iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 Beta Features: What’s New

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Apple tree today released the start beta of iOS 15.4 to developers. Dissimilar iOS 15.3, iOS xv.4 packs several new features and changes. Below is everything new that nosotros have plant in iOS fifteen.iv beta then far.

iOS 15.4 is easily the well-nigh feature-rich update for the Os so far, with new features like Universal Control, Face ID with a Mask, new emojis, and more than.

Face ID With a Mask

This is undoubtedly the highlight of iOS 15.4. The feature will allow iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users to unlock their phones using Face ID while nevertheless wearing masks.

Apple already offers an ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature for this, but it requires ane to apply an Apple tree Watch. However, this new feature will recognize you by identifying the “unique features around the middle area.” A Total Face ID scan will all the same exist more secure, but this is a welcome middle ground from Apple.

Universal Command

Initially demoed at WWDC 2022 when Apple tree showtime unveiled macOS Monterey and iPadOS fifteen, Universal Control has taken its sweet time to arrive, fifty-fifty in beta form.

Universal Control will allow y’all to control and seamlessly transfer files betwixt your Mac and iPad using the same keyboard and mouse. The feature requires your iPad to be running iPadOS 15.4 and your Mac to be on macOS Monterey 12.three.

Universal Control

iPad Keyboard Brightness

You tin can add a Keyboard brightness option in iPadOS 15.four Control Center that volition allow you to adjust the backlighting of the connected keyboard. The feature works with Apple tree’s Magic Keyboard, but it is unclear if information technology works with third-party keyboards with a backlight or non.

New Emoji

iOS 15.4 and iPadOS xv.iv add 37 new emoji along with over lxx+ skin additions. These additions are a part of Emoji 14 that comes with new emojis similar melting face, saluting face, pregnant man, face with a peeking eye, more. Caput over to Emojipedia to notice more than details about the new emoji.

iOS 15.4 Emoji

Notes in iCloud Keychain

Slowly but steadily, Apple is turning iCloud Keychain into a total-fledged countersign manager. iOS 15.four beta adds a new notes department in iCloud Keychain that lets y’all save notes alongside any login details that you save.

Notes in iCloud Keychain

SharePlay Directly from Music App

SharePlay has been directly integrated into the Music app in iOS 15.iv beta 1. This will permit yous to direct SharePlay and heed to your favorite song/playlist or album with your friends right from within the Music app.

The SharePlay option will as well prove up in the Share bill of fare in iOS 15.4.

SharePlay in Music app in iOS 15.4

Apple tree Menu Widget

There’s a new Apple tree Card widget in iOS 15.four that will bear witness your wallet residuum and spending activity.

Apple Card widget in iOS 15.4

Vaccine Tape in Health App

You lot can scan the QR lawmaking on your COVID-19 vaccination certificate and salve it in the Health app on your iPhone in iOS 15.4.

Notify to Run Option in Shortcuts

The Shortcuts app in iOS 15.4 offers an option to enable/disable the notification that pops up whenever a personal automation is triggered.

Customize Left/Correct Swipe in Notes App

Yous tin can customize the left and right corner swipes to Quick Annotation, screenshot, or Off in the Notes app on your iPhone/iPad in iOS 15.iv or iPadOS 15.four.

Noticed any other changes in iOS 15.4 beta? Drop a comment and share them with the states.

[Screenshots via r/iOSBeta]


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