Is The Ipad Air 4 Waterproof

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There’s a new iPad in town, and it looks similar the premium iPad Pro but without the iPad Pro cost. Is the 2020 iPad Air a tablet you lot should be considering?

With a high-end chip, a big mostly total-view screen encased by relatively slim bezels and in a softened rectangle, and a metal casing complete with USB Type C, it’s easy to encounter why the iPad Pro is more like a computer than your standard iPad.

There’s a trivial something more for Apple’s darling tablet, the about premium of the bunch, and it even solves some of the problems of recent models.

Do you want a tablet that’due south generally a screen? That’s this model. How well-nigh a place to store the Apple Pencil stylus? The iPad Pro has that. And would you prefer a plug port that’due south every bit seamless as well-nigh laptops, including Apple tree’due south today? It has that, as well.

Only it besides comes with a pretty hefty price, fetching over a grand at a minimum, and that’s something non everyone is prepared to pay. But at a minimum of just under a grand, there’southward a new tablet that brings much of what makes the iPad Pro to a less hefty price tag. Is the iPad Air the iPad Pro for everyone else?


Apple iPad Air (left) vs Apple iPad Pro (right)
Apple iPad Air (left) vs Apple tree iPad Pro (right)

Built to look like the iPad Pro, the iPad Air offers an almost identical take on the pro-level iPad, but at a different cost. The specs are also different, and there are other choices for colours, only the pattern is still, with a softened rectangular blueprint complete with a relatively slim blackness bezel encasing the screen.

Design-wise, the 2020 iPad Air looks like an iPad Pro, except in light metallic colours, and if you didn’t know what you were looking for, y’all’d probably think they were the aforementioned. You might even call blue the new silverish, because they can read as very similar, just a niggling colder overall.

In fact, with near identical dimensions save for the the thickness (which is just marginally thicker), you’d swear the iPad Air was the same.

Just they’re not, and the nearly obvious sign is from the camera, with the iPad Air offering one 12 megapixel F1.8 photographic camera, while the iPad Pro offers a 12 megapixel F1.viii photographic camera alongside an ultra-wide ten megapixel F2.4 camera.

Camera differences in the iPad Air (left) and iPad Pro (right)
Camera differences in the iPad Air (left) and iPad Pro (right)


There’s more going on that’southward unlike betwixt the 2020 iPad Air and 2020 iPad Pro, though, with the camera array merely the start.

You’ll find a new chip under the hood, with Apple’s A14 Bionic lurking underneath, paired with 4GB RAM and either 64GB or 256GB storage, plus no manner to expand once you buy it. Choose carefully.

Connections arrive with Bluetooth 5, 802.11a/b/thou/northward/ac/ax WiFi half dozen, and GPS, plus 4G LTE if you opt for the 4G version, as opposed to without on the standard WiFi model. Wired connections are very slim in number, though, borrowing the iPad Pro’s Type C USB port only, with no 3.5mm headset jack at all.

Apple tree is besides making a alter for security in this model, considering while the iPad Pro gets the Face ID biometric security, information technology instead opts for a fingerprint Affect ID congenital into the power push button up superlative, a new style of fingerprint sensor for Apple.

All of this sits under a 10.9 inch screen running a resolution of 2360×1640, and supporting Truthful Tone and the Apple Pencil, complete with a vii megapixel FaceTime HD camera found in the black frame surrounding the screen. It’ll even fit into that iPad Pro Magic Keyboard case from earlier in the year.


iPad Air (2020)

Of course, the main feature of the 2020 iPad Air is its screen, which on the surface looks pretty much spot on with the eleven inch iPad Pro screen, and nevertheless, it’s not quite exactly that screen.

Technically, the iPad Air is a 10.9 inch screen, and it’s only when y’all line the iPad models upward side-by-side and then stare at them really closely, studying those bezels, that you lot’ll really see the pocket-size differences: the black edges are a little fleck thicker on the iPad Air, only non by much.

The differences are so small, you’d accept to be remarkably fussy and pedantic to choice up on them, with Apple making enough of a difference to have one, but non really to be noticeable in the slightest.

And withal while the size is a fiddling different, the feature set of the screen feels the same, at least for nigh people.

Information technology’due south yet vivid, easy to look at, offers the P3 colour gamut, and provides support for Apple’southward True Tone, a engineering that manages to change the color temperature of white to match the lighting around you lot.

The 2020 iPad Air screen isn’t quite as bright as its iPad Pro sibling, but not by any noticeable amount, with the only major departure being the lack of Apple’due south fast screen engineering science “ProMotion”, which is an iPad Pro-only feature to shift the screen speed to a maximum of 120Hz at times to provide slicker animations and scrolling, besides as better screen performance in games. It’south the sort of thing that screams more premium, but won’t matter to nigh people at all.

Apple iPad Air (left) vs Apple iPad Pro (right)
The difference in bezels is remarkably slim. Skilful luck finding it. Apple iPad Air (left) vs Apple iPad Pro (right)


Using the 2020 iPad Air will feel only similar using an iPad Pro this twelvemonth because the operating system is the aforementioned — iPadOS xiv — and the accessories are identical, too.

You’ll find a abode screen with a widgetised sidebar on the left, with the accessories now using the aforementioned magnetic iii pins at the dorsum of the iPad for the keyboard covers, plus the second-gen magnetic Apple tree Pencil port at the side/top of the device, depending on how you lot expect at it.

We used the Magic Keyboard cover with the iPad Air, complete with the touchpad, and plant it worked identically to how we experienced information technology on the iPad Pro, giving you an idea that this will basically serve the same purpose every bit the iPad Pro, just for less.

The same is true with the Apple Pencil, which works with the 2nd-gen Pencil, complete with how that stylus tin be stored forth the magnetic edge up meridian.

Given how much the 2020 iPad Air borrows from the iPad Pro, that should hardly come up every bit a surprise, but information technology’s prissy to know all the aforementioned.

Withal, while the designs are close, the specs are where things become different, and that’due south thanks in part to the new hardware Apple has gone with, which likewise gives a chip of a preview for Apple tree’due south new phones.

One of those things is the power push button, which hides a fingerprint sensor, since there’s no Face ID on thie iPad Air. That’s totally fine, and helps the tablet save a few bucks, providing a slender power button reliant on the touch security of your finger, rather than the possibly masked visage that is your face.

And it’s not the simply hardware modify from the iPad Pro to the iPad Air.

iPad Air (2020)


Under the hood, the Air makes use of a new scrap, with the Apple tree A14 offering a glimpse in what y’all can look from the iPhone 12, with the chip really speeding along quite well.

We institute it handled games and apps well, and while it didn’t quite blow the criterion socks off of every A12Z criterion from the iPad Pro, it handled itself well plenty as it is. The new chip managed to vanquish both the unmarried core and the graphical performance of the 2020 iPad Pro, while losing out always so slightly to the multicore operation of the more expensive model.

iPad benchmarks in 2020

Frankly, we’d exist surprised if anyone noticed the difference, as the performance across both is very impressive. At that place appears to be less memory in the iPad Air, though it didn’t seem to paring our experience at all, as this thing just flies.

Wireless connections likewise see an improvement here, with support for 802.11a/b/yard/n/ac/ax WiFi vi, handy if your router can handle information technology, though in that location’s no 5G iPad Air in 2020. Sad folks, merely you lot’ll but accept to settle for 4G speeds if you opt for the LTE iPad Air 4.

Our 2020 iPad Air review model didn’t come with LTE and was WiFi only, just we found it perfectly speedy all the aforementioned.


You should likewise find a adept 9 to 10 hours of consequent use on the 2020 iPad Air, though that will come up beyond as one or 2 days of regular use, for most people.

Granted, it’s not a staggering battery life altogether, and can be graded heavily on how you use the tablet.

For instance, if you do a lot of typing with the keyboard embrace and use the iPad Air every bit your daily commuter, expect to need to accuse it nightly. However if you’re someone who plans on using the Air with a picayune less regularity, out and about at a coffee shop and another times, you might get by giving the Air a charge every two or three days, which is what we did.

Information technology’southward not a bad life by any stretch of the imagination, especially if yous’re thinking of making the jump from a laptop to a tablet, which is now easily possible.

The Type C port of the iPad Air


And from $899, Apple may have constitute a fashion to become people into having a more powerful iPad that can also be similar a proper laptop, but without the iPad Pro price.

At $899, you get a 64GB iPad Air, while $1129 gets you the 256GB model. Meanwhile, the 2020 iPad Pro starts at $1329 for 128GB with 256GB starting at $1499, painting a very unlike picture.

Granted, the technology is different, but even with at least a $350 different, it’due south a price shift that could see many people happy to forgot the extra cameras and Face ID of the iPad Pro, and only become with what is basically a similar device for less.

In many ways, the iPad Air feels like the iPhone 12 of the iPad line-up: it’due south plenty of the high-terminate design and high-end performance without all of the amazing features from the all-time model yous can observe. In the iPhone world, that’s the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, simply hither in the iPad world, it’south clearly the iPad Pro.

The Touch ID power button of the 2020 iPad Air
The Touch on ID power button of the 2020 iPad Air

What needs work?

And really, you don’t demand an actress camera on the back of an iPad, and you probably don’t need LiDAR either, as nice a feature as information technology would exist.

Y’all don’t actually need the Face up ID either, though it is definitely nice as an inclusion in the iPad Pro.

All things considered, the iPad Air is balanced nicely, and delivers almost of what people want.

We even so can’t assist but feel it’s a petty on the pricey side, considering you still need to spend over a chiliad in society to go ane with the keyboard, and that’south a piffling annoying.

2020 iPad Air reviewed

We’d also beloved to see h2o resistance, something Apple includes in its phones, withal not in its tablets. It’s not that we plan on taking the iPad Air to the pool — and neither should you — but more that it’s non unreasonable to expect people sit an iPad Air poolside for entertainment, while also allowing information technology some h2o resistance for apply in the kitchen.

Neither of those are good ideas with the iPad Air, or the iPad Pro, or even the iPad for everyone in the iPad 10.2. Apple doesn’t yet brand a h2o resistant tablet, even if it makes plenty of h2o resistant phones: right now, every iPhone is water resistant, nevertheless not a single iPad is.

So beyond price, that’s what nosotros desire: some hint of water resistance.

Bluntly, a tablet this good shouldn’t be limited by where you want to use it, which right at present is probable its only existent limitation.

Apple iPad Air (left) vs Apple iPad Pro (right)
The thickness of the iPad Air (left) is only 0.2mm thicker than the iPad Pro (correct). Or in other words: you’ll never run into the deviation.

Final thoughts (TLDR)

Only that’s not enough to dampen our spirits for the 2020 Apple tree iPad. Actually, this thing is just lovely.

While the iPad Pro can feel like a device fabricated for artists and developers alike given its support for LiDAR in augmented reality, the iPad Air normalises the iPad Pro feel for nearly people, delivering a large screen and sparse tablet in a device that uses the aforementioned pattern language, aligning information technology nicely non but with the iPad Pro, but the new phones, as well.

This is a professional iPad for most people.

It’s an iPad for folks looking for a little more than what the standard iPad can do, and with a design and feature prepare that feels a little more capable than what yous’ll find in the iPad for anybody. Information technology’s the iPad model for folks who want their iPad to exist more than a tablet, and to connect with other devices in their world.

And yeah, information technology’south however a petty on the exy side, simply the 2020 iPad Air balances the iPad Pro to be merely that more than friendly for almost folks out there. Basically, it’south an iPad Pro for everyone else. Highly recommended.

iPad Air (2020)

Apple iPad Air (2020)

The skillful

Looks like the iPad Pro…

…but doesn’t come with the iPad Pro price

Cracking screen

Solid functioning from the new chip

Fingerprint sensor works very well, fifty-fifty in the new shape

Supports the aforementioned accessories every bit the iPad Pro

Supports USB Type C for charging and accessories

The not-so-proficient

A petty exy

No water resistance