iOS 15: All the New iCloud Features and Improvements

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Apple announced iOS 15 at WWDC 2022. Among all the improvements and features in iOS xv, iCloud changes got everyone’due south attention. And in a surprising move, Apple is offering more than reasons to subscribe to iCloud. The iCloud subscription isn’t express to adding more cloud storage to your Apple tree account. Starting with iOS 15, you lot also become new additions such as Hibernate My Email, iCloud Private Relay for bearding browsing, and more with iCloud+. Allow’s talk near them.

All New iCloud Features and Changes in iOS xv

Permit’southward start the listing with Apple tree’south large attack on email spammers with the Hibernate My Email role.

one. Hide My Email

Last year, Apple appear the Sign in with Apple function to temporarily hibernate your e-mail accost during app signups on the iPhone.  This time around, Apple tree is taking the whole feel to the next level with a organization-wide Hide My Email function.

Following the iOS 15 update, you will be able to generate and use temporary email IDs on websites and online forms. iCloud volition allow you create random electronic mail addresses and then that you don’t accept to requite away the real one.

Apple allows you to create as many throwaway electronic mail addresses as you similar. Users take full control over the created email ID, and they can make boosted changes from the Settings carte besides. If y’all wish to get emails from marketers to your electronic mail ID, there is an option for that likewise.

Open up the Settings app on your iPhone and get to
Hide My Email. Here, you can create a new address and see the existing ones created by Apple for tertiary-party apps and websites. You tin tap on any e-mail address and enable the
Forward to original email address

hide my email

Mail that, you volition receive promotional emails without sharing your original electronic mail ID to the marketer or spammer. The new service aims to further limit companies’ power to collect consumers’ personal information via e-mail and help mitigate the rates at which users receive junk post.

create dummy email

Hide My Email will be built directly into Safari, Mail, and iCloud settings. Information technology will be a role of iCloud+. All the existing iCloud subscribers will be upgraded to the iCloud+ parcel automatically.

two. iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is ane of our favorite new additions to iCloud service. Private Relay hides your IP address and Safari browsing activity from network providers and websites and then that no one — including Apple can see who you are or what sites you are visiting.

It basically shields your web traffic from prying eyes and spammers. Private Relay hides information from both the Internet service provider and advertisers that aim to build your online profile. In theory, it works like to a tertiary-party VPN service out in that location. And there is no limit on data consumption too.

iCloud Private Relay

Apple claims that information technology uses a dual-hop design with iCloud Relay, meaning even the company tin’t run across or track your browsing information, something that’s non available with third-party VPN apps.

Apple tin can’t run across the websites you are visiting, it can only track IP addresses, and tertiary-party trackers tin can merely see websites you are requesting, leaving IP addresses out of the equation. Past default, iCloud Individual Relay is turned on from the Settings bill of fare. If you feel a slow internet connection due to iCloud Private Relay, you tin can turn information technology off for a specific Wi-Fi network from the Settings menu.

iCloud Individual Relay does lack a couple of features compared to a defended VPN service. There’s no location spoofing available. One can’t override the geographical limitations using the iCloud Individual Relay. It’southward also express to the Safari browser at launch.

iCloud private relay in action

3. Unlimited Camera Back up in HomeKit

iCloud+ levels upwardly built-in support for HomeKit Secure Video so that users tin can connect more cameras than ever before in the Dwelling house app. The home security video footage is end-to-stop encrypted, and information technology will not count against iCloud storage capacity. This was previously limited to five cameras.

homekit with icloud

4. Temporary iCloud Storage

As well media, backing upwardly your iPhone to iCloud storage takes away the big clamper of storage. If you are low on iCloud storage and want to use the iCloud fill-in part while switching to a new iPhone, Apple tree volition lend you lot temporary iCloud storage for a seamless transition.

The company will lend yous every bit much storage as y’all need to complete a temporary backup for upward to iii weeks. Y’all tin can back up everything, including apps, data, and settings, and motion it to a new device thanks to the boosted iCloud storage granted by Apple.

5. Custom Domain Names with iCloud+

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 already allow users to use a custom email accost for personal branding. It’s only logical for Apple to offering a like feature for iCloud subscribers.

With iCloud+, support for custom domain names is now included. Users can personalize their iCloud Mail address with a custom domain proper name, and invite family members to apply the same domain with their iCloud Mail accounts. With custom email domain names, Apple tin target the instruction and business sector with iCloud+.

6. Add Recovery Business relationship for iCloud

With iOS 15, Apple tree will let users add a recovery business relationship of their friend or family fellow member. Upon a request, Apple will send them a recovery code to proceeds back access to your business relationship. This option could come in handy if you have forgotten the countersign of your iCloud business relationship or cannot admission it for some other reason.

seven. Add Digital Legacy to iCloud

Apple has introduced a new add-on called Digital Legacy to iCloud. Using Digital Legacy, people can appoint their friends or family members to request their iCloud information when they pass abroad.

It’south quite axiomatic that Apple tree wants to position iCloud as more than than a cloud storage service. Instead of competing with Google Bulldoze and OneDrive over features and per GB toll, Apple is taking a dissimilar route to make iCloud stand out in the crowd. New privacy features perfectly align with Apple’southward strong opinion on privacy and security.

This is just a start and nosotros feel Apple will announce new features to the iCloud+ pack down the line. Which is your favorite feature in iCloud in iOS 15? Sound off in the comments section below.


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