Instagram Video Selfie Verification Not Working

What is ‘Instagram Video Selfie Verification not working’ issue?

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‘Instagram Video Selfie Verification not working’ issue:

Instagram is photo and video sharing social networking service acquired by Amice ran Company – Facebook. Instagram app allows you to upload media that tin exist edited with filters and organised by hashtags and geographical tagging. Posts tin be shared publicly or with preapproved followers. Y’all can scan other users’ content past tag and location, view trending content, like photos, and follow other users to add together their content to a personal feed.

‘Instagram Video Selfie Verification’:
Instagram Video Selfie Verification is the verification process of ensuring the business relationship is managed past a real person. Instagram uses this technique to ensure the real business relationship is real without any fake profile. It also verifies that bots don’t actuate the account. Instagram requests the current users to complete this verification process before exploring the content on their walls.

In instance if your profile chop-chop adds many friends and gains many followers in few seconds, then that specific account is taken into the verification process to certify its actuality. The application carries out the verification procedure. Instagram detects the suspicious accounts and completes the verification process before permitting the business relationship’s posts displayed on social media platform.

Notwithstanding, several users reported they faced ‘Instagram Video Selfie Verification not working’ issue when they tried to upload their selfie videos on Instagram. It is quite unproblematic & easy to upload your video on Instagram merely when you lot upload your video, sometimes it may says ‘Video Upload failed’ or ‘An fault occurred while loading’ that indicates you unable to stop Instagram Video Selfie Verification process.

The Instagram Video Selfie Verification is required in case when your Instagram account has been hacked and this is only option to get your business relationship back. But the verification process fails to finish when you attempt to upload your video selfie on Instagram. If you are facing the same problem and looking for ways to fix, then you are in right-place for the solution.

How to Fix Instagram Video Selfie Verification not working issue?

Method i: Utilise a laptop or PC to consummate the Instagram Video Selfie Verification

If the upshot is occurred in your Android or iOS device and you are unable to end Instagram Video Selfie Verification, then you lot can practise it on your PC/Laptop.

Step ane: Make sure your PC/Laptop with camera device attaché/integrated and is working properly.

Step 2: Open up your browser and visit ‘’ official page on PC/Laptop

Pace 3: Login into your Instagram account by inbound your username and password.

Step 4: A popup volition announced on screen, tap ‘Verify’ button. Record your video with the help of on-screen instructions, upload the video and click ‘Submit’ button

Step v: Once uploaded, your account volition be activated inside 24 hours.

Method 2: Use another Android/iOS device to upload the video

Another way to fix the issue is to effort uploading your video on another Android or iPhone device.

Step 1: On another Android/IPhone device, open ‘Instagram’ app and log out of all existing accounts

Step ii: Now, login into your account and if information technology asks for a video selfie, click ‘Adjacent’ button. Follow on-screen instructions to cease video verification for your Instagram account

Footstep 3: Once washed, your business relationship will exist activated instantly.

Method 3: Clear cache and data on Instagram app

Some other possible fashion to fix the event is to clear cache and data of Instagram app in your device.

For android:

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’ app in your Android phone and become to ‘Applications/Apps’

Footstep 2: Tap ‘Installed Apps’ where all your apps are installed on your telephone

Pace 3: Look for ‘Instagram’ app and tap information technology. Tap ‘Storage’ and hit ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Articulate Data’ and confirm it. In one case washed, re-launch Instagram app and cheque if the issue is resolved.

For iOS:

Step one: Open up ‘Settings’ app in your iOS device and click ‘Apple tree ID Profile’ and select ‘Manage Storage’ from ‘i-deject sub carte du jour’

Pace ii: Whorl down and find ‘Instagram’ app, disable and delete the data of the app. Once y’all delete cache and data of Instagram, re-launch Instagram or restart your device and and so check if the issue is resolved.

Method four: Contact Instagram Support

If the event is still persist, y’all tin can contact Instagram Support in society to fix. To do so, you demand to open ‘Contact Instagram Support’ folio or visit ‘’ page in browser and report your problem with your username, email ID, mobile number, and other details, and inquire them for the solution. Promise your problem will exist resolved.

Method five: Uninstall and reinstall Instagram app

Some other possible way to set the issue is to uninstall and then reinstall Instagram app in your device.

Stride ane: Discover Instagram app in your device. Long-pres the Instagram app icon and tap ‘i’ button on app

Footstep ii: Tap ‘Uninstall’ push button from pinnacle of folio and ostend it to uninstall.

Step 3: Later on uninstalling, expect for about 24 hours to 3 days earlier reinstall it again.

Step four: Later on that, open Play Store or AppStore in your device and download & install Instagram app in your device. One time installed, check if the issue is resolved.


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