Install Ssd In Mac Pro 2008

I replaced the HDD of the MacBook (13-inch, Tardily 2008) aluminum body, then I will explain the procedure at that time in item with photos.

This model is the only aluminum unibody MacBook.

Also, since it is an onetime Mac, the performance is likewise low to utilise in the principal, just it supports up to macOS 10.11 El Capitan, SSD can be easily replaced, and although information technology is unofficial, the retention tin be expanded up to 8 GB, so yous tin scan the net and create documents etc. It is active enough for the purpose of.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages (risks) of replacing the iMac internal HDD
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages(Risks)
  2. Target MacBook model
  3. Predetermine how to restore the Os
  4. About information fill-in
  5. Required tools
    1. Essential tools
    2. Tools that are not essential, merely you want to have them if you have them
  6. Usable HDD and SSD
  7. Procedure for disassembling MacBook and replacing HDD
  8. Decision
  9. Reference Data

Advantages and disadvantages (risks) of replacing the iMac internal HDD


  • Fifty-fifty if the HDD breaks down, you tin repair information technology yourself at low cost.
  • Information technology can be replaced with a contempo HDD that has a larger chapters, lower estrus generation, and less dissonance than the originally congenital-in HDD.
  • If you lot supplant it with SSD, the operation speed volition be faster and the number of failures will be less than HDD.
  • Although not explained on this page, yous can replace the CD / DVD drive with an HDD / SSD to create a two-drive configuration.


  • Since it was released in 2008 and is a Core two Duo generation Mac, functioning can not be expected excessively
  • Information technology feels good to use the surplus SSD and retentivity instead of making an expensive investment.

Target MacBook model

This is a listing of MacBook model that can supercede HDD / SSD past the method explained on this page.

In that location is but ane target model.

The outside feature is the so-called “unibody” of silver aluminum, which looks exactly like the xiii-inch MacBook Pro series, except for the logo under the display and bottom instance.

Common proper noun of supported Os

  • 10.eleven:El Capitan
  • 10.10:Yosemite
  • 10.9:Mavericks
  • x.eight:Mountain Panthera leo
  • ten.7:Panthera leo
  • 10.6:Snow Leopard
  • 10.five:Leopard

Regarding how to bank check the model, if you have Bone Ten x.vii King of beasts or after, you tin can display it from “Most this Mac” in the Apple menu.

Or, since the serial number is written directly nether the stand of the iMac master unit, yous can search for the model at the post-obit site based on it.

Check Your Service and Support Coverage – Apple tree Support

Check your Apple warranty status. Enter a serial number to review your eligibility for back up and eastward…

iMac 2009のスタンドの真下

Predetermine how to restore the OS

The MacBook featured on this page comes with recovery discs.

After replacing the HDD, yous demand to employ the recovery disc for a new installation, or prepare a separate installation disc or USB memory.

Every bit a separate installation disc, you can purchase an OS X 10.6.3 disc from

On the other paw, for OS X 10.7 Lion, you can either purchase a USB stick for installation from or download the installation program yourself to create a USB stick.

USB memory can exist purchased from the post-obit Apple official website.

OS X Lion (

If you lot need to purchase Mac OS 10 10.vii Lion, you may lodge information technology from this folio. The most current versi…

In addition, if you want to make your own USB retentiveness, the following article will introduce the process.

How to become the macOS (OS X) installer

I have summarized how to obtain the installer for each version of macOS (OS X) then far. OS X 10.vii Lio…

About information backup

Information technology is strongly recommended to dorsum upward your data in case the HDD replacement piece of work fails.

As for the method, Time Machine, which is a standard Mac function, is easy and recommended.

Support your Mac with Time Auto

Larn how to create a backup of the files on your Mac.

In addition, you lot tin come across several other backup methods introduced from the following articles.


Macには標準で「Time Machine」という自動バックアップ機能があります。 それと併用して各種バックアップアプリを使えば、色んな状況に合わせて柔軟にバックアップを取れたり、二重バックアップと…

Required tools

Essential tools

The following 2 are essential because you lot can’t piece of work without them.

  • Phillips screwdriver (size is PH00?)
  • T6 torx screwdriver

A Phillips screwdriver can be an ordinary screwdriver on manus.

Also, I think that the size of the screw is “PH00”, but the size may be unlike depending on the case, so if possible, ready 2 or 3 dissimilar sizes.

The T6 Torx screwdriver, which probably few people have, is special screwdriver with a star-shaped tip.

The name “Torx” is a registered trademark and is sometimes referred to as the “hex lobe”, but it is actually the same.

  • Torx – Wikipedia

T6 Torx Screwdriver

It is available at home comeback stores and

T6 torx scrrewdriver

Tools that are not essential, only you desire to take them if yous take them

A slice of paper, writing utensils, cellophane record

It’s not a tool, but I’ll remove a number of like screws, so ready a piece of paper such as letter size, writing utensils, and cellophane record so that you lot can meet the original location, and make illustrations and memos. It is recommended to tape it while drawing.

Usable HDD and SSD

Equally a replacement HDD or SSD, y’all can utilize a SATA format two.v-inch bulldoze.

Please note that 2.5 inch drives accept multiple “thicknesses” and can be used with 7mm and 9.5mm.

On the other hand, if it is 12.5 mm or 15 mm, it cannot be stored in the MacBook, so it cannot be used.

The following are recommended products.

The maximum capacity is up to 1TB for SSD (some 2TB is very expensive), and upwardly to 2TB for HDD, each of which can be selected from multiple options.

Then, if speed is prioritized, select SSD, and if capacity is prioritized, select HDD.

If you’re wondering which one, SSD is recommended.

2.5 inch SSD

two.v inch HDD

Procedure for disassembling MacBook and replacing HDD

▶ Unplug the power cablevision from your MacBook and turn it over.

MacBook Late 2008 Bottom Case

▶ Lift the handle to remove the cover and remove the battery inside.

MacBoolk Late 2008 Lifting handle

MacBook Late 2008 Inside Battery

MacBook Late 2008 Detouched Battery

▶︎ Open your MacBook screen and press the power switch at the top right of your keyboard 5-6 times.

This is to prevent you from getting an electric stupor from the electric current remaining inside the MacBook when y’all detach it, or shorting the board when you roll the screws.

MacBook Late 2008 Bower Button

▶ Shut the MacBook screen, plow it over again, and apply a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the HDD visible in the lower left part where the cover has been removed.

This office of the screw tends to lick the screw thread, so if y’all recollect that the size of the screwdriver does not fit, practice not turn the screw by force and try a screwdriver of a different size.

MacBook Late 2008 Screw

MacBook Late 2008 Screw

▶ When the screw loosens, the safety part under the spiral also loosens, so remove them together.

MacBook Late 2008 Screw

▶ Remove the HDD from your MacBook, carefully disconnecting the safe cable that connects to the left side of the HDD.

MacBook Late 2008 Inside HDD

▶ Use a Torx screwdriver to remove the T6 Torx screws on both sides of the removed HDD (the SSD is shown in the photo).

MacBook Late 2008 Detouched Inside HDD

▶ Afterwards removing the screws, supercede them with a replacement HDD / SSD and assemble in the reverse order upwardly to this point.

MacBook Late 2008 Detouched Inside HDD


With Apple tree Silicone Macs available as of 2021, I don’t know how much the 13-year-one-time MacBook is worth, merely someone may desire to spend the rest of their loved Macs.

Aluminum-designed unibody is the norm for both MacBook Air and Pro, but the kickoff aluminum unibody is this MacBook Tardily 2008.

In that sense, it’s a monumental auto in the history of the Mac.

Reference Information

The article at the top beneath was the easiest to read and sympathize.

The procedure for the other two was also specific and helpful.

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Difficult Drive Replacement
  • MacBookのHDDをSSDに換えた!OS X Yosemiteもドンと来い!
  • MacBook tardily 2008のSSD交換手順(前編)

This is the end of the commodity on this page.