Iphone 12 Pro Max Won’t Charge

What to do if iPhone 12 won’t turn on

Blake Sullivan
Updated on Sep i, 2022 9:24 AM

There’re a lot of questions almost the brand-new iPhone 12 series. Today, we’ll focus on how to ready iPhone 12 that won’t plough on at all. You can use the same tricks here to deal with an iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Pro (Max) not turning on and stuck in blackness screen without responding to touch.

Yous might notice that the device screen went black and becomes stuck when turning on after an update or restore and suspect that there might be a firmware crash or iOS bugs. Or, you may be worried that the battery is probably draining completely equally iPhone 12 won’t plow on after shutting itself off randomly and the screen stops responding. Those are both valid concerns and other reasons why it suddenly turns off and won’t ability on too include water and physical damage.

This effect doesn’t happen ofttimes, just we have some solid solutions. You tin do a difficult reset, let device accuse then strength it to restart again, try an iOS troubleshooter – which promises to efficiently and quickly fix iDevice that won’t startup, gets stuck on Apple logo during startup, or suffers other organization issues, and contact Apple tree to accept the device inspected by Genius guy.

Tips: If you’re holding an iPad that fails to start upward and whose screen doesn’t come up up, try pretty much everything that’due south written on this page: How to troubleshoot an iPad when it won’t start.

Do a hard reset (no data loss)

Restart your iPhone 12 first if you’ve not tried it notwithstanding. Concord down either Book button and the Side button simultaneously. When the power off slider appears, move information technology to the correct to turn down the device. 30 seconds afterward, hold the Side button. When you see the Apple logo, let go of the push and let the device boot up.

Don’t worry if your iPhone 12 won’t turn back on and the black screen keeps frozen after reboot. Yous tin perform a forced restart to clear deeper software errors and so get iPhone 12 to power on.

You lot’re not going to lose anything to force the device to shut downwards and then turn back on, equally information technology’southward simply some other form of power cycling. Unlike restarting, it however works to power down the device even when you don’t see the slide to power off symbol due to that the screen is blackness without responding to buttons, then finish the boot-upwardly procedure.

Quickly get through these steps:

Press the Volume up button then quickly release. Press the Book downwards button then quickly release. The, press the Side button and keep holding it down. When Apple logo comes on – this may accept up to 20 seconds, let go of the button. Look a few seconds to let the device go past the Apple tree logo and boot up.

After handling the software glitches through a forced restart, your iPhone 12 is turning on and can reply to the touch and push button presses now. If, unfortunately, your iPhone is however stuck on a blackness screen and won’t boot upwardly, continue reading.

Let device accuse, then force it to restart again

Did you plug your device into a power source? If not, it’s possible that your iPhone 12 won’t showtime because of the dead battery, with which the device will oftentimes feel an unexpected shutdown and pass up to reply to any taps or touches.

Now, connect your iPhone 12 to a known skillful wall power outlet through Apple tree’s USB cable and charger. When charging screen shows up, allow it charge for upwardly to one 60 minutes. See what to do if the phone won’t take a accuse when plugged in.

Then, use the steps above to difficult reset the device again while being connected to a power and it’ll switch on this fourth dimension.

iPhone 12 still can’t boot upwards? Try this iOS troubleshooter

Some users are troubled past a more abrasive glitch in the boot-upward process: the black screen with stuck Apple logo. In this case, the device turns on merely doesn’t become past the Apple logo.

If your iPhone 12 doesn’t power on completely due to existence stuck on startup, iOS System Recovery is the solution. With just a couple of mouse clicks, information technology’ll run its strong scanner to pinpoint what prevents your device from starting upwardly and get effectually the kick-upwardly upshot by installing the latest iOS firmware on the device. This software also gets you covered fifty-fifty when you tin’t turn on iPhone 12 or charge it.

Here’s how the process looks:

1. Click the download link below to get the plan. In one case downloaded, install and fire up the tool.

2. Next up, hit
More tools
from the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. You lot’ll at present get access to 4 functional parts. In your case to kick upwardly the system, choose
iOS Organization Recovery.

3. Press the blue “Start” button, found on the lower right side of the screen.

5. Plug your iPhone 12 to the computer using a Lightning string. Then, select
Standard Mode
choice to sort out the issue and go along by hitting “Ostend” button.

half dozen. When you’re here, the application will allow yous to view and select OS firmware package to improve the device performance. Just choose the latest iOS firmware version and click on “Next” button to download.

7. The download process of iOS firmware bundle volition end after a few minutes. And all that’s left to practice only printing the “Prepare” button to resolve what causes iPhone 12 not to plough on for practiced.

Tips: If the display remains unresponsive and won’t start through the standard recovery fashion, come back to step 5 and choose
Avant-garde Mode
this time to get your iPhone 12 working again. Be aware that you’ll need to back up the data first every bit the device will exist restored to its mill defaults.

Video Guide:

Contact Apple to see why iPhone 12 won’t start up

Apple does bring forth one more than remedy to an iPhone or iPad that died and won’t plow on fifty-fifty when information technology’s fully charged: Restore from recovery mode. Connect your device to the figurer, open iTunes or Finder, put the phone into recovery mode, do a restore and done.

Still, this volition erase all your device content. If y’all prefer a safe troubleshooting method without affecting your data, become to an Apple Store for face-to-face help. They tin can help evaluate if the black screen that doesn’t come up on or responds after charging and force restarting is the result of the cracks or scratches, temperature change, h2o damage, broken buttons, or other bug.

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