Iphone Xs Restarts Every 3 Minutes

“Whatsoever thought to fix iPhone keeps restarting itself constantly (and going apartment randomly)? My iPhone Ten just won’t stop turning on and off .”

“My iPhone 6 keeps restarting every few minutes on its own with background turned pinkish. Just keeps rebooting over and over all day!”

Information technology’s really annoying if iPhone constantly restarting every few minutes. Not only volition you encounter this problem on older devices similar the iPhone 5/six/7/8/South, even the latest iPhone X/XS/XR.

In general, iPhone won’t stop restarting should be due to new iOS system updates (iOS 12, 11.1, 11.2, xi.3, 11.four ) or caused by a incorrect performance (e.g. virus).

And the
iPhone restarts itself over and over
the problem caused by iOS system damage tin be easily solved by resetting.

Here this article volition innovate y’all 9 constructive methods to stop iPhone keeps rebooting.

Office 1. Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting Every Few Minutes?

Part two. Set iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself Due to Software Issue

#1 Forcefulness Restart Your iPhone

#2 Factory Reset All Settings on iPhone

#3 Check iPhone Software Version and Update iOS

#iv Update All Apps Or Delete Unused Apps

#5 Using iTunes to Restore iPhone

#6 Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself via FoneCope

Role iii. Check If iPhone Keeps Restarting for Hardware Trouble

#1 Remove Your SIM Card and Check If It Stops Restarting

#2 Cheque and Clean iPhone’south Charging Port

#3 Replacing your iPhone Battery If Rebooting While Charging

1. Why Does My iPhone Go along Restarting Every Few Minutes?

In fact, the problem tin be divided into two types, one is intermittent, that is, your iPhone can exist used again after restarting, but it volition all of a sudden restart over again. The other one is that your iPhone keeps crashing and restarting over again and again.

But, why is this happening?

Unstable iOS update: Often, wrong operations can easily crash the device for iPhone is sensitive afterwards updating to the new system because much built-in hardware is not uniform. Therefore, iPhone restarts again and again.

Virus/Malware: sometimes you download some apps, if they are viruses, this volition also harm your system, then your iPhone keeps restarting Apple logo.

Hardware impairment: iPhone could constantly restart if you fell iPhone from high or dropped it into water for minutes.

Part 2. Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself Due to Software Issue

#1 Force Restart Your iPhone

You can strength restart iPhone to terminate all background processes and solve keeps restarting problem. To hard restart iOS device, for iPhone 6 and before, press “Power” and “Home” buttons at the aforementioned time and go along holding them until Apple logo appears. (For iPhone  seven/7 Plus/S: “Volume Downward” & “Power” buttons)

For iPhone 8/Plus/Ten/XS/XR Max, the step to force restart is slightly different. Rapidly press the Book Up button, and then Volume Down push, keep holding the side button until the Apple logo appears on screen.

This also can be used to fix iPad keeps restarting again and again

force hard reboot to exit restarting loop iphone

#two Manufactory Reset All Settings on iPhone

If you update failed or your iPhone is attacked past some virus, and so your iPhone may as well go keeps rebooting. So, to fix this issue, you can try to manufacturing plant reset your iPhone.

Go to
Reset All Settings.

#3 Bank check iPhone Software Version and Update iOS

The new version of the iOS system should have many bugs when it released, so it may likewise an influenced cistron which occurs your iPhone keeps rebooting. In hence, you need to check for a software update when your iPhone keeps shutting off.

Software Update, to check if is the new version to update.

check iphone software update

#four Update All Apps Or Delete Unused Apps

Your iPhone constantly restarting most likely because iOS 12/12.1 is not compatible with some older apps. So, analyze and cheque the application on your device.

Option 1: Update all Apps on the App Store

Go to App Store > Updates > update all the apps.

update all apps on iphone apple store

Choice 2: Check and delete less frequently used applications

Go to Settings > Privacy > Assay > Clarify data to cheque the app on your phone. You can scroll through the list to find the application in question and delete it.

analytics data on iphone that keeps restart

Equally for deleting the application, you simply need to press & hold the icon on the home screen as usua,l and click the close X shown in the upper right corner of it.

Btw, iPhone won’t terminate restarting could be acquired by the lack of sufficient storage space on the device. In this case, y’all need to view the available storage for your device, past Settings > General > Usage.

#5 Using iTunes to Restore iPhone

Connecting your iPhone to iTunes is also a good option for u.s. if the iPhone still keeps turning on and off constantly, only information technology should be the concluding solution because this process volition erase all your iPhone information and setting..

Pace ane.
After connecting your iPhone to the iTunes, information technology will detect your device and tell you if there is a problem. If yes, y’all will encounter the post-obit popular-up messages, and so you demand to click Restore to set up the trouble.

Step two.
Also, you can likewise restore this problem manually. Simply run the iTunes and go to the Summary page to resolve information technology: Click “Restore Backups” button under the “Backups” section, so it will begin to restore your backup information.

manually resolve the problem by itunes

#6 Set iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself via FoneCope

How to stop iPhone from restarting without losing whatever data? Y’all need an efficient and safest way to go the aid with some third-political party tool like FoneCope iOS System Recovery. When your iPhone has other alike system problems, like iPhone stuck in reboot loop, this software tin help you fix it in no time to get your go on freezing iPhone back to normal. This is the reason many people love this software.

Hither are the steps to fix iPhone restarting itself:

Stride 1.
Download and install the program on your computer, then run information technology and connect your iPhone to the reckoner.

download on Windownload on Mac

Footstep two.
Here are 3 modes for you: Standard Manner, Leave Recovery Style, Advanced Mode. And in your cases, you need to choose “Standard Fashion”.

select mode to fix ios issues

Footstep 3.
Now yous need follow its guide to put your iPhone into DFU mode or recovery way.

put your device into dfu mode

If DFU style does not work for your iPhone, please endeavor enter Recovery Mode.

put your device into recovery mode

Step 4.
Once y’all enter the DFU mode, the program will place your device automatically. You lot merely need to download the latest firmware on your iPhone. However, if the programme didn’t detect your device, y’all tin choose the device model to download the firmware manually.

confirm and download matching ios firmware

Step five.
After downloading the firmware, yous need to click “Start to Set” to begin the process. And when information technology finished, you lot can start your iPhone to cheque the iPhone keeps starting problem is solved or not.

fixing iphone keeps restarting

And at present your iPhone wont cease restarting should be solved.

download on Windownload on Mac

Part 3. Bank check If iPhone Keeps Restarting for Hardware Problem

#1 Remove Your SIM Card and Check If It Stops Restarting

Sometimes, if at that place is a problem with your iPhone wireless carrier, information technology may also occur the trouble that iPhone keeps restarting over and over. To fix this effect, you lot can pull your SIM card out of the device to check if it has the problem.

Using an ejector pin to remove your SIM menu from the SIM tray, then check if removing it has resolved the problem. If yes, you need put the SIM carte du jour dorsum and turn on your iPhone. And if the bug are nonetheless exiting, then you may demand to replace another SIM card.

#2 Check and Clean iPhone’s Charging Port

Utilise a toothpick or small needle to clean the lightning port on the lesser of the device. Because if the curt excursion in the port may cause the iPhone restarting again and again, constantly. And the lightning port curt circuit is ordinarily caused past the lint or dust stuck.

#3 Replacing your iPhone Bombardment If Rebooting While Charging

The bombardment quality is likewise a factor which may affect your iPhone keeps restarting. If your iPhone is nether warranty, you can take information technology to Apple store, and check the battery condition. And if is not skilful, you can supercede information technology with the aid of the staff. In add-on to the battery, the cable, the charger, the connector also can replace.

replce the battery stop iphone restarting

The Lesser Line

Afterwards following the above method, I think this problem has been solved. But if it even so keeps restarting on your iPhone, you tin contact the Apple Shop and fix your device by their high-tech team.

I believe this iPhone keeps restarting every few minutes problem will be solved after post-obit the in a higher place methods, such as setting date and time, FoneCope iOS System Recovery tool, updating iPhone status, factory reset, force restart, and iTunes restore. The details have been fully discussed in this page. You can learn and follow in like shooting fish in a barrel steps. But if still, your iPhone keeps restarting over and over over again, you should contact the Apple Store and fix your device by their high-tech team.

Source: https://www.fonecope.com/fix-iphone-keeps-restarting.html