Iphone 13 Wireless Charging Not Working

Near smartphone companies have implemented wireless charging over the final few years, and while Apple may be a late-starter in adopting wireless charging, it’s at present going all out to button for a cordless world. Despite various rumors circulating effectually the iPhone 12, it will almost certainly be capable of wireless charging.

Wireless charging appears so effortless that more and more consumers are eager to endeavor information technology and use it in their daily life.

However, the reality is not always as polish as expected, and afterwards setting your iPhone down to wireless charge, you may return to find it isn’t charging after all. So, why is information technology that your iPhone is not working on your wireless charger?

>> Is There Something Wrong with Your iPhone?
>> Is It Your Wireless Charger That Isn’t Working?
>> Is It Something Else?

      Before further discussion, you may need to know whether your iPhone supports wireless charging. The post-obit iPhones support wireless charging: iPhone 8, iPhone viii Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2 (2nd Generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone thirteen Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

      Each of these iPhones will charge when placed on a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad. The iPhone seven and earlier models practice not take wireless charging capabilities.

      Is There Something Wrong with Your iPhone?

      The rule of thumb is to check if your iPhone supports wireless charging, particularly if it’s the first time you’re charging it wirelessly (Simply go through the list mentioned above). Once yous brand certain your apple devices support wireless charging, you could charge them on whatsoever Qi-enabled wireless chargers, such as MagEZ Car Mount Pro and MagEZ Slider.

      If your iPhone quits working on an iPhone- enable wireless charger suddenly, here’s what you can effort:

      i. Accuse your iPhone with another charger

      The best way to tell if your iPhone works fine is to put it on another wireless charger to see if it will charge. If you don’t accept another iPhone wireless charger, use the USB charger instead. Though wireless charging and wired charging don’t work the same, at to the lowest degree y’all can find out if the display of charging is typical or not.

      2. Restart your iPhone

      Whether another iPhone wireless charger is working or not, restarting your phone wouldn’t go awry. If you lot tin can’t restart the phone, such every bit it’south frozen, try a force restart.

      iii. Update your iPhone

      If restarting your iPhone doesn’t work, bank check if there’s a software update available. A software update can often be a quick set for some problems.

      4. Reset your iPhone

      If your iPhone won’t wireless charge and restarting or a software update hasn’t helped, a reset is the final step earlier taking information technology to the Apple Shop. Unfortunately, resetting as well ways erasing everything on your iPhone. Although y’all can support your data beforehand, a factory reset is not simply a uncomplicated restart, then you lot might want to consider this a last resort.

      Is Information technology Your Wireless Charger That Isn’t Working?

      ane. Cheque if your wireless charger is plugged in properly

      Information technology happens! Cables can loosen, or the socket may lose power. If your iPhone wireless charger doesn’t come with an LED indicator to prove the charging status, you lot may not notice a problem direct abroad.

      2. Make sure your wireless charger is of quality

      Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the standard for charging mobile devices wirelessly, set up by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2008. It has gradually become the universal standard supported by well-nigh mobile phone makers, including Apple.

      The iPhone 8 and later models are working well with the apple MagSafe charger, and they’re likewise Qi-compatible, Co-ordinate to Apple. That said, they should work with Qi-enabled wireless chargers, whereas they may not work with non-Qi ones. Only make sure your wireless charger is from a reliable brand, like Belkin Boost and PITAKA MagEZ Slider.

      3. Try repositioning your iPhone

      reposition your iPhone if it doesn't charge wirelesslyCharging coils inside the wireless charger transmit ability across a few millimeters to the iPhone. So, when the coils and your iPhone don’t line upwardly, wireless charging doesn’t work. You lot can identify your phone in the charger’due south centre or move information technology around to find the sugariness spot, but this is extremely annoying.

      Fortunately, some wireless chargers are equipped with multiple coils that provide your smartphone with a position-gratuitous charging feel. Magnetic wireless chargers tin also salvage yous the same kind of hassle by auto-aligning your phone to the charger through magnets.

      Is It Something Else?

      1. Remove the phone instance

      remove the phone case if your iPhone is not charging wirelesslyQi wireless chargers piece of work with many cases except for those likewise thick or fabricated from metallic. Metal segments placed inside the case for magnetic mounts should not touch on wireless charging. Just make sure you lot’re using a suitable phone case, such as PITAKA MagEZ example, a slim, wireless charging friendly phone case.

      2. Look for your iPhone to cool down

      wait for your iPhone to cool down if it doesn't charge wirelesslyYour iPhone may go warm while it charges, wired or wirelessly. On the other hand, wireless charging generates more heat since it’s not as efficient every bit wired charging through cables. When the iPhone battery gets besides warm, the protection machinery is triggered and limits charging above 80 percent.

      Remove your iPhone from the charger, and try again when the temperature drops.

      Read this article to larn more about why your telephone gets warm if yous’re interested.

      3. Don’t connect your iPhone to a USB

      Some people may connect their phone to a computer with a USB or a USB power adapter while the handset is on a wireless charging pad. The truth is, you can’t accept both wired and wireless charging at the aforementioned time, and wireless charging stops as shortly every bit an iPhone is connected to a USB cablevision.

      Wrapping Information technology Up

      Many factors can contribute to an iPhone not working on a wireless charger, but if you try all the steps above, your iPhone has a improve gamble of charging wirelessly once more! If your iPhone still doesn’t charge, information technology may be a hardware outcome. Just do a comparison exam, and you lot’ll notice the culprit.

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