Iphone 12 Pro Max Bottom Speakers

Repair guide : External speaker iPhone 12 Pro Max

Level :

Very hard

Fourth dimension :

25 min

Author : Alexandre

x people have done this repair successfully !
Why not you?

The sound of your
iPhone 12 Pro Max
cuts out constantly and you tin no longer sentinel your series in streaming? Does the sound crackle constantly? Can’t even hear it ringing or the audio is very depression when the volume is at maximum? Tin’t chat in speakerphone fashion when the audio is clear during regular calls? This is because they are ii separate speakers! Here, information technology is the iPhone 12 Pro Ma
external speaker
that is capricious and that the
experts volition help yous replace information technology with this
repair guide
. All the steps are detailed in images and comments to testify to y’all that iPhone repair is possible for ordinary people!

Don’t forget to back up your data as a precaution before starting your iPhone repair!

Symptoms :

  • No sound (music, ringtone, speaker way, etc.)
  • Sizzling sound
  • Sound that cuts

Some advice before you lot starting time

Recommended repair kit

Required spare parts

Pace 1

Earlier changing your iPhone 12 Pro Max external speaker, please turn off your phone for obvious safe reasons.

To exercise this, simultaneously press the Ability (right) and volume – (left) buttons.

Then validate by switching off.

Step 2

Insert the SIM ejector
(nowadays in your iPhone box or our tool kit )
into the pigsty in the SIM drawer located at the bottom of the left edge.

With a light pressure, you will experience the SIM drawer pop out by itself.

  • Step 3 - image 1 - External speaker repair

Step 3

The SIM drawer came out in less than two minutes!

Step 4

First past unscrewing the 2 pentalobe screws around the lightning port, circled in red. (Photo ane)

And then estrus the entire front for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the glue that holds the screen.

Practice non hesitate to heat over again later if you feel resistance!

Pace 5

Firmly position the iSclack clench at the lesser of the screen in order to have more grip afterwards.

The operation is possible with the simple suction loving cup but much more complex.

Step six

Press down on the clamp to create a slight opening in the screen.

Take the opportunity to gently introduce a selection.

You lot tin can remove the iSlack clamp.

Step 7

Gently slide the opening choice around the edge of the screen to peel it off.

Do not push button it in also far to avoid damaging the cables.

Open the screen like a book.

Be careful, the screen is withal attached past its tablecloths!

Step 8

And so unscrew the 4 tri-fly screws circled in greenish. (Photograph 1)

Remove the metal plate.

Step ix

Remove the other 4 tri-wing screws circled in light-green. (Photo 1)

Then take out the 2nd metallic plate.

  • Step 10 - image 1 - External speaker repair

Pace 10

The ii metal plates are extracted.

Step 11

First of all, first disconnect the bombardment!

This avoids the possible risks of brusk circuits during your iPhone repair.

Pace 12

Keep past disconnecting the first screen cable …

… Every bit well as the second.

  • Step 13 - image 1 - External speaker repair

Pace 13

The iPhone 12 Pro Max screen is divide and partially disassembled.

Step 14

Unscrew the 4 cruciform screws circled in blueish (Photo 1)

Then dislodge the external speaker using the spatula.

  • Step 15 - image 1 - External speaker repair

Step xv

The iPhone 12 Pro Max external speaker is out.

In case of sound problems, replace information technology easily with this complimentary tutorial!

Recommended repair kit

Required spare parts

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