iPad Pro 2022: Release date, price, specs and design

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The iPad Pro 2022 is expected to launch this yr, and could support wireless charging and be upgraded with a new chip.

Apple has been paying a lot more attention to its iPad range over the past year; the iPad Mini six was launched in 2022, and we’re already checking out the rumours for the iPad Mini 7.

The iPad Pro 2022 is the model to beat, coming packed with the M1 chipset and up to 2TB of storage, so the iPad Pro 2022 will have to work hard to accept the throne.

We have some loftier hopes for the next iPad Pro tablet, and so read on to find out everything we know about it so far.

Price and availability

In that location haven’t been many reliable rumours about the iPad 2022 and then far, so we can’t make likewise many guesses every bit to how much the iPad Pro 2022 volition cost. That said, we tin can look at Apple tree’due south history for a ameliorate idea.

The concluding iPad Pro came in two variations, at xi-inches and 12.9-inches. The smaller model started at £749 when paired with the smallest storage, at 128GB, simply jumped upwards to £1749 if you splashed out for the 2TB configuration. The bigger tablet starts out at £999, with the largest storage variation costing £1999, which suggests that this twelvemonth’due south model won’t be a inexpensive device.

Rumours of Mini-LED screens will also cause a pregnant toll bump, as volition upgrades to a more superior chipset, and so we wouldn’t be too surprised if both 2022 models were a little pricier compared to their predecessors.

In terms of when the tablet will launch, Apple tree doesn’t accept a strict timetable on when it announces its iPads. Renowned tipsters and analysts, like Bloomberg’s Marker Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo, take claimed that the iPad Pro will come out in 2022.

There’southward a potential we’ll accept to expect until the iPhone event in September or October, although we’ve got our fingers crossed that information technology volition make it sooner. Maybe the rumoured Spring result?

Blueprint and screen

While there is some churr going effectually about a massive xv-inch iPad, the 2022 Pro range is expected to stick with the 11 and 12.nine-inch variations.

1 of the more popular suggestions is that the iPad Pro 2022 will characteristic a glass back for wireless charging. In Gurman’due south Ability On newsletter, he mentions that a wireless charging system will exist introduced.

Other rumours suggest that the iPad Pro 2022 will accept it a step further and introduce reverse-wireless charging, which will let the device to accuse up other devices, such as your Airpods, Apple Lookout or iPhone. Even so, it is possible that these features – particularly opposite-wireless charging – volition be saved until 2023.

Credit: MyDrivers

Another design choice that have been rumoured include a notch, in a similar manner to the MacBook Pro 2022 and iPhone thirteen.

Chinese site MyDrivers published new renders (seen above) of the side by side Apple tablet, with the inclusion of a notch. Because that the iPad Pro already uses FaceID for authentication, it does make a scrap more than sense that it would be included, seeing every bit that requires a sizeable camera on the forepart of the screen. We can just hope that the bezels are thinned out as a result.


In that location hasn’t been much churr about what the iPad Pro 2022 will exist packing, although analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the smaller tablet volition feature Mini-LED screen applied science.

This won’t be too surprising, and the characteristic is already available on the 12.9-inch tablets. It would be nice if Apple offered the smaller tablet with optional Mini-LED, so the people that desire it can achieve deeper blacks and more vibrant colours.

There’due south no word on the processor just yet, just with the existing model packing the Apple M1 fleck, information technology would make a lot of sense for the 2022 model to feature the rumoured Apple M2 scrap, which is expected to feature inside the MacBook Air 2022.

Alternatively, the iPad Pro 2022 could instead characteristic the M1 Pro or M1 Max processors that recently debuted inside the MacBook Pro 2022.

That’s all we know about the iPad Pro 2022 right now, but nosotros’ll make sure to update this article as soon as hear more details. Keep this folio bookmarked for more updates.

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