iOS 15 Battery Drain Issues? Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life

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Facing unexpected bombardment drain on your iPhone after installing iOS 15? Information technology is actually quite mutual for iPhone users to report battery bleed afterward installing a new iOS build. Check out 20 tips below to aid fix the iOS xv battery drain issues you face on your iPhone.

For those still wondering why rapid battery drain issues have become so frequent on iPhones, let’s address information technology starting time! To be more precise, it’due south mainly downwards to three things.

Software Bugs

Believe information technology not, in recent times, iOS has go a hotbed of annoying bugs. While Apple never fails to come upwardly with reliable fixes, issues go on cropping up frequently. On many occasions, a software issues is the main culprit for the battery drain trouble on iPhones.

Lack of Better Command over Power Hungry Features/Apps

At that place are quite a few power-hungry features similar groundwork refresh and auto-playing videos that crave smart management. If you lot fail to restrict them from running amuck, they won’t take much fourth dimension to gobble up your iPhone’due south bombardment and even cause it to overheat unexpectedly.

Not to mention, some apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Google Chrome tend to consume more battery life. Therefore, you should go along rail of their usage and also discover means to limit them.

iPhone Storage

Cluttered Storage

Not many folks have the addiction of cleaning their iPhone’s storage from time to time. Information technology also doesn’t assist that iOS lacks a system-wide tool to track and go rid of redundant data. So, it doesn’t take long for storage (no matter how big it is) to go infested with useless videos, a plethora of random screenshots, and big files.

When the device runs low on storage, it has a catastrophic impact on its entire performance. Things similar sluggishness, overheating, crashing, and unexpected rebooting get the order of the day.

No affair what could cause the battery drain in iOS xv on your iPhone, the post-obit tips can rescue you.

i. Take a Close Look at the Battery Consumption Pattern

To better empathise the battery consumption on your iPhone, you should take a close expect at the breakdown of the battery usage from time to time. iOS allows you to check out the battery usage of the by 24 hours and ten days.

This means you can easily find out what’s draining your iPhone’south battery or for that affair which apps demand to be restricted to extend the battery life on your iPhone. So, dive into the
Settings app > Battery
to get a amend perspective near the battery usage.

Take a Close Look at the Battery Consumption Pattern 

2. Disable Background App Refresh

If not managed smartly, groundwork app refresh can consume into a large clamper of bombardment and even trigger unexpected battery drain on your iOS fifteen device. Therefore, make sure to turn information technology off or use it selectively to permit only a few important apps to refresh in the groundwork.

If extending the battery life is your main priority, disable information technology. Navigate to
Settings app > General > Groundwork App Refresh. At present, select

Disable Background App Refresh 

three. Disable Location Services

Location Services belongs to the same league equally the Background App Refresh in terms of draining the battery. Hence, you lot are better off keeping this power-sucking feature turned off or using information technology wisely.

Become to
Settings app
Location Services. Now, either completely disable location tracking or customize each app’south setting to force apps to inquire for your location every time they need your location information.

Disable Location Services 

4. Arrange 5G Setting

Let’s confront it! 5G is a massive power killer. While the latest iteration of the mobile network keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of network speed, there is no denying that it goggles upwardly a ton of power. And so, if you have allowed it to run without whatever check, it might be behind the rapid battery bleed of your iPhone.

Thankfully, iOS provides a improve way to manage 5G settings. Dive into the
Settings app > Cellular > Cellular Information Options > Voice & Data. At present, either choose
5G Auto
to let your device use 5G but when in that location won’t be a significant battery drain or select LTE to turn off 5G.

Adjust 5G setting on iPhone

5. Enable Low Ability Mode

When information technology comes to improving iPhone bombardment life, the Low Power Mode knows the best. By disabling features like background refresh and automatic downloads, it saves plenty of juice that plays a fundamental function in extending the overall battery life of the iPhone.

So, if it’s time to save every ounce of the battery, yous should get the most out of this noted ability savior.
Caput over to
Settings app > Battery
and then plow on the
Low Power Mode

Enable Low Power Mode 

6. Ship Low-Quality Images Via iMessage

If you heavily rely on iMessage to communicate with your honey ones and share loftier-quality photos, allow me tell you that the stock messaging app for iOS provides a way to send low-quality images. Save this nifty feature for the times when you lot want to increment your device’s battery life past restricting all the power-intensive features.

Open the
Settings app
on your iPhone >
Messages. Now, scroll down to the lesser and then turn on the
Low-Quality Images

Send Low-Quality Images Via iMessage 

seven. Disable Auto-Play iMessage Effects

iMessage effects go a long style in spicing upward the messaging experience. Equally someone who is addicted of iMessage, I use a multifariousness of chimera and screen effects to express my feelings.

While I capeesh the auto-playing iMessaging effects, I make sure to disable them whenever I desire to cut downwards the unnecessary battery consumption. To get it done, launch
Settings app > Accessibility > Motion. Now, disable the
Machine-Play Bulletin Effects.

Disable Auto-Play iMessage Effects 

8. Disable Auto-Playing Videos in App Store

Motorcar-playing video previews of apps and games make it pretty straightforward to let you take a peek at what they have to offer. Though in that location is no denying the fact that they are useful, brand certain to disable them, especially when saving battery life is more of import to you than having a quick glance at the app’s previews. Become to
Settings app > App Shop > Video Autoplay
and and so choose

Disable Auto-Playing Videos in App Store 

9. Disable Auto-Playing Videos in Safari

Car-playing videos in a browser are goose egg but a source of badgerer every bit they tend to distract y’all and slow down the browsing speed. And if y’all exercise not proceed them disabled, they can fifty-fifty kill plenty of battery life. Luckily, iOS 15 has provided a better way to plow off auto-playing videos in Safari. To do so, open up
Settings app > Accessibility > Per-App Settings > Add together App > Safari > Machine-Play Video Previews
so cull

Disable Auto-Playing Videos in Safari 

10. Turn Off Automated App Downloads and Updates

When you download an app on your iPhone, it’south automatically downloaded on your other device, like your iPad linked with the same iCloud account. And with the auto-update functionality, y’all can go along all of your apps updated without breaking any sweat.

While both of these features are swell, you should never fail to turn them off when your iOS device seems to drain the battery a lot. Navigate to
Settings > App Shop >
plough off the toggles for
Apps and App Updates
located nether the
Automated Downloads

Turn Off Automatic App Downloads and Updates 

11. Turn Off Automatic Software Updates

The automatic software update is quite handy for the folks who love to exist on the bleeding edge of technology. While there is no question of how useful this feature is, you should keep it disabled peculiarly when you wish to have better control over battery usage. Moreover, it’s always appropriate to have some feedback regarding the performance of any software update beforehand.

To disable automatic software updates, get to
Settings app > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates
and so turn off both
Download iOS Updates
Install iOS Updates

Turn Off Automatic Software Update 

12. Update All Apps

Since outdated apps are no less responsible for rapid battery drain, y’all should brand sure your apps are updated. If you haven’t updated your iPhone apps for a while, the devil could be hidden right in there. Navigate to the
App Store
Your avatar. Next, go alee and either update all apps at one go or do it one app at a fourth dimension based on your convenience.

Update All Apps 

13. Reduce Motility of User Interface

The motion of the user interface and the parallax result of icons enhance the viewing feel.

Simply, did you know that they are also well-known for draining the battery?

So, if you can live without those motion effects, you tin can salve some battery on your device. Caput into the
Settings app > Accessibility > Motion
and then turn on the
Reduce Motion

Reduce Motion of User Interface 

fourteen. Reduce Transparency

iOS provides a neat way to better dissimilarity by reducing transparency and likewise mistiness some groundwork.

Although this Accessibility feature is primarily designed to amend legibility (the quality of being clear enough to read something), it tin also play a decent role in boosting the bombardment life on your iOS device.

Navigate to the
Settings app > Accessibility > Brandish & Text Size
and then turn on the
Reduce Transparency

Reduce Transparency 

xv. Use Dark Way

Dark Way is designed to enrich the viewing experience. Apart from the visual pleasance, it also safeguards your eyes against burning or straining. On top of all, information technology fifty-fifty does a great task of boosting the bombardment life. Hence, there are multiple reasons why you should always take dark fashion enabled.

Open the
Settings app
on your iPhone >
Brandish & Brightness
and and then choose the

Keep Dark Mode Enabled 

16. Clean Up Your Device

It’due south always better to keep redundant files and useless apps away. Otherwise, they can easily clog up fifty-fifty massive storage. Thus, if the battery on your iPhone continues to drain, attempt cleaning up the storage. Also, wipe out all the apps that you hardly utilize to recover precious storage.


Settings app > Full general > iPhone Storage

. Now, check out how much storage has been consumed and which apps take taken into more space.

Once you have got a better insight into the storage consumption on your iPhone, become ahead with the complete cleanup drive.

Clean Up Your Device 

17. Forcefulness Restart Your iPhone

Believe it or not, strength restart has got the knack of fixing common problems that seem to crop up out of nowhere. And so, if your iPhone battery is draining too much after the iOS 15 update, you shouldn’t miss out on this handy troubleshooter.

  • On iPhone viii or later:
    Press and quickly release the book up push. Press and apace release the Volume down button. Afterward that, hold down the Side push button until the Apple logo appears.
  • On iPhone vii/vii Plus:
    Agree down the Side button and Book down push simultaneously until the Apple logo shows up.
  • On iPhone 6s/6s Plus:Hold downward the Home and Side push button at in one case until the Apple logo appears.

18. Reset All Settings

Equally someone who has found success with factory reset on numerous occasions, especially when dealing with annoying iOS issues, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this hack. Since it doesn’t delete whatsoever media/information and only wipes out the existing settings, including Wi-Fi and VPN, there is no harm in giving this radical all the same reliable solution a shot.

Head into
Settings app > Full general > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset. Now, tap on
Reset All Settings
in the carte and confirm the action.

Reset All Settings 

19. Update Software

If you have been able to keep a tab on the recent iOS updates, you lot may already know that these days software updates take get sort of the become-to troubleshooter – for meliorate or worse. Yeah, yous read that right! In the wake of never-ending bugs and problems, the latest updates seem to have become reliable solutions to set up various iPhone problems.

Therefore, if none of the aforementioned tips have worked in troubleshooting the battery drain problem on your iPhone, there is a high hazard that a software problems could be backside the issue. Hence, try updating the software on your iOS device. Get to
Settings app > General > Software Update
so do the needful.

Update Software 

xx. Restore Your iPhone As New

Not for nothing, “Restoring the iPhone” every bit new is known every bit the nuclear solution. Whenever I observe myself deep into any persistent issues on my iPhone, I restore the device as a last resort. Give credit to where it’s due; information technology doesn’t disappoint me on many occasions. So, I would recommend you get for this. Conduct in listen that it will wipe out all the data on your iPhone. Hence, brand sure to back up your device first before trying information technology out.

To get going, connect your iPhone to Mac/Windows PC using a Lightning cablevision > open up
and and then restore the device.

You can also restore your iPhone without iTunes/Finder. Head into the
Settings app > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings to become it done. Now, follow the instructions to set up your iPhone and besides restore the latest backup.

iOS 15 Battery Drain Issues? 20 Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life

That’s all there is to information technology! Most probably, yous have finally resolved iOS fifteen bombardment drain bug. As I said to a higher place, the unexpected bombardment consumption problem is a common phenomenon plaguing iOS for several years. So, you shouldn’t worry almost information technology. More than often than not, the above-discussed solutions come in handy in fixing the problem.

Simply if they fail to solve the problem, brand sure to check your device’southward battery wellness (Settings app > Battery > Battery Health). If the battery level has gone down drastically, your worn-out battery needs replacement. By the manner, which solution has rescued you? Sound off in the comments department beneath.


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