iPadOS 15: All the New Keyboard Shortcuts

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Even though iPadOS fifteen didn’t bring a huge overhaul that many were expecting, the update does include noteworthy features such equally amend multitasking, App Library, widgets on the habitation screen, and more. Some other comeback is in terms of keyboard shortcuts. iPadOS 15 introduces several global keyboard shortcuts to the uniform iPad models.

Apple tree wants to pitch the iPad as the calculator replacement for many. While the cumbersome multitasking and trackpad experience might suggest otherwise, the added keyboard shortcuts with the Globe key are a step in the right direction.

iPad already had keyboard shortcuts such as Cmd + Tab to switch betwixt apps, text editing shortcuts, and more than. With the help of Globe central, Apple takes the whole iPad productivity to the adjacent level with organization and multitasking shortcuts. Here are they.

The iPad feels barebone to utilise with a touch interface merely. With the use of relevant accessories such as Apple Pencil, an iPad instance doubling every bit a stand, and a third-party keyboard (or Apple Magic Keyboard), you can convert information technology into a proper workstation (something that Apple is pushing for lately).

Most iPad keyboards come with a Globe central in the corner. With iPadOS fifteen, the system tin take advantage of the Globe key and perform a agglomeration of global shortcuts on the go. No need to stretch your paw to the iPad display to perform an action.

iPadOS 15 Global Keyboard Shortcuts

For your convenience, we have divided the keyboard shortcuts into three categories – Arrangement shortcuts, Multitasking shortcuts, and Split view shortcuts. Let’s start the list with Arrangement shortcuts.

iPadOS 15 Arrangement Keyboard Shortcuts

As the name suggests, the Arrangement shortcuts are designed to offering improve system navigation. Users will be able to go back to the home screen, actuate Siri, access Control Middle, App Library, etc., without lifting their finger from the keyboard.

quick note on iPad
  • Globe + H:
    Go back to the Dwelling house Screen
  • Globe + A:
    Showcase Dock
  • World + Shift + A:
    Open up App Library
  • Globe + Q:
    Create a Quick Note
  • Earth + S:
    Launch Siri
  • Globe + C:
    Open the Control Middle
  • Globe + North:
    Reveal Notification Centre
  • Globe + Thousand:
    Open the list of all keyboard shortcuts

Multitasking Shortcuts

multitasking on iPadOS 15

iPad gets new multitasking capabilities with iPadOS. You lot tin easily utilize them using the keyboard shortcuts below.

  • Globe + Up arrow:
    Open the App Switcher
  • World + Downwardly arrow:
    Display all windows
  • Globe + Left arrow:
    Go to the side by side app
  • Globe + Correct arrow:
    Go to the Previous app

Split View and Slide Over Shortcuts

Use the mentioned keyboard shortcuts to manage Split up View and Slide Over apps.

  • Control + Globe + Left arrow:
    Tile Windows Left
  • Control + World + Right arrow:
    Tile Window Correct
  • Globe + \:
    Show Slide Over
  • Control + Globe + \:
    Next Slide over Window
  • Options + Globe + Left pointer:
    Move to Left Slide Over
  • Options + World + Right pointer:
    Motion to Right Slide Over

We know these tin can be difficult to memorize. At any bespeak, y’all can striking the Globe + Thou keys and open the keyboard shortcuts menu. Apple has listed all the keyboard shortcuts in several categories.

Alternatively, you tin can evidence all the keyboard shortcuts as a menu past pressing the Earth cardinal and then tap on action to perform the shortcut or outset typing to search the shortcuts.

Add the Globe Key to a Third-Political party Keyboard

As you tin see from the iPadOS 15 keyboard shortcuts list, the World key plays a vital function in helping you navigate the OS or go things done.

Nigh iPad keyboards do have the relevant Earth cardinal. Just it’s not something you lot volition find on other third-political party keyboards non designed keeping iPadOS in mind.

As y’all may already know, users tin can hands use a normal Windows/Mac keyboard with an iPad via Bluetooth. And on these keyboards, you will meet there is no World key to utilize new shortcuts. But don’t worry, you are not completely out of luck.

Similar to macOS, users can remap Globe central and iPadOS as well. Follow the steps below to add the Globe key to a third-party keyboard on iPad.

Open the
app on iPad.

Whorl down to the

VoiceOver > Typing
and tap on
Modifier Keys.

Choose your least used key from the menu. For example, permit’s select Caps Lock Cardinal.

Select Globe to plough your Caps Lock Key into a Globe key.

open modifier keys

You can at present hands utilise the modifier key as the Earth central and use all the mentioned keyboard shortcuts at the top.

With iPad Air and M1 iPad Pro, Apple continuous to pitch the iPad as the perfect touch-based calculating experience on the get. While users are all the same to replace their existing Windows or Mac setup with an iPad, the keyboard shortcuts introduced in iPadOS xv exercise bring Apple’due south vision ane stride closer to reality.

How practice yous plan to utilize new keyboard shortcuts in iPadOS xv? Audio off in the comments sections beneath.

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