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iPadOS 15 finally makes a debut on compatible iPad models. Even though the OS didn’t receive a huge overhaul, there are many welcome changes in the iPadOS xv. Here are the major iPadOS 15 features coming to your iPad.

With the 2022 iOS 15, iPadOS xv, and macOS Monterey, Apple tree is further tightening its grip over the ecosystem. The company aims to deliver a consistent feel beyond all its apps and services on diverse platforms.

1. Explore App Library

use app library on iPad

iOS 15’s App Library makes a debut on iPadOS 15. It carries the aforementioned apps/games organization structure and the same limitations that nosotros saw with the App Library on iPhone.

Swipe left on the home screen and iPadOS 15 will greet you with a brand-new App Library that organizes your apps and games in relevant categories. You can’t disable it, customize folders, or even add new ones.

2. Add together Widgets to iPad Home Screen

widgets on iPad home screen

Nosotros anticipated this feature to first launch on the iPad due to its bigger display area. Instead, Apple added the ability to add widgets to the iPhone home screen and now it’south coming to the iPad after a year of delay.

Perhaps Apple wanted major App developers to get their apps set with widgets on the abode screen. Whatsoever the reason is, information technology makes more sense on iPad and we are glad to see a better implementation.

Some of the Apple apps widgets carry a large size that tin accommodate more information on the iPad abode screen.

3. Enjoy a Better Multitasking

iPadOS 15 multitasking

The latest iPad models such as iPad Pro and iPad mini are getting class-leading M1 and A15 CPU respectively. The iPad is comfortably capable of running multiple apps at once.

In any app window, yous get an option to pin an app to the left or right side. Tap on the three-dot carte du jour at the top and information technology will open up multitasking options.

From the other side, you lot can open a 2nd app and utilise two apps next. iPadOS 15 also brings a new Shelf characteristic that displays the multiple windows of the same app at once.

4. Organize Notes

iPadOS fifteen brings a couple of neat organization features for the Notes app. Offset, you lot can finally add tags and sort out notes based on tags in the Apple Notes app.

Another cool feature is Smart Folder in the Notes app. Create a Smart Folder and add together tags condition to it. Equally soon equally a notation meet those status, the app volition transport it to the Smart Folder.

You can distinguish a Smart Binder in Apple tree Notes with a Gear icon beside it. Read our dedicated post to learn how to use Smart Folder in Apple Notes on iPad.

5. Create a Quick Notation

quick notes on iPad

This is an iPadOS xv exclusive feature. Just hover the Apple Pencil in the lesser correct corner and a pop-up volition appear to let you accept a quick annotation on Apple tree Notes.

The pocket-sized window carries all the editing features that y’all notice in the standard Notes app.

6. Focus Mode

focus mode on iPad

Focus mode is one of the biggest features of iPadOS 15. It lets you focus on your current work and disables notifications and calls from selected apps and contacts. Information technology sounds a lot like Practice Non Disturb style, right? That’southward considering information technology is an evolution of the Do Not Disturb fashion on Apple hardware.

By default, Apple offers Home, Work, Driving, and Do Not Disturb focus profiles. Yous tin can always get alee and create a custom focus profile based on your preference.

Read our dissever mail to larn how to utilise Focus mode on iPhone and iPad.

7. Relish Safe Safari Browsing

This is a part of iCloud improvements that are coming with the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates. For iCloud+ subscribers, Apple will enable iCloud Private Relay for the Safari browser.

The service hides your IP accost and Safari browsing activity from network providers and websites and then that no one, including Apple, can see who you lot are or what sites you are visiting.

Past default, the part is enabled from the
Settings > Profile > iCloud
bill of fare.

8. Share Screen on FaceTime

Following the huge success of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Apple is getting serious about FaceTime. Offset, the video-calling service is now available on Android and Windows.

It too gets a handy screen sharing function that lets you share your iPad screen over a FaceTime call. Information technology tin be useful during a presentation or when you lot want to showcase a specific document over a call. Here’south how to share iPhone or iPad’s screen over a FaceTime call.

9. Tab Groups in Safari Browser

tab groups in iPad Safari

Google Chrome recently released better tab management with colored tabs on the browser. Apple is post-obit the lead with Tab Groups in the Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Users can create unlike tab groups in the Safari browser based on their relevance.

For example, you tin create a tab grouping named Social and add all your social tabs to information technology. Similarly, y’all tin create a shopping tab group and add all the Amazon links to it. Follow the steps in the mail to create tab groups in Safari for iPhone and iPad.

x. Universal Command

Universal Command demo got the loudest digital cheer at the WWDC. It lets yous use your MacBook trackpad and keyboard on iPad every bit well.

Just identify the iPad abreast the MacBook and try to employ the trackpad on Mac to navigate the Bone on the iPad. Ane tin likewise drag and driblet files between the two devices using the Universal Control.

Universal Control can be boon for someone switching between MacBook and iPad frequently to get piece of work done. Needless to say, this is our favorite iPadOS fifteen tricks.

Other iPadOS xv goodies include Live Text, Shared with Y’all, Apple Health improvements, and more than. Yous can check the detailed lists from our iPadOS xv tips and tricks post.

How to Install the Stable Version of iPadOS 15

If y’all haven’t joined the public beta plan of iPadOS 15, you can wait until later today for Apple tree to release the Os to the public.

Once released, you tin can go through the steps below to install iPadOS fifteen on your iPad.

Download and Install iPadOS fifteen via OTA

Earlier go ahead and download the Os, make sure to connect the device to a power source. It’s a time-consuming process and information technology volition accept a few minutes to an hour for the update to install on your iPad.

You won’t want an interrupted download process due to the low bombardment on your iPad. Since the major OS updates are over 1GB in size, connect to a fast internet connection.

Once your iPad is plugged in and continued via Wi-Fi, open up the Settings app, and tap on Full general > Software Update. iPadOS will automatically check for available updates and will inform y’all that the iPadOS 15 software update is bachelor.

The OS will present you with a screen detailing all the new features and improvements coming to your device with the iPadOS xv update.

Your iPad will keep to download the update and will ship yous a notification when the update is prepare. Get back to
Settings > Full general > Software Update
and then tap
Install Now
to install iPadOS fifteen on your device.

iPadOS is more than than but a scattering of tips and tricks. Both the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 bring more than 70+ features and many new privacy add together-ons.

How’south your experience with the iPadOS 15 so far? Which feature did you like the most? What are y’all expecting to meet in the next major update? Let’s accept a discussion in the comments department below.

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