iOS 15: All the New Messages Features

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After much anticipation, Apple finally announced iOS 15 at the 2022 Worldwide Programmer Briefing. This latest update is packed with significant upgrades that will make you lot fall even more in dearest with your iPhone. The Letters app is likewise getting plenty of new features in iOS 15.

Many of the new features in the Messages app in iOS 15 will aid users make more lifelike connections with friends and family, meliorate user experience, and brand the best of on-device intelligence. In this commodity, we’ll put a spotlight on what’s new with iOS xv’s Letters app. We’ll also go over how you can use the upgrade to accept more seamless conversations with your nearest and love.

If you have not already, brand sure to bank check out the all-time iOS 15 features that will be coming to your iPhone later on this year. The iOS fifteen Beta 1 is already available to download for compatible iPhone models. So, if you desire, you tin install the iOS xv beta on your iPhone right away if you wish to.

New iOS xv Messages Features

1. Photo Stacks and Collages

iOS xv will come up with fun new designs that display shared images in stacks and collages, making for a cleaner, more interactive interface. A modest collection of images appears as a collage that you tin can take in at a glance, while a larger collection appears every bit an elegant stack that you can swipe through. Tap to view them as a filigree and hands respond with a Tapback or a text reply. By tapping a new save button right in the Messages chat, you tin can quickly save photos sent to you to your Photos Library.

Collage View in Messages

two. Shared with You Tab

iOS 15 will save every photo yous receive via Letters in a new
Shared with You
section tab in the
For You
page. It will also add together the photos to your Library and features them in generated
likewise. With on-device intelligence, Apple will also make up one’s mind which photos are most probable to be relevant, such as those with your face in them.

When your friends share links to playlists, manufactures, or videos, the Letters app shares the information with the original app that opens each type of media, saving all the stuff in a new ‘Shared with You’ tab in the app. Yous can grab up with all the gist your friends desire you lot in on.

Y’all can check all shared articles in the News app or Safari.  Each app lets yous know which friend shared what article in a little tab at the elevation of each article. Borer the tab takes you right back to Messages, so you tin can option up the conversation and let them know what you liked well-nigh the item they shared.

Shared with Y’all is besides available in Apple Podcasts and the Apple Television set app.

Shared with You iOS 15

3. Pinned Content

On Messages in iOS 15, you can pin especially interesting shared content to the top of the screen in a conversation. Pinned content will besides exist elevated in Shared with You and Messages search results. Y’all can also utilize pinned items as reminders to pick upward of import conversations.

Then, whenever yous tap on your contact’south name at the top of the Messages window, a new department will appear on top with all of your pinned content. This is in improver to the previously existing “links,” “photos,” and “documents” sections.

4. New Memoji CustomizationNew Memoji menu in Messages in iOS 15

If you’re a fan of the Memoji, y’all’ll love the upgrades that iOS fifteen volition bring to the feature.  Yous tin can now customize your Memoji with over 40 outfit options to reflect your personal manner, mood, or the season. To boot, you can choose up to 3 different colors for each outfit and share your new Memoji with your friends as stickers. Speaking of stickers, iOS 15 will add 9 new Memoji stickers to your drove, including one that lets you send a shaka, a hand wave, a lightbulb moment, and more.

Also, you lot tin can cull from three new spectacles shapes: centre, star, and retro, and choose a color for your frame and lenses. More customization options include multicolored headwear, different center colors for each centre, and inclusive representation icons such as cochlear implants of oxygen tubes.

These new Memoji upgrades will bring more expression to your conversations, making them more personal and memorable.

five. Redesigned Message Notifications

The Notifications panel is getting a new look as well, with contact photos for people and larger app icons. These design changes volition brand it easier for you to recognize important texts at a glance.  To avert distraction, you can mute any messaging thread temporarily, for the next hour, or for the day.

Also, if y’all’re getting notifications from an active thread but yous’re not engaging with information technology, you’ll become a suggestion to mute information technology.

New Notifications panel in iOS 15

When Will iOS fifteen Be Released?

Usually, Apple releases a new iOS version effectually the same fourth dimension as a new iPhone, which is ordinarily in September. Meanwhile, Apple has opened iOS 15 beta testing to developers; the public beta is expected to be released in July.

By registering your telephone on Apple’due south beta website, you’ll exist able to access the public beta of iOS 15.

More Meaningful Means to Connect

That’due south it, folks! Many of us are still struggling with the aftereffects of the COVID-xix pandemic and the huge strain that it has acquired in our relationships. With these updates, Apple tree has risen to the challenge to optimize tech in ways that facilitate easier, more enjoyable communication across borders. The new Messages updates allow for more in-depth shared experiences. Nosotros know it probably won’t feel the aforementioned as existence in the same room with a friend, simply judging by Apple’s promises, it’ll come close.

Excited to endeavour iOS 15? So are nosotros, only yous may want to cheque out why y’all should not install the beta version but yet.


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