Ipad 10.2 7th Generation Screen Protector

Paperlike Apple iPad ten.2″ 7th and 8th Gen Screen Protector 2pk

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  • Write – For busy professionals at work or school. Whether you’re annotating drafts, taking notes, or sketching out your big ideas. With Paperlike, you can take things to the next level. Reduce muscle fatigue acquired by writing on a glass tablet, improve your handwriting, and make your iPad feel simply like a notebook. All while keeping the convenience of a digital environment.
  • Draw – For serious sketchers. Artists worldwide honey the improved precision and tactile feel of using Paperlike. Information technology’s optimized to create the platonic amount of friction for extended cartoon sessions and the right stroke resistance for optimal accurateness. Instead of sliding your Apple Pencil effectually on the glass surface, information technology feels just similar a page in your sketchbook.
  • Enjoy – For when you’re off the clock. Unlike other screen protectors, Paperlike doesn’t ruin your viewing experience. Fabricated with superior display quality in heed, Paperlike never disrupts the experience of watching Netflix or YouTube. And the matte, anti-glare stop even lets yous enjoy screen time while in the sun.
  • Magic – Every Paperlike has a little flake of magic engineered into its surface with our Nanodots technology. These microbeads are distributed across the screen protector and make your Apple Pencil vibrate ever and so slightly, so it feels like you’re writing on paper. They’re particularly designed so that the brandish light shines around and through them to minimize refractions. So unlike other matte screen protectors, Paperlike will never spoil your view.
  • Apply – Each package includes two Paperlikes with the sectional Nanodots surface technology. Application guides and easy step-by-step instructions with video help you with a flawless awarding.


Dimensions (Overall):
9.84 Inches (L), six.85 Inches (W), .31 Inches thick

Model Compatibility:
Apple iPad Pro eleven-inch (1st generation, 2018), Apple iPad Pro eleven-inch (tertiary generation, 2021), Apple iPad ten.two-inch (8th generation, 2020), Apple iPad ten.2-inch (7th generation, 2019)

Electronics Features:

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

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The iPad is a dandy device, especially if you pair it with an Apple Pencil. A total-fledged estimator, the power of a digital work environment literally at your fingertips. But i thing is still not great: the Apple tree Pencil slipping around on the iPad’s glass surface feels unnatural and the pencil tip gets stuck on fingerprints and smudges. Information technology only doesn’t experience correct. If you’re similar united states, you miss the accurateness of writing on paper.

Paperlike, a screen protector that emulates the natural experience of paper when writing and cartoon on the iPad. The most pregnant challenges in developing the Paperlike were finding the correct friction while keeping light refractions at a minimum. And keeping the material smooth enough, so it doesn’t eat up the pencil tip similar sandpaper (a lot of regular matte screen protectors do that). That’s why we developed a unique surface technology called Nanodots. These microbeads are evenly distributed across the foil and allow for a natural paper-experience while keeping as much of your iPad’s vivid display quality as possible. Join tens of thousands of artists, students, and notetakers around the world who love Paperlike. And finally, brand your iPad the truly magnificent device it tin can be.

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