iOS 15: What’s New in Home Screen Widgets

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With iOS xiv terminal year, Apple introduced widgets support for the iPhone’s home screen. While there were a few limitations, the addition of widgets greatly improved the iPhone’due south home screen user feel. With iOS 15, Apple tree has not really made any major improvements to its widgets implementation. Instead, information technology has added some new widgets and fabricated some other improvements to them in iOS xv, which you can read below.

Autonomously from the new widgets, in that location are plenty of other new features in iOS 15 that are worth checking out. Apart from widgets, FaceTime has likewise received major updates in iOS xv.

1 of the major limitations with widgets back up on iPhone is that they are not interactive in nature. Many users believed that Apple would set up this limitation with iOS 15, but that has sadly not happened. This ways you still cannot control music playback or mark items every bit complete in a checklist right from a widget on your home screen. Nonetheless, Apple has debuted some new widgets in iOS xv and made some improvements to improve the overall user experience.

What’due south New in Home Screen Widgets in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

1. Contextual Widget Suggestions

The Smart Stacking of widgets in iOS 15 is going to get fifty-fifty meliorate. Smart Stacks tin can now automatically show widgets based on your activeness and fourth dimension of the twenty-four hours. For instance, a widget Smart Stack tin can automatically add together the new Sleep widget to your stack in the morning time and then remove it once y’all go out for work.

2. Easily Reorder Smart Stacks

iOS 15 will allow you to reorder a Smart Stack widget right from the habitation screen of your iPhone.

iii. Widgets on iPadOS Home Screen

This is a major new change in iPadOS 15. Apple is adding the power to place widgets anywhere on an iPad’south home screen in iPadOS fifteen, only like it started allowing iPhone users to practice so since iOS 14.

iPadOS 15 home screen widgets

iv. All the New Home Screen Widgets

iOS xv comes with several new widgets for many system apps and features.

a. Discover My:
The new widget volition make information technology easier for you to keep runway of all your devices, friends, and family added to your Find My app. In total, there are four different options for the Find My widget in iOS 15.

Find My Widget in iOS 15

b. Game Center:
Using the Game Heart widget, y’all can quickly leap back into the game you were final playing. Another Game Heart widget volition help yous go on track of the games your friends are playing and more. There are six different Game Center widgets with different layouts and options.

c. Contacts:
The Contacts widgets are getting an upgrade in iOS 15 and will now include shortcuts to call, FaceTime, Message, and more. Information technology volition even feature Family Sharing integration, so y’all will exist able to approve app purchases or Screen Fourth dimension requests right from your home screen.

d. App Shop:
The new App Shop widget in iOS 15 provide yous with an overview of the App Store story of that mean solar day. The 4×2 App Store widget will also list the App of the Day and a Pro Tip right on your iPhone’due south abode screen.

App Store Widget in iOS 15

e. Post:
The stock Mail app finally gets its own dedicated widget in iOS 15. There are two widget sizes: four×1 and 4×2. Both of them will offering a preview of the last few emails that accept landed in your inbox.

f. Sleep:
There’s a new Sleep widget in iOS 15 that will provide an overview of how much fourth dimension you accept slept and let yous review your sleep schedule. This widget is only available in one ii×2 size.

Sleep widget in iOS 15

The lack of interactive widgets in iOS 15 is definitely a bummer, simply the above improvements are still welcome. What practice you lot think about the new widgets in iOS 15? Drop a comment and let us know!


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