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iPhone SE 2022: Everything we know so far

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Apple’s almanac flagship iPhone launch keeps the rumor manufacturing plant churning all year round, with the latest iPhone 13 lineup making waves due to a list of small merely favorable tweaks. But what about Apple tree’s
iPhone? The low-budget iPhone SE may non get a yearly update, but that’southward what makes the rumored 2022 model all the more exciting.

The iPhone SE excels at beingness the Cupertino tech giant’southward powerful, all the same affordable smartphone option, even more than so than the last-of-its-kind

iPhone 13 mini

. With a low price, the aforementioned A13 Bionic that powers the iPhone eleven Pro Max, and a nostalgic form gene that features the sorely-missed Bear upon ID, the latest iPhone SE (2020) is Apple’s surreptitious weapon.

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The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have at present set the phase for the iPhone SE 2022, hinting at a processor upgrade, 5G connectivity, and other modernistic features constitute on Apple’s latest flagship phones. However, rumors signal we may see a new kind of iPhone SE next year, and there may be not 1, just two SE models in evolution.

We’ve scoured the internet high and low to observe out all the latest rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhone SE 2022, including potential release dates, price, features and more than. Read on for everything you need to know and find out why the

iPhone SE (2020) is all the same one of the all-time iPhones


iPhone SE 2022 release

Multiple analysts and leakers concur the next iPhone SE volition launch in the showtime half of 2022, mayhap at an Apple Spring Outcome. However, information technology isn’t clear which iPhone SE model we can expect. Display analyst Ross Young
earlier in 2022 that the next SE model (a.k.a iPhone SE 3) will come this year, featuring the same iv.7-inch display constitute in the current model and iPhone 8. In January 2022, Young stated the “side by side SE model is rumored to be chosen SE+ 5G and will take a 4.7-inch LCD.”

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Equally Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman states, Apple’s beginning virtual event of 2022 will take place on March 8, and it’s expected to unveil the new iPhone SE with 5G and a new fleck. What’s more, Apple is expected to bring out the ‘widest array’ of devices in 2022, kicking off with the iPhone SE 2022 with 5G, an updated iPad Air with the powerful A15 Bionic, forth with a refreshed Mac in the spring event.

Market place research intelligence provider TrendForce stated that Apple is planning to release its next iPhone SE model in the first quarter of 2022, which is in line with other analysts’ predictions. TrendForce claims that the tertiary-gen iPhone SE will be a “major musical instrument in helping Apple establish a presence in the marketplace segment for mid-range 5G smartphones,” with a production volume forecasted to achieve up to thirty meg units. With this in mind, MacRumors points out that the new iPhone SE is expected to be released by the end of March.

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As spotted by My Drivers in December 2022, trial production of the tertiary-gen iPhone SE is prepare to already be underway or in the near time to come, gearing upwardly for an early on 2022 release. This is co-ordinate to sources on the supply chain, with trial production existence a footstep earlier a device is mass-produced.

Nevertheless, Immature stated the iPhone SE 3 has been pushed dorsum to 2024, but fans can await an iPhone SE Plus in 2022 instead. The SE Plus volition characteristic the aforementioned 4.7-inch display, while the delayed SE 3 may feature up to a six.one-inch display; akin to the iPhone XR.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo makes the same claims nigh the SE Plus’ design and release date, while insider sources speaking to news outlet DigiTimes also


Apple’south next iPhone SE volition get in as early as the first half of 2022. The iPhone SE (2020) was released in Apr 2022, and Apple smartphone launches are commonly predictable. Plus, we had an

Apple Apr event

in 2022 that saw the release of the

M1 iPad Pro

. That’southward a proficient indication the iPhone SE 2022 will release in Spring 2022; mayhap old in April.

iPhone SE 2022 cost

With the number of high-terminate features Apple is expected to cram into the iPhone SE 2022, we may see a bump in price compared to the 2022 SE model. Currently, the iPhone SE is priced from $399/£389, making it the cheapest iPhone on Apple’s website. With the inclusion of
5G connectivity
and a possible A15 Bionic, nosotros could see this price ascent past the $400 mark.

(Epitome credit: Apple)

That said, the iPhone eleven is still available to purchase for $499/£489. Information technology’s unlikely Apple would increment the price of the SE model to match a previous flagship smartphone with a better screen and cameras, just it could still reach somewhere below $450. Still, Apple tree has a habit of offering better specs on its flagship smartphones while retaining the aforementioned toll tag, and so nosotros hope the $399 price doesn’t budge. According to a


on Weibo, the iPhone SE is expected to exist the same price as the previous model.

Information technology’s interesting to note that Google’s

Pixel 5a

, a brilliant low-cost 5G smartphone pick, is priced at $449. The previous Pixel 4a 5G is $499. If Apple finds a manner to make a 5G-capable iPhone SE 2022 below $400, it volition exist a no-brainer for anyone looking for a 5G smartphone.

iPhone SE 2022 pattern

Design rumors for the iPhone SE 2022 are scattered, but more than recent rumors suggest fans of the iPhone 8 course gene will be happy with the upcoming SE model.

(Paradigm credit: Future)

Immature claims the iPhone 8’s chassis volition keep to live on through the iPhone SE Plus, corroborating Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’south reports that the adjacent iPhone SE device will maintain the same torso and 4.7-inch display as its predecessor. This means we can expect the aforementioned thick bezels, display, Touch ID home button and minor form factor. Both analysts believe the biggest changes volition take place internally.

Apple has gone large in colour options in recent years, from the purple iPhone 12 to the array of colorful iMac options. The current iPhone SE only comes in black, white and signature (PRODUCT) Red. At that place haven’t been whatsoever rumors or leaks to advise which colour options nosotros’ll see next fourth dimension around, but we expect in that location to exist a green, blueish or regal thrown in, too.

iPhone SE 3 renders from xleaks7/TenTechReview

(Paradigm credit: David Kowalski (xleaks7)/TenTechReview)

While the iPhone SE Plus isn’t expected to modify, the other iPhone SE model rumored to be in the works may offer a different yet familiar design. Immature claims the iPhone SE three will have 6.1-inch design, with other leaks suggesting it will be equivalent to an “iPhone XR 5G.” Chinese platform
and a
on Weibo besides merits the iPhone SE will be similar to the iPhone XR, which means the dwelling button with Affect ID is getting the chop. Even so, these two sources believe this is the design nosotros’ll encounter in the iPhone SE 2022, not the iPhone SE three rumored to be delayed to 2024.

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Whatsoever the case, nosotros expect the iPhone SE 2022 to feature a design we’ve seen in previous iPhone models, with the iPhone 8 chassis looking more probable.

iPhone SE 2022 features

While at that place are merely two new features nosotros expect to see in the iPhone SE 2022, they could be a game-changer in the upkeep smartphone market. Over the past few months of SE model rumors and leaks, two recurring themes include an upgraded processor and 5G.

(Prototype credit: Snappa)

Co-ordinate to insider sources speaking to DigiTimes, the iPhone SE 2022 will feature 5G connectivity and an A14 Bionic, which can be found on the still impressive iPhone 12. Reliable Kuo fabricated the same claims earlier this twelvemonth (via MacRumors).

Apparently, however, Apple tree may not settle with a at present-outdated chip, as other reports claim the new SE model will come up with the recent A15 Bionic chip plant in the iPhone 13. Equally you’ll detect in our

iPhone 13 review

: if the A14 is “godlike,” the A15 within the iPhone 13 is a goshdarn demon with its 6-cadre CPU, 4-core GPU and a xvi-core Neural Engine (excellent for machine-learning, AI and computational photography).

Currently, these are the biggest upgrades to expect, along with the adjacent iOS update. While the iPhone SE 2022 volition presumably come with

iOS xv

installed, information technology will likewise get the added benefits of all the new features iOS xvi will bring, forth with even more updates down the line.

iPhone SE 2022 cameras

The current iPhone SE isn’t known for its cameras, and it’s unlikely the next-gen model will see much of an upgrade. In fact, it may not see a lens upgrade at all.

iPhone SE (2020)

(Image credit: Time to come)

The iPhone SE (2020) sports a 12MP f/ane.8 wide-bending rear photographic camera and 7MP f/2.2 front-facing camera, which isn’t exactly the best at taking beautiful ultra-broad shots of amazing landscapes similar the iPhone 13. Taking low-light pictures isn’t its forte, either. Currently, iPhone SE 2022 camera rumours are scarce, merely thanks to the hint of an upgraded processor, nosotros may get improved visual processing instead.

As Macworld points out, the updated Apple iPad 2022 received an improved 12MP front-facing camera, and we may see the same lens fitted onto the upcoming iPhone SE. Selfie fiends will be happy with that.


iPhone SE 2022 is however gearing up to be one of the all-time budget smartphones on the market place. With all signs pointing to 5G connectivity, information technology may even be 1 of the near affordable 5G smartphones around.

The 2022 model is looking to be more of an iPhone SE Plus with a 5G update and the same form factor as the iPhone SE (2020), as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young mostly hit the nail on the head when information technology comes to Apple rumors. Even so, if an iPhone SE design overhaul is in the works, Apple tree may surprise us with the “iPhone XR 5G” blueprint instead.

As always, have a helpful serving of salt when taking this all in, as Apple has yet to officially announce any iPhone SE 2022. In the concurrently, check out the

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y’all tin buy right now (spoiler: information technology includes the iPhone SE 2022).

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