iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 Download Available Now

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Apple has released the third programmer beta of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to all registered developers for all uniform iPhones and iPads.

If you have non even so installed the iOS 15 programmer beta on your iPhone, you can join Apple’due south public beta programme to try out the latest OS. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are scheduled for release to the public erstwhile in September this year.

Aslope iOS xv and iPadOS xv beta 3, Apple besides released the third programmer beta of watchOS 8, macOS Monterey, and tvOS 15.

The second public beta of iOS xv and iPadOS xv should too be released within the next twenty-four hour period or so. Y’all can follow our guide to install the iOS 15 public beta on your iPhone right abroad.

There are plenty of new features in iOS fifteen. Check out some of the key ones below.

iOS fifteen Features

FaceTime Improvements

FaceTime is getting a major upgrade in iOS xv. With video calls surging in popularity over the last twelvemonth due to COVID-xix, Apple is making some important changes to brand FaceTime calls more natural. FaceTime calls will now back up spatial sound to make information technology sound like they are sitting in the room with yous. Voice isolation uses machine learning to block all ambient noise and focus on just your voice.

FaceTime is getting filigree view support to make grouping video calls easier, making it easier to view multiple callers at in one case. To make the video calling experience better, FaceTime is getting a portrait mode every bit well, which volition blur the groundwork. You can likewise schedule FaceTime calls using FaceTime links, which you can share with your friends or family ahead of time. Apple is also assuasive Android and Windows users to bring together FaceTime calls using the web browser.

iOS fifteen also brings SharePlay to FaceTime. This allows y’all to heed to the same music or video while on a FaceTime call. Apple is too introducing a SharePlay API and then that other apps and streaming services tin can also claw into information technology.

iOS 15 FaceTime

Sharing Becomes Easier in Messages

The updated Messages app in iOS 15 now has a new design for grouping photos. Any links shared with you lot in the Letters app will besides show up in the Shared With You section of Apple News. This allows you to read any content at a later date easily.

You can also pick up on the conversation right from within the Apple tree News app. Like functionality will as well be making its way to Apple Music, Safari, Podcast, Apple TV, Photos, and more.

Redesigned Notifications and Focus

Apple is redesigning notifications in iOS 15, with contact photos and icons now visible in the notifications. It is also adding a Notification Summary that gives y’all a summary of all your unread notifications. Impressively, if y’all have Do Not Disturb enabled, the other party sending you a message will inform you lot well-nigh this.

iOS 15 likewise debuts Focus profiles so that you can set unlike profiles for app notifications and home screen layout. For example, you can select the piece of work apps from which y’all desire notification alerts when at work. You can also set different home screen layouts for each profile. Whatever Focus contour you lot set will likewise be synced to your other devices.

Messages in iOS 15

iPadOS 15 Features

Widgets on Home Screen

The redesigned home screen experience on iPadOS xv is similar to what Apple introduced in iOS 14 for the iPhone terminal yr. To make better use of the large display, Apple tree is introducing a new 4×four widget size.

App Library is likewise coming to the iPad with iPadOS xv. The App Library feature is built into the dock itself, and you tin hide abode screen pages every bit well.

iPadOS 15 home screen widgets

Improved Multitasking

Apple tree is improving the multitasking experience in iPadOS 15. Y’all can now hands run apps in Split View mode using the new multitasking bar. You can also minimize an app window to the Shelf.

Yous can at present run apps Split View right from the multitasking view by dragging one app on top of some other.


The Notes app is getting mentions and activity view back up in iPadOS 15. Y’all tin too add tags in Notes to make information technology easier to find.

Apple tree is also debuting QuickNote in iPadOS 15. Yous can swipe from the corner of the display using your Apple tree Pencil to open up a new QuickNote. This shortcut will work from anywhere in the OS, and then you tin easily create quick notes when browsing a page in Safari or reading an electronic mail. You can as well swipe between Quick Notes.

Since iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are still in the early stages of development, Apple is making a lot of changes with every new beta build. You tin can find everything that’due south new in iOS fifteen beta iii here. If you notice any other changes or bugs in iOS xv which is not mentioned above, drop a comment and let us know!


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