iPhone 13 vs Pixel 6: Do you pick Apple or Android?

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Both Apple tree and Google have knocked it out of the park with the new iPhone thirteen and Pixel half dozen. But which phone is actually improve? We put them both to the test to find out, here’southward what we learned.

The past few months take been filled to the skirt with announcements and launches, but it seems that Apple’s latest iPhone and Google’southward new Pixel are what’s really stolen the show this year.

Apple went all out, releasing the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone xiii Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you’re curious as to how the standard iPhone differs from the iPhone 13 Pro, experience free to click on the link prior.

Google was a little less audacious than Apple, releasing simply two phones, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. You lot tin also bank check out how the more premium handsets compare in our iPhone 13 Pro vs Pixel 6 Pro guide. In this article we will be sticking with the standard models, giving you the lowdown on how their features, cameras, specs and more compare.

Pricing and availability

The iPhone 13 launched in October of this twelvemonth with prices starting at £779/$799/€909 for the base of operations 128GB model, the nigh expensive variations coming in at £1079/$1099/€1259.

The Pixel vi came out at almost the exact same time, but the starting prices are a bit cheaper, with the Pixel starting at £559/$599.

This does mean that in terms of price if y’all’re later on a cheaper smartphone overall, Google is the way to go.

Screen and blueprint

The iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED brandish with a 2532 x 1170 resolution, while the Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch OLED display with a lower 1080 x 2400 resolution. However, during testing we plant both screen’s to be suitably abrupt and never had any issue with the lower resolution Pixel.

The bigger difference is that neither smartphone took the leap to 120Hz, with the iPhone sporting a 60Hz display while the Pixel 6 inches ahead with 90Hz. This makes the Pixel half dozen’south brandish feel smoother than the iPhone thirteen’s and slightly amend for gaming. Refresh charge per unit is a metric that measures how many images per second a screen renders.

Looking at the design, the latest iPhone comes in five colours – Product Cherry, Starlight, Midnight, Blue and Pinkish. Google didn’t requite equally many color options, with the three available existence Kinda Coral, Stormy Black and Sorta Seafoam.

The iPhone has a similar pattern to its predecessors, with a glass dorsum and aluminium pattern. The Pixel half dozen mixed it up a scrap more, with a new photographic camera panel on the back, also as the color options being split into two for a more distinctive look. During testing we constitute the iPhone’s more traditional design makes its slightly more comfortable to hold. The Pixel 6’due south glass back feels a footling slippery by comparing.

Both phones besides have an IP68 rating, which means they tin be submerged in upwards to 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes without taking damage, and then both will fare well if they become knocked into the sink or bath.

Specs and camera

The iPhone 13 is powered past Apple’s new A15 Bionic chipset, which packs in a half dozen-cadre CPU, a four-cadre GPU and a 16 core Neural Engine, alongside 4GB of RAM.

Google as well bankrupt the mould this yr, equally the Pixel 6 comes with the new Google Tensor chipset, which is a move abroad from the third-party fries that were used in previous Pixel phones.

iphone 13 back showing the cameras

The new bit does autumn behind in terms of Geekbench numbers when compared to Apple tree’s latest processor, but it doesn’t seem like Google is focusing that strongly on that aspect of its new phone. Google claims the chip has been designed to offer “next generation” AI smarts, rather than fast clock speeds. The Pixel six as well has 8GB, which is double the iPhone 13.

The iPhone xiii also obviously uses Apple’southward ain iOS 15 software, while the Pixel half dozen launched with Android 12. Both are excellent operating systems and the answer to which is better is largely determined by what ecosystem you’re already in. If you use Apple products in general, iOS is amend. Just if you utilize Windows or Chrome OS Android is great.

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The iPhone 13 features a dual rear photographic camera that is made up of a 12MP wide-angle lens with an aperture of f/1.6, alongside a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens with an f/two.4 aperture. The iPhone thirteen camera is also capable of reaching 5x digital zoom, with a 12MP TruDepth photographic camera on the from of the phone for selfies, which has an aperture of f/2.2.

Looking at the video, the iPhone supports Dolby Vision likewise equally Apple tree’due south own Cinematic mode, which offers a shallower depth field when recording in 1080p ar 30fps. It can besides record in 4K at 60fps.

The Pixel six meanwhile has a 50MP wide camera with an f/ane.85 aperture, with another camera clocking in at 12MP. This ultra-wide camera has an discontinuity of f/ii.2 and a 114-degree field of view. Google’s phone besides has a front-facing camera at 8MP with an aperture of f/2.0.

The Pixel can also tape at 4K at 60fps, too as video recording in 1080p at both xxx and 60fps.

During testing we found both cameras are capable of taking excellent photos. The iPhone thirteen’south custom movie theater mode, which lets it intelligently create bokeh effects while recording gave it a atomic number 82 in video. But the Pixel has a few custom features missing on the iPhone, the best of which is magic eraser. This is a clever AI-powered editing characteristic that lets you remove things like photobombers from captured photos in the camera app.

Google Pixel 6 quick settings

Battery life

Thankfully, the iPhone 13 has made large strides in the battery life department when compared to the iPhone 12. Our testing found that streaming Netflix at 75% brightness in HDR ate through just 7% of the iPhone’s bombardment.

The Pixel 6, meanwhile, tin become to fifty% accuse in 36 minutes, and to 100% accuse from aught in 115 minutes.

Both phones should get y’all through your mean solar day without issue, especially if yous’re using your phone to text and telephone call rather than stream.

The downfall of both phones is that neither come up with a charger in the box, so you lot’ll have to make certain you’re already equipped with the appropriate USB-C and Lightning chargers.

iPhone 13 display

Final verdict

The iPhone 13 and the Pixel 6 are quite different, with the iPhone being the more expensive option out the gate. Both phones have an OLED display and neither take total advantage of VRR or 120Hz refresh rates.

Both phones also feature new and improved chipsets and both have 12-megapixel photographic camera arrays, though the Pixel half-dozen does characteristic a 50MP camera.

Ultimately, this volition likely depend on your personal preferences, and if yous’re already an iOS fan or if yous prefer Android. Both phones will work well in their own ecosystems, so it merely depends if you have a preference between Apple tree and Android.

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