Iphone 13 Pro Max Brightness Issue

“I am pretty happy with my new iPhone 8, but the automobile-brightness is Not working properly! Kinda irritating every bit I have to manually set things every fourth dimension I get into a dark room and and so out, and into the sunlight etc. Can anyone help me to fix this issue and I need my iPhone auto-brightness works again! Thanks!”

Really, many users take encountered diverse iPhone effulgence bug subsequently updating to iOS eleven, including iPhone screen is too dark while the brightness level is all the way upward, iPhone motorcar-brightness not working, and iPhone brightness won’t go upwards. In this article, we will show you what to exercise if your iPhone brightness non working in iOS 11 with the situation above.

five top tips to fix iPhone brightness not working in iOS 11

New iOS update may cause various system-related issues, such as iPhone keeps restarting, or iPhone alarm/notification/flashlight not working properly. Read on and employ the effective solutions below to fix iPhone brightness not working after iOS 11.

1. Disable Reduce White Point

There is a setting called Reduce White Point on your iPhone that will reduce the intensity of bright colors on your device and then you will have a dim screen. To plow off Reduce White Point, you can

Become to “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” > “Display Accommodations” > turn off “Reduce White Bespeak”.

ii. Restart your iPhone

Long-fourth dimension no restarting will cause some unexpected bug on your iPhone, such as iPhone live wallpaper not working, iPhone screen recording not working or iPhone auto-effulgence not working here.

Press and concur the “Slumber/Wake” button until the reddish slider shows up, so drag the “slider to power off”. Later thirty seconds subsequently, printing and concord the “Sleep/Wake” button again until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone.

3. Turn off Zoom

If the Zoom feature is on, you may get the dim screen on your iPhone. Therefore, turning off Zoon is one way deserving to attempt to ready this problem.

Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” > “Zoom” > turn it off.

four. Reset All Settings on iPhone

If your iPhone brightness non working in iOS eleven acquired by some errors in iOS settings, you tin try to fix this outcome past resetting all settings on iPhone. And this operation won’t cause any data loss, practice information technology without worry.

Become to “Settings” > “Full general” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings”. Then all the settings on your iPhone will be wiped and you tin prepare your iPhone again to check the matter.

5. Restore your iPhone

If none of the above solutions tin can fix the iPhone brightness issue and your iPhone screen is still too night or the car-effulgence also won’t piece of work, so you have to consider restoring your iPhone. When we talk about restore iPhone, usually, we can restore iPhone from iCloud or restore iPhone with iTunes backup. For meliorate keep the data condom, nosotros highly recommend you lot to restore iPhone with iTunes backup.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a uniform USB cable.
  • Run iTunes and click on the iPhone device icon in the upper left corner of iTunes.
  • Click “Summary” under the device icon from the menu on the left side.
  • Tick the box for automatically backing up to “This computer”.
  • Click “Restore Backup”. When the pick appears, choose the latest iTunes backup and click “Restore”. If y’all have encrypted the iTunes backup, you need to enter the password to unlock the iPhone backup.

itunes restore iphone from backup

How to continue your iPhone data condom when accidents happen

No matter yous are using iPhone or iPad, the old iPhone or the latest iPhone 8/X, you may meet some unexpected bug from time to time, such every bit iPhone stuck on apple logo, iPhone AirDrop non working, iPhone such on recovery mode, iPhone physical broken or even virus set on. So, how to protect your device data safe at this time? The answer will definitely be a regular iPhone information backup with a reliable and free iPhone director. And EaseUS MobiMover Free is such a tool enables you to export almost all the iPhone files to the Windows computer with only one-click. And the supportable files are contacts, messages, notes, calendars, voice mails, books, Safari bookmarks & history, photos, videos, and audios.

Pace i. Connect your iPhone to your PC running Windows 7/eight/10 with a USB cable. Tap “Trust” on your iPhone screen if asked. Run EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to “Backup Manager” > “Back up”.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 1

Step 2. All the supported categories are selected by default. Click “One-Click” backup to first bankroll up your iPhone to PC.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 2

Step 3.
Wait patiently until the backup process completes.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 3

Source: https://www.easeus.com/ios-tips/fix-iphone-brightness-not-working-in-ios-11.html