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Iphone 12 Pro Max Battery Drain

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Some Users Reporting Excessive Battery Bleed Following iOS 14.six Update

Following the release of iOS and iPadOS fourteen.6 concluding week, some users have taken to social media and online forums to note that their devices have been experiencing excessive bombardment drain since installing the software updates.

The Apple Support Community and MacRumors forums are riddled with posts from users stating their device at present drains faster following the update. One user on the Apple support forums notes their experience with their iPhone eleven Pro and Apple Smart Cover draining faster than normal following the update:

iPhone 11Pro did the same later on update. I have had an Apple Smart Cover on it since mean solar day two of being new. Never had to remove it. Today, after yesterday’s update, it wiped out my telephone to ii% and ran my encompass downwards to 15%. Normally the phone stays at 100% and the cover might go as depression as 20% after a 15 hr day with no plugging in. Battery health has maintained 100% for over a twelvemonth. Must be function of the health recalibration. The Smart Encompass battery icon is no longer on the lock or Domicile Screen when plugging or unplugging it.

It is worth noting that many factors contribute to a device’due south battery life, including its battery health. Users with degraded batteries can await shorter battery life. Co-ordinate to the forums, however, the issue seems to be impacting all devices, regardless of specific battery health.

On the MacRumors forums, one user notes that their iPhone 12 Pro non only drained faster than normal merely likewise began to overheat while simply browsing Safari. An accompanying post recalls a similar experience with an iPhone 12 mini:

Yep I updated my 12 mini from 14.ii to a couple days agone, and in the proceeding terminal 2 mornings when I woke upward i used my telephone for a few minutes looking at messages and checking Macrumours, and bombardment dropped suddenly with the back of telephone warming upward simply similar others have reported. Schoolhouse male child fault on my role, I always bank check reports of bombardment drains before updating IOS versions, merely didnt this time

With iOS 14.5, Apple tree introduced a new bombardment health recalibration feature for iPhone 11, iPhone eleven Pro, and iPhone xi Pro Max. The new feature allows the arrangement to recalibrate the battery health of the device in club to address possibly inaccurate battery wellness readings. Post-obit the update released last month, users have noticed that their iPhone eleven battery health has changed following the recalibration process.

Later any iOS update, users can expect normal battery drain in the days following due to the system reindexing Spotlight and conducting other housekeeping tasks. Nonetheless, iOS fourteen.6 was released more than a calendar week ago, and users keep to notation the battery drain on their devices. If the event is indeed software related, Apple tree may decide to address it in a subsequent update to iOS 14.6 or provide a patch in iOS 14.7, currently in beta testing.

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