iPad mini 7: What to expect from Apple’s next small, but mighty tablet

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Apple tree iPad mini 7 rumours: A seventh-generation iPad mini could arrive in 2022. Here’s everything we know and what to expect from the iPad mini vii.

Apple tree resurrected the iPad mini range in 2022, with the iPad mini six. It provided a smashing new design and the superfast A15 processor. You can add 5G if yous cull and at that place’south Apple Pencil compatibility if that’due south your jam. It’s the smallest new iPad bachelor and sits along the iPad ix, iPad Pro and iPad Air

It’s as well the best small tablet on the marketplace, probably past quite a long style, just information technology’s not perfect. There’due south a high price tag on the iPad Mini half-dozen. It starts at £479 and in that location are some iPadOS xv oddities that can make usage feel a little awkward at times.  So, there is room for comeback here, despite some stellar reviews from critics and consumers alike. However, besides much improvement puts the iPad mini into ‘Pro’ territory. It’s a tough residue.

Will Apple launch an iPad mini vii in 2022, or beyond? Read on to find out our hopes and expectations for the teeny tablet.

iPad mini 7 pattern and screen

Apple tree revamped the pattern language for the iPad mini six in what was the series’ first real overhaul. There’due south greater screen real estate on offering, compared to the body, as the Touch ID has moved to the power push button meaning it isn’t taking up an inch nether the screen. Lightning connections also gave way to USB-C.

With all that in mind, we don’t see Apple tree making any further changes for the adjacent couple of generations, salve for a few refinements here and at that place. Perhaps the future integration of Face ID would alter things, but we’re not sure that’due south realistic.

The iPad mini 6 brought the display up to eight.3-inches, up from the traditional seven.nine-inch iPad mini size. The bezels suggest there’s still room to make that bigger without bulking up the device, only that is unlikely at this juncture. There have been reports of the iPad mini half-dozen suffering from a brandish issue called “jelly scrolling” so we’d expect Apple to resolve that, despite not acknowledging information technology.

However, nosotros’d beloved (and perhaps expect) to see the iPad mini seven make a few improvements beyond the display size. Namely, boosting the refresh rate from 60Hz to the 120Hz Pro Motion tech. A rumour originating in Korea and picked up by Front Page Tech suggested an updated iPad mini vii would have a 120Hz Pro Motion refresh rate would, but nosotros doubtfulness that’ll be the example.

iPad mini 7 specs

If Apple tree does launch an iPad mini seven we’d look it to follow the current model and incorporate the flake within the latest iPhones. The iPad mini 6 brought all the power with the same A15 Bionic chip that sits in the iPhone xiii series, albeit slightly downclocked That’south even so some serious power.

And so if we run into an iPad mini 7 in late 2022, it’s likely to include the A16 Bionic processor (or whatsoever Apple calls the chip that powers the iPhone 14) or a full-throttle A15.

Could Apple boost the RAM from 4GB to 6GB? Certain. Is it likely to? Perhaps not. We would like to see a 128GB storage selection given the current options are a somewhat bad-mannered 64GB or 256GB.

An early rumour picked up by MacRumors suggested there’ll be an A15 Processor clocked to three.23GHz with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

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There is room for improvement here. Apple could add the smart connector to enable keyboards to be physically connected and information technology’southward plausible that the iPad Pro’s Confront ID tech could trickle downward, but again nosotros’re verging into Pro territory, if that’s the instance.

There’s already access to 5G and Wi-Fi 6, so no need for any large moves there, although US readers may like to run across the mmWave 5G tech incorporated next time around.

iPad mini seven cameras

Cameras aren’t high on the list of of import features for the iPad, although this smaller form cistron makes it more suitable for photography. Apple also additional the 12-megapixel front-facing camera on the iPad mini 6 with the Center Phase tech that’ll follow you around the room when you’re on a video phone call. We’d approximate that the iPad mini 7 would stick with this and the single lens 12-megapixel rear-facing camera (which already offers 4K video recording) rather than make besides many changes.

ipad mini 6 back

iPad mini price and availability

With not bad progress comes smashing price increases. While the iPad mini was once the most affordable option, the design and specs upgrade saw Apple tree pushed the 6thursday generation up to £479 for the base of operations 64GB Wi-Fi only model.

Our estimate would exist that Apple will launch the iPad mini 7 in fall of 2022 at the same price points as the current model, with a 128GB selection in between. Perhaps we’ll get a new colour pick across the current space gray, pink, regal and starlight offerings too.

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