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If you wanna look dorsum at photos and videos y’all take liked on Instagram. You can do so. There is a feature in the Instagram app that allows users to take a wait at the posts they have liked previously. It’south similar a hidden feature in the Settings and non all the users (including you) are enlightened of it. Though it is always been there for you lot to chop-chop find posts yous have liked so that y’all tin can remove or delete those likes, I mean if y’all wanna, unlike those pics/videos. For whatsoever reason, you can easily go back and check those liked things without any complication.

Equally ever there are some limitations y’all may wanna know. For your information, Instagram said that a person can wait back to only 300 previously liked posts. Besides, there are individual accounts or those who have made their accounts private recently, due to their privacy settings, you won’t be able to view their pics or videos y’all take liked. It is because Instagram takes proficient intendance of each user’s privacy on the platform.

Moreover, you are not just limited to finding posts y’all’ve liked on IG App, you can practice so on using your PC,  iPhone, and Android device in 2022. Withal, in the new IG app update, there are some changes in the settings. This is why most users don’t have the “Liked Posts” option. Information technology doesn’t mean that it’s not working, but available somewhere else in the Settings. Don’t worry I will show you how to do and then with pictures (screenshots) for your ease. Now, let’s get started…

How to run into liked posts on Instagram 2022

Here is how to meet what you have liked on the Instagram updated app. If you have recently updated your Instagram app to the latest version. Follow these steps on your Android or iPhone device:

Open the Instagram app, and go to your profile. Now tap the Menu (3 lines at the top), so select “Your Activity”. Tap on “Interactions” and so “Likes”. At present you will see all the previously liked posts, reels, pictures, and videos. Please take a look at the beneath screenshots for your reference.

How to see liked posts on Instagram app

How to observe liked posts on Instagram PC

Every bit per the heading, you might be thinking that it is not possible to view or find liked posts on using a PC. Dude, it’due south 2022. Yeah, before it was non possible, even now there are no settings to view liked things on Instagram on a PC. However, nosotros can install a Chrome Extension on Windows or macOS PC to view Liked photos, videos, and reels on Here is what you lot demand to to observe your liked posts on IG on PC:

Open the Chrome browser and install the Layoutiyf extension. Once added visit and log in to your business relationship. Then click the iii horizontal dots at the top right. Now click the Likes selection at the acme left to view all your liked posts including pics, videos, and reels.

How to find liked posts on Instagram PC
How to observe liked posts on Instagram PC

How to dissimilar liked posts on Instagram

In the latest Instagram app update, yous can bulk unlike all the posts (or a single ane) that you have liked before on Instagram. Here is how different posts you have liked on Instagram:

Open the Instagram, tap your profile icon, then Menu at the acme. Now tap the “Your Action” option. Tap Interaction, then Likes. As you tin can all the liked photos, videos, and reels are over at that place. Merely tap and hold to select a single or select all one-past-one, so tap the Unlike option at the bottom.

How to unlike liked posts on Instagram
How to unlike liked posts on Instagram

Instagram’south limitations for revisiting liked posts

Instagram does have some limitations while yous revisit the likes section. Equally per the Instagram assist page, you can only view upward to 300 contempo of your likes. As a regular user, taking a wait dorsum at your former likes of yours is enough. Though if y’all are a power user who likes thousands of pictures, reels, and videos, and so you lot are out of luck.

Moreover, only Instagram mobile app users are able to previous their likes for posts. For your information, it is non possible to view those liked things on Instagram using a PC. Thus you can add together third-political party tools or extensions to your web browser like Google Chrome to practice the aforementioned. If you are users who visit Instagram on PC well-nigh of the fourth dimension, and so Layoutify is the extension you lot can get with. Don’t worry the Layoutfiy extension for the Chrome browser volition work on a Windows, Mac, or Linux car.

Set up Instagram posts you’ve liked not showing

On Feb 9th, millions of Instagram users updated the App. Thus they have institute that the “Posts yous’ve liked” selection is missing and not showing. The question is, where practise you find it at present? Worry not, they have fabricated some changes in the settings for a better user feel. Here is how to fix Instagram “posts you’ve liked” not showing:

Go to your profile on Instagram, and so tap the Menu and select “Your Activity”. Tap “Interactions” so tap “Likes”. Now you lot volition all the photos, reels, and videos y’all have liked before on Instagram. That is how easily you can fix the issue.

Did Instagram get rid of posts y’all’ve liked?

Nope, Instagram has updated the settings in the app for a improve user experience. So, they have moved the posts you lot have liked to the Your Activity department. Yous tin easily discover those posts under the Your Activeness department in the Menu. Yous can sentry the beneath video for more information.

Why can’t I see my liked posts on Instagram?

It is because of the Instagram new settings update. Previously the “Posts You’ve Liked” pick was there in the Menu > Settings > Account. However, in the latest update, yous can find the likes nether Your Profile > Menu > Your Activity > Interactions > Likes. They’ve fabricated some new changes in the Settings for a better user experience. From February 9th.