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Iphone Xs Vs Iphone 8 Specs

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If it’s fourth dimension to consider upgrading your iPhone but yous’re hoping to find some cheaper options, and then both iPhone 8 and iPhone XR are great choices. While iPhone 8 is the last model to have a physical home button, iPhone XR is the cheapest model to include newer features similar Face up ID. Keep reading, and nosotros’ll dive deeper into what distinguishes these iPhone models.

What’southward the departure between iPhone eight and iPhone XR?

While iPhone XR might seem like a cheaper model thank you to its bright color options, it’due south all the same very much a worthy successor to iPhone viii. Loaded with new features, iPhone XR keeps the baseline iPhone offering upward to appointment with other electric current models.

Other significant features of
iPhone XR

  • Confront ID to unlock the phone and use Apple Pay
  • No habitation push
  • 6.i-inch Liquid Retina brandish
  • Bombardment life that lasts over 13 hours

Some features that set
iPhone 8
apart are:

  • A physical dwelling house button
  • Touch ID to unlock the device
  • Retina LCD screen
  • Smaller and lighter than iPhone XR

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iPhone 8 vs. iPhone XR: The camera

Looking at the specs alone, it is clear that the camera on both models is identical. Both models are equipped with a 12-megapixel photographic camera on the back and a vii-megapixel camera on the front. But, that being said, information technology’s the image processor on iPhone XR that gives it simply enough of an edge. The upgraded chip gives it some updated features similar Portrait Mode, which previously required having two photographic camera lenses (seen on iPhone X or even iPhone 8 Plus).

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8: Size

iPhone XR, just like its 2018 counterparts iPhone XS and XS Max, is a bulkier phone than iPhone 8. It’southward bigger and heavier, but thankfully, there are some noticeable upgrades on the iPhone XR that justify its extra size. Things like a larger display, which we’ll talk more about later, and better battery life are definitely strong selling points. But if those aren’t top priorities for yous, and if you lot are more concerned about your iPhone beingness smaller and lighter, so iPhone 8 would be the style to get.

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8: Display

The displays on iPhone XR and iPhone 8 probably stand for the most meaning departure between the two models. iPhone 8 has the familiar iv.7-inch screen, just iPhone XR steps it up to inches, which looks and feels massive. Thanks to not having a home button, the display on iPhone XR tin can get all the style to all four edges, but, like other iPhones that do this, it also has the annoying notch at the top of the screen.

Which is better, iPhone 8 or iPhone XR?

Clearly, the better pick between these two models is iPhone XR. The display alone gives it the upper paw. And by getting rid of the home button and leveraging Face ID, iPhone XR tin can keep up with other iPhone models. With upgraded RAM and processors, iPhone XR is also the more recent model of the 2, which means information technology’s more likely to be able to run newer apps and operating systems equally they come out.

While iPhone XR is the improve of the options, at that place are still things you might like and prefer about iPhone 8. It holds on to many familiar features and designs that brand an iPhone an iPhone. Things like the habitation button and 3D impact are both missing from iPhone XR. And it is lighter and smaller, which might be important to you lot.

Deciding between iPhone 8 and iPhone XR depends on whether you want something newer and more modern or prefer to stay with something y’all’re more familiar with. Hopefully, this article has answered any questions you may accept had nearly either model and helped you decide on your new iPhone!