Iphone 13 Pro Won’t Turn On

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It’s a nightmare to know your recently bought iPhone 13 won’t plow on. This is an unavoidable occurrence, which is common among nearly electronic devices. Here, you volition larn how to fix an iPhone if it isn’t turning on. Nosotros will talk about a wide range of solutions to such an issue. And then, if your iPhone won’t power on and you demand a solution, this is the post for yous.

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Why iPhone 13 Won’t Turn on

There are numerous factors, which cease your iPhone from turning on. Possibly, the bombardment may accept died. Thus, the lack of power might exist the problem.

Notwithstanding, if even your iPhone 13 won’t plough on after plugging into a charger, it might be facing a organization glitch. In improver, corrupted software is some other reason why your iPhone won’t ability on.

Coin-saving Tips to Fix iPhone 13 Won’t Power on

Here are some of the money-saving tips to fix your “iPhone thirteen won’t turn on” consequence.

1. Charge Your iPhone 13

If the battery of your iPhone is dead, your phone won’t turn on. Although the phone indicates the low bombardment sign, notwithstanding you won’t be able to detect information technology if you aren’t using your phone.

charge screen

In this situation, a dead battery might be the possible reason why your phone died and won’t plough on. So, grab the charger and plug in your phone. After plugging the charger into a wall socket, just exit the phone for half an hr. Avoid turning on your phone immediately later plugging information technology into the charger.

Besides, also brand certain that your charger isn’t cleaved. Also, ensure that the cablevision or charging wire is in skillful shape.

2. Elementary Restart / Force Restart iPhone 13

Y’all tin try a simple or forcefulness restart to prepare the iPhone won’t turn on issue. Beneath is the procedure to force restart your iPhone:

  • Press the “Home” and “Sleep/Wake” buttons simultaneously.
  • Continue to press these buttons unless you lot see an Apple tree logo on your phone’s screen. If the Apple logo appears, it’southward a sign that your iPhone is turning on.

    force restart iphone 13

three. Restore to Manufacturing plant Settings via iTunes (Data Loss)

A frozen iOS prevents the iPhone to turn on. This happens due to the malfunctioning of the operating system. In well-nigh cases, iOS tends to be corrupt.

In this situation, the best way to gear up the “iPhone 13 won’t power on” problem is to restore your device to factory settings. To perform this task, you need access to iTunes via your Windows or Mac device. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to a reckoner that runs iTunes.
  • After that, iTunes will auto-notice your device in recovery style.
  • Next, iTunes will diagnose an issue and suggest either an update or factory restoration.
  • Since you demand to restore your iPhone, select the ‘Restore’ choice.

    restore iphone 13 to factory settings
  • iTunes volition start the restoration procedure by downloading the software.
  • One time the software is downloaded, iTunes volition install information technology on your iPhone.

During this procedure, you will lose the data that was previously saved on your device. In fact, information technology isn’t a loss, equally you lot won’t otherwise take access to such information as your device wasn’t turning on.

iPhone 13 Still Cannot Turn on? Get ReiBoot to Run A Diagnosis

In most cases, y’all can reboot your device or restore it through recovery manner. All the same, sure iOS related bug aren’t like shooting fish in a barrel to fix. So, if your iPhone died and won’t plough on while charging, fixing it with Tenorshare ReiBoot is your best bet. Discussed below is the complete process of fixing your iPhone with ReiBoot.

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  • Download the software on your computer. After installation, connect your iPhone to the figurer. Once your device is recognized, click the ‘Start’ button.

    launch reiboot
  • After a new interface appears, just choose the “Standard Repair”.

    fix now
  • The adjacent interface will ask your permission for downloading the latest firmware. Just hit the “Download” button and wait, every bit information technology will take some time to complete the downloading process.

    download firmware
  • Starting time the standard repair procedure in one case the firmware packet is downloaded.

    start standard repair
  • One time the repair procedure is complete, the iPhone will restart. Now your iPhone is prepare to use.

    repair successfully

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Contact Apple Support If iPhone 13 Died and Won’t Turn on

The tips mentioned in a higher place should set up your “iPhone xiii won’t plow on” issue. However, if cypher works, your device is having a hardware-related problem.

If this is and then, the most viable selection is to contact Apple support. When possible, you can visit the nearest Apple shop. If your device is under warranty, you lot can become it stock-still without any charges. On the contrary, you have to pay a certain fee for getting your phone fixed.


This guide is compiled with a view to aid you find a viable solution to prepare your “iPhone won’t ability on” problem. With Tenorshare ReiBoot, you can easily fix the “iPhone 13 won’t turn on” problem inside a few minutes.


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