Is Snapchat Getting Deleted In 2022

Since October 2012, the photograph-sharing platform, Snapchat, has been a staple social media app for millennials and Gen Zers worldwide. Recent rumors, however, have users beyond the globe in a full-diddled panic that Snapchat is getting shut downwardly. So, are the rumors true? Here is everything nosotros know regarding your favorite social media app.

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Information technology all started in summertime 2019.

Call back back to summer 2019: it was “hot girl summertime,” and Coronavirus wasn’t a worldwide epidemic. Life was skilful. Anyway, according to
Game Revolution, at that place was trouble in paradise when rumors spread that Snapchat would shut down the following twelvemonth, in summertime 2020. Nobody knew why, but fans were grateful after finding out the rumors were proven to exist false.

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The initial rumors reportedly stemmed from a fake news commodity written in summer 2017, but Twitter had shut those down that same year, confirming the app was live and well, and would be for the long run. Check out what panicking Snapchat users had to say well-nigh the shutdown rumors, beneath, and be grateful it isn’t actually happening.

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But Snapchat is testing a redesign that could change things for the app.

While y’all’re leap cleaning these next few months, Snapchat will be undergoing a redesign. According to
The Verge,
the app is currently working on a new dwelling for the Snap Map, also every bit breaking news headlines that will reportedly pop up on a timely basis, in addition to their already-existing Discover Page.

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The redesign will be the first in three years, and subsequently the last update, the app lost over two percent of its users.
The Verge
claims Snapchat still isn’t profitable, and that it’south missing an entire market place of older people. And then, who knows? It might not go on running for much longer, depending on how well they continue to do.

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But Snapchat’s 3rd party apps are improving user experience.

Snapchat’due south yr-old Snap Kit feature has been allowing users to create 3rd party apps that augment the user experience, co-ordinate to
Tech Crunch.
Ane chosen Yolo, for example, enables users to ship anonymous Snapchats to other users, and became a No. i app only i week after information technology officially launched.

And it seems like Yolo is on a path to success. After receiving an additional $8 million in funding, Yolo is now safeguarded from predators, and has revealed a make new characteristic to create group chats. It’south pretty incredible, and might honestly save the app from impending doom.

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While Snapchat’s user base suffered tremendously from the last software update (aka everyone’southward mom decided it was no longer piece of cake to utilise), we’re happy to know information technology’south alive and well. Nosotros’re really hoping the side by side update isn’t — well — quite every bit drastic as the concluding, but we’re #ForeverGrateful for third-political party Snap Kit apps like Yolo, for essentially keeping the app live.

Regardless of what happens, nosotros honey Snapchat and are thrilled to see it notwithstanding kickin’… I don’t know what nosotros’d practise without those filters.