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By Maxime Lagacé

Maxime is the founder and chief editor of WisdomQuotes. He has been writing and collecting quotes since 2004. He’south also into personal development and productivity. Most of all, he’s dedicated to assist you alive a simpler and more peaceful life. Learn more than well-nigh him on his almost page.

life tips best wisdom quotesI failed a lot in life.

But that’s a good thing.


Because when you fail a lot you acquire a lot as well.

I’m 39 and I’ve accumulated a tiny flake of wisdom that I want to share with you lot today.

Life is as well short and learning from others is a cracking manner to live smart and become wise.

So don’t wait and discover my best 73 life tips.

Let’s become down to it!

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General Life Tips

life tips general wisdom quotes

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Your health is the most of import thing in your globe.
If you don’t have your wellness, you have null. So have time every 24-hour interval to work on your physical and mental health.

2. Your energy and time are limited. Exist careful where you spend them. Be careful what you say yes to.

3. Imagine your life is a movie. What would the audition scream at your character?

4. Now, imagine your life is a novel. How can you become the hero of that novel?

five. Life is short. If something sucks for too long, alter something.

half-dozen. Be courageous and responsible. Playing the victim won’t get you far.

7. The life you want starts when yous create. Consuming too much things is a waste material of time. (Tv shows, Netflix, social media, news, etc.)

8. Y’all will discover purpose by giving, helping, listening. You lot find purpose through service.

9. It’due south fine to accept but make sure you give more.

10. It’s fine to talk but make sure you listen more than.

11. Exist kind. Nosotros are all in this together. That’s how we will build the best future possible.

Happiness, Inner peace

life tips happiness inner peace wisdom quotes

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Why tips about happiness and inner peace?

Because information technology’s what nosotros are all seeking. Considering it’south our key right.

12. At that place is no path to happiness. Yous must create information technology yourself.

13. If somebody tells you they know the path to happiness, they are trying to sell you something.

14. Don’t think you can become happy and stay in that land foreover. Life is about alter. Nature is about change. So is your mood.

15. Aim for inner peace instead of happiness. Inner peace is attainable and sustainable. Happiness is non.

16. Those who desire to control their life also much end up stressed and overwhelmed. Learn to do your best but don’t obsess over what you lot tin’t command.

17. Happy people live lightly. They let go easily. They forgive easily. They movement forward.

eighteen. Caring what other people think is piece of cake. Doing your own matter is difficult. That’s why few people are happy.

xix. Y’all can be peaceful once yous learn to accept the inevitable.

20. The most peaceful say yeah to almost everything.

Question: Practice you nonetheless hold grudges? Are you lot still conveying expressionless weight in your center? Imagine you’re the happiest person on the planet, would you yet bear that weight?


life tips success wisdom quotes

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Why tips about success?

Considering it feels skilful to create and achieve things, isn’t it?

21. The most successful say no to almost everything (yes I know, it’due south the reverse to the previous tip, merely it’s true).

22. If you truly desire something in life, you volition need to sacrifice things like Friday nights with friends for case. Forget well-nigh comfort.

23. Distractions are everywhere. Learn to ignore them.

24. Success, like happiness, must be defined by you lot and nobody else.

25. My definition of success is someone who gives more than he take, listens more than he talk, does more than difficult things than piece of cake ones.

26. Life is not a competition. Only improve your past self and repeat tomorrow.

27. Success will come easier if you lot avert the shiny objects.

28. Success will come easier if you focus on a handful of things for a long period of fourth dimension.

Question: What will you sacrifice to attain your goal? The virtually successful people are obsessed most their one goal and let go of the rest.


life tips motivation wisdom quotes

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Why tips about motivation?

Considering information technology’s something nigh of us struggle with. Nonetheless, having energy is one of the chief factors of a good fulfilling life.

29. Starting is the hardest part. So but start. At present. Just do a little something in the right direction.

30. If it feels overwhelming, break down the job into smaller tasks. Still feels difficult? Break information technology down fifty-fifty more than.

31. Motivation comes easily when it’s something of import to you lot. Find your deepest reasons.

32. Momentum is huge. Work to build it and maintain it.

33. True champions have failures as fuel.

34. Make your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

35. You are more likely to stick to a program if you say “I’ll workout every weekday at 7am, for 45 minutes, at the gym” than “I want to get in shape.”

36. Motivation follows clarity.

37. If you find it hard to stay motivated consider joining a group or asking a friend to join you.

Question: How can you break down what you are trying to reach? What are the daily habits yous volition need? What volition the procedure expect similar?


life tips productivity wisdom quotes

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Why tips about productivity?

Considering without it y’all won’t reach your full potential. And I know you tin.

38. Practise your most important tasks when you’re full of free energy.

39. Practise your easiest and less important tasks (emails, calls, follow-ups, etc.) when you’re depression on free energy (usually in the afternoon).

40. Being productive is existence organized. Learn to prioritize what’due south truly important from what’s non.

41. What y’all piece of work on is more important than how constructive you lot are. Taking the correct direction is more of import than speed.

42. Don’t do things that won’t motion the needle much. At every moment, ask yourself “Is this truly necessary? Is this truly of import?”.

43. Use lists to stay organized. A adept online tool I use is Trello.com.

44. Have a “At present” listing where yous put your most important chore. Have a “COMING Upward NEXT” list where you prioritize carefully which tasks you will work on. Have a “DUMP” list where you simply enter tasks you lot could do in the future. Prune that list in one case in a while.

45. Listen to songs with no lyrics on repeat to improve your focus. This one is a favorite of mine.

46. Batch things. It’s when you do context switching that you’re losing time and energy.

47. Avoid meetings. Plenty said.

Question: What could you say no to? What tin can yous stop doing that is non necessary or important or impactful? What could you delegate?

Education and Learning

life tips education learning wisdom quotes

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Why tips about educational activity and learning?

Because I want you to exist a learning car. If yous become that you’ll thank me later.

48. Yous must acquire all your life. Life changes fast. Don’t stay stale. Don’t become obselete.

49. Instruction stars with curiosity. Education starts in your spare time. Didactics starts after school.

50. Asking questions is more important than giving answers.

51. Being interested and curious will lead you further than being interesting and egocentric.

52. Information technology’s fine if you lot look like an idiot. That’s how y’all learn fast.

53. The truly wise people are the humblest. They know how little they know.

54. Learn how to larn. Larn how motivation works. Larn how your brain works. They are many ways to accelerate your growth.

55. The wisest know ane affair well: themselves. The more than y’all know yourself, the more yous know what’due south important to you, the more than you’ll be motivated to larn.

56. School is about studying, memorizing and passing tests. Life is about passings tests first, failing so growing.

57. What you learn at school will non be enough. Information technology’southward only the basement of your future self.

58. To truly learn y’all will need to unlearn lots of things. Information technology’due south chosen wisdom.

Question: Do you lot avoid asking questions considering y’all could wait like an idiot? Keep in mind that others probably accept the same questions.


life tips relationships wisdom quotes

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Why tips well-nigh relationships?

Because having potent relationships is vital if yous want to be happy and live a good life.

59. It’due south not quantity of friends you have. It’s the quality. Find people who back up you. People who accept you the mode yous are.

60. The best relationships are the ones where people don’t count. They just give because they dearest.

61. If y’all surround yourself with positive people you will tend to become positive. If yous surround yourself with healthy people you lot will tend to become salubrious. Choose your tribe advisedly.

62. People who express mirth, smiling and alive lightly are the best kind of people.

63. The best style to keep good friends? Exist at that place for them in good and bad times. Meaningful relationships takes time and effort.

64. Care for others and others will care for you. Be happy when others win and others will be happy when you win.

65. Don’t be so total of yourself. Be genuinely interested.

66. The best gift y’all can give others is your total self, your total attention, your presence.

Question: How can you show your friends and family you dearest them today? Or even ameliorate, right at present?


life tips simplicity wisdom quotes

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Why tips about simplicity?

Because I run into too many people chasing the wrong things. Life tin exist simple. Simplicity tin can aid.

67. Life can become complicated fast. Learn to ignore things. Larn to simplify things. Exist a master ignorer.

68. Simplicity is about finding what truly matters and focusing on that.

69. Most people remember the good life is about buying stuff. “When I’ll have this I’ll be happy”. Spoiler alert: it will non. Human beings have tried for thousands of years and nobody seems successful.

70. Life is virtually removing what’due south useless.

71. The more you purchase stuff the less energy and time you lot’ll accept for what truly matters.

72. When y’all buy, buy quality. Buy stuff that will last. Stuff that you will truly love. Stuff that is beautiful and useful. Stuff that truly makes your life better.

73. What truly matters in life? Your health, your mission, your people. Everything else is a distraction.

Question: What items in your house could you sell or give? How could you lot simplify your life today? Which commitments could yous cancel?


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I promise you discovered a few useful life tips here.

Just most importantly, I hope y’all will apply and endeavor a few of them.


the theory is useless if you don’t practice.

Ideally, the goal would exist to build your ain life tips. It means you’ll need to experiment, reverberate and acquire.

But information technology will be worth it. I promess.

The good life if mostly the 1 you create after all, right?

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Now it’south your turn.

What were your favorite life tips? What would be YOUR tips?

Let united states of america know in the comment section below!

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