iOS 15: How to Organize and Delete Home Screen Pages on iPhone

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iOS xv volition bring several new features to your iPhone. One of the hidden features of iOS 15 is the ability to completely remove Habitation Screen pages on iPhone. Read along and learn how you can hide Habitation Screen pages from an iPhone running iOS 15.

With iOS fourteen, Apple introduced App Library — a one-stop-shop for all of your apps and games. Forth with App Library, Apple tree added an ability that lets users hibernate pages from the Home Screen. This allowed users to rapidly admission the App Library and remove Abode Screen pages that had not-so-often used apps.

In iOS 15, Apple has farther developed the feature, and now you tin rearrange home screen pages on your iPhone without shifting apps or even remove them completely.

How to Rearrange Domicile Screen Pages on iPhone in iOS fifteen

Larn how to rearrange the Dwelling house screen pages on your iPhone by following these step-past-step instructions:

Footstep one:
On your Home Screen, tap and hold on the dots above the dock to enter jiggle mode.

Pace 2:
Now, tap the dots again.

Step three:
In the Dwelling house Screen pages grid that comes upwardly, you tin elevate and motility around to rearrange the pages.

Remember that the Home Screen page on the height left is the first Dwelling Screen page.

Step 4:
When you’re satisfied with the new organization, tap on
in the top right corner, and and then tap on
again to exit the jiggle mode.

rearrange home screen pages iPhone ios 15

How to Delete Habitation Screen Pages on iPhone in iOS 15

Learn how to delete Dwelling screen pages on your iPhone by following these step-by-step instructions:

Footstep i:
On your Home Screen, tap and hold on the dots to a higher place the dock to enter jiggle manner.

Pace two:
At present, tap the dots over again to enter the Home Screen grid view.

Step 3:
On the next screen, tap the tick button under the folio that yous want to delete.

Step four:
Next, tap the
minus (-)
icon in the superlative-left corner and and then select
to delete it.

Step 5:Tap on
in the elevation right corner and tap on
once again to exit the jiggle mode.

delete home screen pages iPhone ios 15

Remember, when y’all remove a folio, the apps are not deleted. They will notwithstanding be accessible from the App Library and Spotlight as well. However, the page you deleted cannot be restored. You’ll have to manually drag and drop apps from the App Library to restore the lost Domicile Screen page.

You can check out our step-by-footstep video tutorial to larn how to organize or delete Home screen pages:

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iOS 15 builds on iOS fourteen’due south splendid Home Screen redesign that brought the ability to add widgets and app icons to the aforementioned screen. Although Apple notwithstanding hasn’t added interactive widgets, iOS 15 does bring a number of new widgets. Check out some cool iPhone Habitation screen ideas for inspiration.

Apple tree will curlicue out iOS 15 “this autumn.” If yous want to try the new features right at present, you tin install iOS 15 Beta on your iPhone.


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