iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 Features: What’s New

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Nearly 3 weeks after the release of iOS fifteen Beta 2, Apple tree released iOS 15 and iPadOS xv Beta three to the developers today. Since iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are withal in the evolution phase, in that location are a lot of new features and changes in the third beta. Read all about them below.

The second beta of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 brought the new SharePlay feature. Even though we don’t take Universal Control withal, iOS fifteen and iPadOS xv beta 3 bring a lot of crucial problems fixes and features.

Y’all tin find the steps to install iOS 15 on your iPhone with a developer account here. You can also install iOS 15 on your iPhone using the beta profile method if you don’t have a developer account.

iOS 15 Beta 3 Features and Changes: What’s New

1. New Splash Screen in App Store

iOS 15 beta 3 App Store Splash Screen

iOS 15 Beta 3 brings a new splash screen for the App Store. Now, when you lot open up the App Shop for the starting time time on iOS 15 Beta 3, information technology lays out all the new features Apple has introduced in the App Store. These new features include in-app events in apps and games, the ‌App Store‌ widget, and Safari Extensions on iOS.

2. Search Screen in

Safari, Many UI Fixes

Apple announced a redesigned Safari with a lot of features in iOS 15. The new Safari UI hasn’t been received very well and has always been the point of contend. Now, with iOS fifteen Beta three, Apple tree is bringing some crucial UI fixes to the Safari in iOS xv.

First of all, there’s a new search screen. Now, when you tap the address bar to enter the URL, it doesn’t get upwardly to the top. Rather, it sticks right above the keyboard making it easier to access. Moreover, search suggestions announced to a higher place the address bar and it also suggests ‘top hits’ on the top of the screen.

Other than the redesigned Safari search bar, iOS 15 beta 3 besides brings a lot of UI fixes. Before in that location were complaints that Apple had removed the ‘Reload’ push in iOS xv’s Safari. Well, now you lot tin tap and concur on to the search bar for quick actions that has a new reload button. Even though it isn’t every bit convenient every bit earlier, information technology’due south easier to reach.

three. New Icon for ‘Text from Photographic camera’ in Keyboard

text from camera ios 15 beta 3

iOS xv introduces a new characteristic chosen Live Text that helps you take hold of text from the real earth direct onto your iPhone. However, whenever you tried to copy, paste anything in iOS 15 before, a huge chunk of space was occupied by the ‘Text from Camera’ button. Apple has inverse the push button from ‘Text from Camera’ to simply its icon now.

4. New Additions to the Focus Mode

Focus Mode is 1 of the biggest features of iOS 15. Apple is fine-tuning the feature before its stable release. iOS 15 beta iii brings some changes to the Focus Mode like streamlining of text colour in the Focus Mode menu, new icons, and relocated Focus Status and Phone Calls options.

5. Redesigned Apple Music Widget

iOS xv beta three also brings redesigned Apple tree Music widget. Some even say that the new blueprint is inspired by Spotify. At present, when y’all play or break music from the widget, it will tell you lot its land by showing ‘Now Playing’ or ‘Paused.’ Moreover, the color of the widget will change to the color of the album you’re listening to.

6. Redesigned Reset iPhone Settings

transfer and reset iphone ios 15

Apple tree has renamed the ‘Reset’ setting in iOS 15 beta three. Now, the ‘Reset’ setting is called ‘Transfer or Reset ‌iPhone‌.’ When yous open up the settings, there’s also a new screen that volition guide yous through to ‘Gear up for New iPhone.’ Don’t worry, the good old reset settings are however here. They are merely downwards below from where it is usually expected to exist.

seven. Split up Buttons for Notifications

Earlier in iOS 15, the 2 buttons for ‘Options’ and ‘Articulate’ were stuck together. In iOS 15 beta 3, Apple has separated the two buttons and it is now easier to cull betwixt the 2 options.

8. Individual Relay Fixes

Apple introduced iCloud+ in WWDC 2022. The service entitles you to a Individual Relay service that enables you to surf the web without thinking about fingerprinting and tracking. In before versions of iOS fifteen betas, Private Relay was very buggy. Apple tree has stock-still some of the issues with Individual Relay in iOS fifteen beta three and it doesn’t disconnect or connect arbitrarily anymore.

9. Wi-Fi Name Bug Fix

During the past few weeks, a weird iOS Wi-Fi proper name bug appeared. When you connected to these Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi would cease working on your iPhone. Apple has fixed the Wi-Fi name bug in iOS 15 beta iii, as with iOS 14.7 beta 5.

10. Install iOS Updates on Low Storage Space

Software Update:

Resolved in watchOS 8/iOS 15 beta three: You tin can now update your device using Software Update if less than 500 MB of storage is available.”

According to the release notes of iOS xv beta 3, Apple could allow you to install iOS and watchOS updates even if y’all take less than 500MB of space on your device. This new feature will come as a sigh of relief for Apple Watch Serial iii owners who are being forced to reset their vesture to free upwardly storage space for Bone update installation.

Found any other changes in iOS 15 and iPadOS beta three which is not mentioned above? Drib a comment and allow us know!


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