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After nosotros published our review of the ClamCase Pro keyboard for the iPad Air 2, some of our readers suggested that we have a look at other iPad keyboards available on the market place. We decided to take
readers up on that proposition, and over the next few weeks, we’ll exist looking at several keyboards designed for Apple’s newest tablet, the iPad Air 2.

We’re kicking things off with a review of the BrydgeAir keyboard, which is able to work with both the original iPad Air and the iPad Air 2. Much like the ClamCase Pro we previously looked at, the all-aluminum BrydgeAir is designed to turn the iPad into a miniature MacBook.

At $169, the BrydgeAir is ane of the more expensive iPad keyboards on the marketplace, merely that price point comes with some perks not found in many cheaper options — quality aluminum construction, a fluid 180 degree hinge, congenital-in dual stereo speakers, and backlit keys.

What’s in the Box and Setup

The BrydgeAir comes in a sleek iPad-style cardboard box that contains the keyboard itself, a black USB to micro-USB cable used for charging and a set up of extra pads that are designed to get in fit the iPad Air two.

BrydgeAir has designed the keyboard to exist compatible with both the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2, and the hinges that concur the iPad in identify need extra lining to keep the iPad Air two securely in place because it’southward thinner than the first iPad Air.


Setting information technology up for the iPad Air 2 involves advisedly removing the existing silicone shims, as BrydgeAir calls them, and replacing them with new ones that are thicker. The instructions said to “make sure at that place was no remaining gum or residue on the blank hinge” afterward pulling off the old agglutinative shims, simply in that location was no fashion to become the remaining glue off of the hinges.

We were disappointed that this step was non done by BrydgeAir, as the demand to remove the existing ready of shims and add a new one seems to compromise the stickiness of the 2nd gear up of shims. Lining up the new shims and placing them on is a frustrating process right out of the box.


The keyboard pairs to the iPad similar any other keyboard. Flick on the power push button on the bottom, open up the Settings bill of fare, tap the keyboard’s pairing push button next to the power button, and it’s automatically detected and pairs with a tap. The built-in speakers demand to exist paired separately by holding the speaker pairing button, too located next to the power button.


The BrydgeAir is made from a unmarried piece of aluminum and can be ordered in silver, gold, or infinite gray to match the design of the iPad. Information technology consists of a keyboard with 2 hinged silicone-lined tabs at the top to concord the iPad in place, rather than being a full clamshell case similar the ClamCase Pro.


Each of the tabs lines up with the iPad’s screen, and holds it securely in place while the keyboard is in use. As mentioned above, the tab lining needs to be swapped out earlier the keyboard tin can be used with the iPad Air 2, but once the thicker lining is in identify, the iPad fits into the tabs securely.

The hinges rotate 180 degrees, which means the iPad can be placed into several different viewing positions from all the way closed (frontwards) to bent flat (backwards). Because information technology folds airtight, the keyboard serves as a cover for the iPad display when shut, but at that place’due south no protection for the back of the tablet. The BrydgeAir is landscape only, like many keyboards for the iPad Air 2.


Nosotros traveled with the BrydgeAir in a purse side by side to an aluminum MacBook, and that caused the hinges to become scratched and discolored, only the aluminum of the keyboard itself was fine.

Since the iPad is only held in place with these silicone-lined tabs, it takes simply a few seconds to stick the iPad in the BrydgeAir or remove it to use without the keyboard case. With some other keyboard cases, it can be a chore to remove the iPad when you merely need the tablet role, but that’due south not a trouble with the BrydgeAir.

Because the keyboard and the iPad match so well, the BrydgeAir makes the iPad look like a mini MacBook. It’south a heavy keyboard that weighs over a pound (more than than the iPad Air 2), but that weight is of import because it makes sure that the BrydgeAir doesn’t shift and move while information technology’s beingness used.

The weight of the keyboard balances out the weight of the iPad, then it never feels like the iPad is in danger of tipping over when using the keyboard. It’s also stable on a desk-bound or in a lap, making it perfect for typing while watching television, on an airplane, or in other situations where you lot may not take a hard surface to piece of work with. One quick note — due to the way the iPad fits in the BrydgeAir, information technology’s difficult to swipe upward on the screen to admission the Control Center.


On the bottom of the BrydgeAir keyboard, at that place are iv rubber feet to ensure stability on a desk, and two rubber bumpers on the front end area to go on the iPad screen from touching the aluminum. The dorsum edge near the hinge also includes two built-in speaker openings, while the other side includes buttons to turn the keyboard on and off, actuate Bluetooth, and turn on the case’s speakers.

The Keys

The BrydgeAir’s keys feel similar to the keys on a MacBook and are very much comparable to the keys on the ClamCase Pro, simply when comparison to a MacBook, it’southward important to note that the spacing isn’t quite the same.

The BrydgeAir is more compact than a MacBook keyboard so the keys are slightly closer together. It’s not also difficult to accommodate to the smaller spacing, however, and our typing speeds on the BrydgeAir were similar to the typing speeds nosotros were able to obtain on similar keyboards for the iPad. The BrydgeAir too doesn’t have the same key travel every bit the keys on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro so it’southward not every bit “clicky” as a MacBook keyboard, but the keys yet feel overnice and springy under the fingers.


One of the best things almost the BrydgeAir’s keys is the backlighting. There’s an LED console underneath the keyboard that lights upward the keys, making this one of the best iPad keyboards for employ in the dark. The lights are controlled past a fundamental on the keyboard, and there are 3 different effulgence settings to suit multiple lighting situations. Many cheaper keyboards don’t offer backlighting, and fifty-fifty some of the more expensive options, like the ClamCase Pro, don’t have that feature.

Like many keyboards for the iPad, the BrydgeAir has a row of keys at the meridian of the keyboard that control functions specific to Apple’s tablet. There are buttons for going straight to the dwelling screen, locking the iPad, changing the screen effulgence, opening upwards search, activating the on-screen keyboard, irresolute the keyboard language, controlling the volume, and controlling media.

Other Features

The BrydgeAir keyboard’s unique feature is its built-in speakers, which tin can be used instead of the iPad’s speakers. Pairing speakers and the keyboard at the same time via Bluetooth drains a decent corporeality of battery life and the value that the speakers add together over the iPad’s own congenital-in speakers is questionable.


BrydgeAir’s speakers are louder than the iPad’south congenital-in speakers, but there didn’t seem to be a noticeable difference in audio quality. The speakers are located at the back of the keyboard then sound is notwithstanding directed abroad from the user, which doesn’t seem like much of an improvement compared to using the iPad’s ain sound.

To preserve battery when not in use, the speakers tin be turned off by property downward the speaker button on the bottom of the keyboard for iv seconds. Turning them on again is done the same way.


With the speakers and backlighting turned on, the BrydgeAir’s battery lasted for approximately 2 weeks of regular employ, but without the speakers and backlighting, it should be much longer. The BrydgeAir website says the bombardment lasts for iii months. There’s no way to tell what the bombardment level is at unless it’s running depression, which is a bit of a negative. When depression, the backslash central volition flash blue.

Who’s information technology For?

If you lot’re looking for an iPad keyboard that will let you type well-nigh every bit fast equally you can type on a MacBook Air or Pro, the BrydgeAir is a good selection. It has a solid build quality that outshines nearly of the other iPad keyboards on the market, merely keep in heed — this is a heavy keyboard.


The BrydgeAir is going to add a pound of weight to your iPad, so it’south not the best option for frequent travel. Unfortunately, the speakers seem like more than of a gimmick than a truly useful feature, but the backlit keys and the overall design of the keyboard make up for it. For those who don’t heed the weight, the BrydgeAir is a keyboard that looks and feels worth its premium price tag. If you’re looking for a keyboard that’southward versatile, like shooting fish in a barrel to apply, unproblematic to remove, and has MacBook-manner qualities, you won’t go wrong with the BrydgeAir.


  • Solid construction
  • Counterbalanced weight
  • Swivel for multiple viewing angles
  • Backlit keys
  • MacBook-manner central spacing and experience


  • Information technology’s heavier than the iPad and not great for travel
  • Speakers more gimmicky than really useful
  • Setting it up for the iPad Air 2 is a hassle
  • Expensive

How to Buy

The BrydgeAir for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 can exist purchased from the BrydgeAir website for $169. The site also sells iPad keyboards for older versions of the iPad, and it offers several accessories for the BrydgeAir, including a sleeve and a protective shell for the iPad.

Beginning in mid-Apr, all BrydgeAir keyboards volition ship ready for the iPad Air 2, rather than the iPad Air. The default shims included on the keyboard will be for the iPad Air two. Optional iPad Air shims will also be included in the box.

Source: https://www.macrumors.com/review/brydgeair-ipad-2-keyboard-review/