monthly active users with a steadily increasing number of users. To edit your posted content on Facebook;

-Open your Facebook account or page

-Click on your profile, where you will see a list of all your content posted from time memorial.

-On the top right mitt of each post on your contour folio, you volition run across three dots horizontally arranged.

-Click on the 3 dots, and some buttons of actions volition automatically pop up. Amongst these buttons is the edit button.

On this aforementioned page, apart from the editing, other deportment tin can be performed on the post. Some of these actions include; save a post, edit privacy, movement to annal, move to trash, turn off notifications for the post, re-create links, etc.


This social media platform does not allow users to edit already posted content. For Twitter, one time the content is posted, information technology is final, and no form of correction can be washed to it unless if the user intends to delete and so rewrite the content and then post again.

The challenge is that information technology is very difficult to delete a post that already has so much activeness on information technology.

Some of the actions that you can perform on an already posted content include; copy a link to a tweet, pin a tweet to a profile, delete Tweet, mute conversation, etc.


Open up your youtube page or account, locate the profile icon of your account, click on the video tab from the left side menu.

Now click on the thumbnail of the video you lot want to edit, and so choose editor from the menu on the left. This characteristic makes use of a unique app inside the app call the youtube video editor.

With this feature, you don’t need to reupload your video. You tin also trim a youtube video, cut, and even edit with this special feature without changing the video view count or losing any comment.

This implies that the video view count, comments, likes, and video URLs all remain the same fifty-fifty later editing.


Comment and post-editing have not been permitted on this platform, though the tricks most users employ is to delete a mail or comment before it delivers if at all any error was noticed and then re-write and post it again.


Some other to edit a mail on your Tumblr blog, edit the contents of a post you lot added to your Tumblr blog past selecting the post and clicking edit.

You lot can also edit existing tags or add new ones to multiple posts simultaneously, this tin can be done by using Tumblr’s mass post editor.


Editing photos on Flickr is much easier. The comments and notes on any image on Flickr let y’all and your followers to share/inquire a question about that image on Flickr.

To edit a comment, click the photo/video from your profile folio, then mouse over the comment to be edited on the photo, then click on the edit icon that will popular-up and behave on with your edit.

Are There Applications That Can Aid My Content Writing For Instagram Post To Avoid Common Errors?

At that place are couples of applications that can assist your writing skills by pointing out to you mutual errors while developing your content.

With some of these applications; you can be residual bodacious that there will exist little or no mistake left to nourish to when you are ready to publish your content.

This helps you to remove the stress of retrieving already published content merely because you discovered few errors within.

Some of this app tin can be installed on your computer, tablets, and phones, thereby making auto-corrections on your writeup as you lot develop them, while others require that you pass your content through it for screening. Some of these unremarkably used apps include;


For checking spellings, punctuations, writing manner, grammar tone, etc

Plagiarism checker

For checking basic spellings, grammar, and punctuations, and necessary suggestions.

Grammar checker

For running spelling checks on whatsoever of your content.

AI grammar checker

Enables you to check your grammar and spelling errors while writing at any time.

All the apps mentioned above and many others not mentioned could aid y’all past correcting grammatical errors in existent-fourth dimension and also make sure that your message comes out clear and mistake-gratis.

Can I Edit A Video or Prototype On Instagram Fifty-fifty Later It has Been Posted?

Once a video or image is posted on Instagram, it can not be corrected only similar you tin make corrections on captions or text on Instagram.

To brand corrections on an already posted video or image, the video or image must exist retrieved and carried through a special video editing app or picture editing app where all the corrections and recommendations volition be washed and afterward posted over again.

Some ordinarily use video editing applications include; Adobe Premier, FilmoraGo, iMovie, Apple clips, LunarFusion, GoPro App, Motion picture Maker Pro, etc.

While apps that tin exist used for picture editing include; Canva, Adobe photoshop, LiveCollage, Prisma Photo editor, Foodie, Snapseed, VSCO, etc.

Yeah, this is possible, specially if the business relationship bears the aforementioned owner’s information like Bio-information and other information.

This does not mean that yous tin’t utilise the same content over several dissimilar social media platforms; in that location is no certain restriction on that.

Meanwhile, this activity is predominant in the case where the account over several social media platforms is owned past the same individual or if the account is a business business relationship.

Furthermore, there are couples of applications that have been developed to manage two or more accounts together, such that; whatever is posted over one social media platform(in this example, Instagram)is automatically duplicated over the paired account.

For instance, in that location is a facebook+instagram business organization suit awarding where someone tin connect a Facebook account to an Instagram account.

In the long-run, whatever content is posted, corrected, or published on the Instagram business relationship is automatically posted, published, or corrected on the respective Facebook business relationship.

Alternatively, there are several other options of manually linking your Instagram business relationship to other social media accounts similar Facebook. Once this linking is done; every postal service or edit done on 1 account is automatically reflected on the other business relationship.

Finally, at that place is however some other option of duplicating a content you intend to postal service on your Instagram account to another social media account(for instance, Facebook); before publishing the content later on writing it, the application will automatically bring a pop-up question requesting if yous would like to postal service this content on another account.