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Interested in picking up a new Apple iPhone but not sure which model is best for your needs? That’s why we’re hither. We’ve created this guide so you have a meliorate understanding of which is the all-time iPhone for y’all.

Every handset on this listing has been put through a series of existent-world and lab tests that ensure the phones can evangelize in cardinal areas, including photographic camera functioning, battery life, display and build quality, so you lot can trust our advice.

If you’re interested in seeing how the iPhone fourteen range compares to the other iPhones out there, be sure to check out our pieces on iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 vs iPhone thirteen, iPhone 14 vs iPhone 12, iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone fourteen Pro Max vs iPhone fourteen Plus, and then yous have an idea of how these new phones stack upwardly against each other.

And if you’ve been an Apple user for many years and you’re finding that you lot want to try something new, our guide on the all-time Android phones could assist bespeak you in the right direction. We’ve as well published a definitive listing of the best mobile phones available right now, so make sure to check that out if you’re open up to both operating systems.

Best iPhone at a glance

  • Best iPhone: iPhone 14 Pro – check price
  • Best for battery life: iPhone 14 Pro Max – check toll
  • Best for most people: iPhone 14 – bank check price
  • All-time small iPhone: iPhone 13 mini – bank check price
  • Best affordable option: iPhone SE (2022) – check price

How we test

Learn more than about how nosotros examination mobile phones

Every iPhone nosotros review, whether it’s the cheapest model or the most expensive, gets put through more than 15 tests. These include constructed benchmark tests that give a good idea of general performance and in-depth camera comparisons between competing devices.

Similar every phone we review, the expert tasked with putting the specific iPhone through its paces will use it every bit their main telephone for the review period, transferring across apps, chats and accounts. We feel this gives us a proper view of the device and helps ensure we’re not but repeating headline features from marketing releases.

iPhone 14 Pro

The all-time iPhone


  • Great screen that gets very bright outdoors
  • Versatile photographic camera system for both photography and videography
  • Always-on display and Dynamic Isle are both neat tricks
  • Additional safety features are always welcome


  • Not the quickest to accuse
  • Zoom photography isn’t on the level of the competition
  • Only actually a day of battery life

Picking the very all-time iPhone is like shooting fish in a barrel this twelvemonth, equally the iPhone xiv Pro stands comfortably over its more affordable sibling thanks to a raft of innovative additions.

During our in-depth review, nosotros noted the strength of the new 48-megapixel forth with the very bright screen, sleek design and raft of safe features including Car Crash Detection.

Ane of the stars of the show you won’t notice on other iPhones on this listing is the Dynamic Island. Basically a new name for the pill-shaped notch, the Dynamic Isle tin can be seen as a new interaction area that houses things like the current song playing, timers and then on. It’ll also business firm alerts from apps that utilise the upcoming Alive Activities API.

Another feature here that isn’t available on other models is the always-on display. Working in a similar way to the Apple tree Lookout, the display slows down to 1Hz when information technology’s locked, showing you lot a dimmed version that’southward glanceable when the telephone is sitting on a desk. It’s a neat trick, even if it does apply more bombardment than when the screen is turned off.

The iii rear cameras take excellent snaps and videos, with more versatility than ever cheers to the ability to shoot 48MP RAW images.

The rest of the phone will exist familiar to those who’ve used previous Pro phones. The iPhone 14 Pro looks great, has an IP68 rating, Ceramic Shield and MagSafe charging.

Max Parker

Total review:
Apple iPhone 14 Pro review

iPhone 14 Pro Max

The best for battery life


  • Stunning display
  • Operation that should stay fast for a long time
  • Reliable cameras in all conditions
  • Long battery life
  • Dynamic island is a great idea


  • No big zoom photographic camera improvements
  • Uncomfy design without a case

Yous might be looking for an iPhone that can deliver all the very all-time that Apple has to offer, along with the biggest screen you can fit your hands effectually as well. No problem: that’due south what the iPhone 14 Pro Max is for.

With an enormous 6.7-inch OLED screen, you will feel truly immersed in games and films when yous’re using this behemoth of a handset, in a way that smaller-screened devices just can’t compete with. But the big screen isn’t the simply selling bespeak here, considering it also tin can hitting the same heights as the iPhone fourteen Pro in other regards too.

The triple rear camera is led by that same impressive 48-megapixel sensor, it boasts the uniquely adaptable Dynamic Island at the top of the screen, and it has ability to burn thanks to its incredible A16 Bionic processor. Simply put, if you’re looking to become large and you’ve got the wallet to friction match, then this iPhone should exist your first choice.

Max Parker

Full review:
iPhone 14 Pro Max review

iPhone 14

The best iPhone for most people


  • Clever safery features
  • Very good battery life
  • Reliable photographic camera
  • Fun colours


  • Stuck on a 60Hz display
  • Minimal differences to the iPhone 13

The iPhone 14 Pro might exist the best iPhone, simply we’d say the iPhone fourteen offers arguably improve value for a lot of people. Information technology’south a device that’s just every bit capable in nearly areas as its “Pro” siblings, only it does make a few sacrifices to striking its lower cost.

There’s no telephoto photographic camera for improved zooming, for example, and the display is simply a 60Hz panel – so it lacks the smoother scrolling you get with the 120Hz panel. If you’re willing to have these missing features, then we call back this phone will conform you down to the ground.

Nosotros were happy with the battery life when nosotros reviewed the phone, though like all smaller phones you’ll likely be charging this one every night. As we said in the previous entry, the Pro Max model is the i to pick if you lot’re a seriously heavy user.

The iPhone 14 is just a great phone to use; the design is slick and a lot more modern than the iPhone SE 2022, while the size makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to hold and sideslip in a pocket or a handbag. The duo of rear cameras reliably take first-class photos any the conditions and, as information technology runs iOS, it’ll be supported for years to come with software updates.

Apple besides still sells the iPhone 13, which remains a proficient buy if yous want to save a little extra money.

Max Parker

Full review:
iPhone 14 review

iPhone xiii Mini

The best small iPhone


  • Great camera
  • Better battery life than the previous Mini
  • The near powerful pocket-size phone around


  • No ProMotion
  • No optical zoom
  • Still can’t compete with the other iPhone thirteen models for battery life

The iPhone xiii Mini takes everything you’ll find in the iPhone 13 and and then shrinks it downwards to an fifty-fifty smaller size. It has the aforementioned duo of rear cameras, the same screen quality and the same overall pattern as its larger sibling – and it also runs on the same chipset as all the other iPhone xiii handsets in this listing, so it boasts 5G and excellent general functioning.

Nosotros’d recommend this as easily the best small phone on the market, just that said, its atomic size does introduce a couple of bug. These aren’t necessarily downsides, depending on your point of view, just they’re still factors that might influence your buying decision.

The five.4-inch brandish is a
smaller than the vi.1-inch screen on the iPhone 13. That means the Mini isn’t as suitable for gaming or media binges as the regular-sized iPhone, and it also ways that the battery size had to be reduced, so it’s the iPhone 13 with the worst battery life – at least in our tests. If yous’re a heavy user, you might be reaching for the charger even earlier the end of the twenty-four hours based on our experience with the Mini.

Notwithstanding, there isn’t actually anything else like this on the marketplace, and if you lot prize pocketability higher up all else, then it is a great choice.

The iPhone 12 Mini is likewise all the same on sale too, only we found that this model’s bombardment life was fifty-fifty worse. If you lot can afford to spend extra on the updated model, it’south certainly worth it based on our experience with the ii phones.

Max Parker

Full review:
iPhone 13 Mini review

iPhone SE 2022

The best affordable new iPhone


  • The fastest phone at this price (by some distance)
  • Takes great daylight pictures
  • IP rating and wireless charging
  • iOS and all the benefits that come with it


  • Small screen is cramped and restrictive
  • Tired design
  • No dark style in the photographic camera

Apple’s cheapest iPhone is also the nigh disruptive. While we like a lot of stuff most the iPhone SE 2022 and it scored well in our overall review, the tired design and slightly dated screen arrive a harder proffer than the other phones on this list.

Withal, on the within, there’s no doubting that the iPhone SE 2022 is a winner. The A15 Bionic chipset is the same as you’ll detect in the xiii Pro Max, and in benchmark tests, it outstripped the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for sheer operation. Considering the price, that’s an impressive feat and information technology should support software updates for years and years to come, making information technology a skillful investment.

We were impressed with the photographic camera here too. The unmarried 12MP unit takes snaps with lovely color reproduction and authentic pare tones that aren’t too far off what you lot’d get on the iPhone thirteen, although the lack of dark mode does brand it a little tricky to go a great low-calorie-free picture.

Battery life is on par with the iPhone 13 Mini and, like all the phones here, it has an IP rating for dust and water resistance along with 5G and wireless charging. You rarely go this collection of premium features on other phones at this price point.

This phone actually isn’t for those who want a phone with a great screen. The 4.7-inch panel is dinky, not nearly as vivid or sharp as the xiii series, and comes with chunky black bars on either side to boot. It feels rather old fashioned, although the dwelling button is overnice for navigation and quick unlocking.

Max Parker

Full review:
iPhone SE 2022 review

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Which iPhones have 5G?

All the iPhones in this list come up with some form of 5G. However, the supported bands tin vary and then it’s best to check with your carrier or network to come across which bands and forms of 5G they support.

Do any of these iPhones come with a charger?

No – Apple has removed the charger from the box of all its iPhones. You’ll demand to purchase it separately or else employ an old i.

Which is the smallest iPhone?

While the iPhone SE’due south iv.7-inch screen is the smallest, the iPhone xiii Min is the smallest overall device.

What is the nigh recent iPhone?

The virtually contempo iPhone is the iPhone 14 serial, which was officially revealed during the Far Out Apple consequence. The iPhone 14 series volition be bachelor for pre-order on Friday nine September at one pm BST.

All the best iPhone specs

Compare all the nigh important specs from all the iPhones in our list.







Screen Size

Storage Capacity

Rear Camera

Front Camera

Video Recording

IP rating

Wirless charging

Fast Charging

Size (Dimensions)


Operating System

Release Date

First Reviewed Appointment



Refresh Rate





Stated Ability

iPhone xiv Pro






Apple inches


48MP Main, 12MP Ultrawide, 12MP 2x Telephoto, 12MP 3x Telephoto

12MP Truthful Depth





71.5 10 7.85 10 147.5 MM

206 K

iOS 16


2556 x 460


120 Hz


A16 Bionic chip

Space Blackness, Silverish, Gold, Deep Purple

20 W

iPhone fourteen Pro Max






Apple tree

half dozen.vii inches


48MP Main, 12MP Ultra Broad, 12MP 2X Telephoto, 12MP 3x Telephoto






77.six x 7.85 x 160.7 MM

240 G

iOS xvi


2796 ten 1290


120 Hz


A16 Bionic chip

Space Blackness, Argent, Gold, Deep Purple

iPhone xiv







vi.1 inches


12MP Main, 12MP Ultra Wide






71.5 10 7.8 x 146.7 MM

172 Thou

iOS 16


2532 x 1170


threescore Hz


A15 Bionic Chip

Midnight, Majestic, Starlight, Product Red, Blue

iPhone xiii Mini







5.4 inches

128GB, 256GB, 512GB

12MP + 12MP






64.2 x 7.65 x 131.5 MM

140 G

iOS 15


2340 x 1080


60 Hz


A15 Bionic

Red, Starlight, Blue, Back. Pink

iPhone SE 2022







4.vii inches

256GB, 512GB







67.3 x 7.3 x 138.4 INCHES

144 G

iOS fifteen



1334 x 750

60 Hz


Apple A15 Bionic


Red, Midnight, Starlight

Trusted Reviews test data

Apple does a peachy job at keeping functioning the same beyond all phones, and then you’re getting strong speeds whether you become for the cheapest iPhone or the priciest.

Geekbench v single core

Geekbench 5 multi core


Adobe RGB


Max brightness

ane hour video playback (Netflix, HDR)

30 minute gaming (intensive)

30 minute gaming (light)

1 60 minutes music streaming (online)

1 hour music streaming (offline)

Time from 0-100% charge

Time from 0-50% accuse

3D Mark – Wild Life

iPhone 14 Pro



10 %

11 %

5 %

1 %

1 %

99 min

32 Min


iPhone xiv Pro Max



600 nits

nine %

8 %

6 %

1 %

1 %

92 min

32 Min

iPhone 14



535 nits

8 %

7 %

6 %

i %

ane %

95 min

32 Min

iPhone thirteen Mini



92 %

67 %

67 %

524 nits

ten %

8 %

7 %

0 %

1 %

-iv min

27 Min

iPhone SE 2022



95.4 %

67.5 %

70 %

529 nits

v %

eight %

7 %

1 %

one %

63 min