Is The Samsung Note 20 Waterproof

With many looking to buy the new Notation flagship from Samsung, in this guide, nosotros will be discussing Galaxy Annotation twenty waterproof rating. Existence at the forefront of providing h2o resistance for Android phones since Milky way S5, Samsung is a seasoned company when it comes to waterproofing. The make has always pushed water resistance as a necessary feature on its flagship series so logically, many prospective buyers are curious whether Galaxy Note xx and Galaxy Annotation twenty Ultra are waterproof?

Electronics and water never become well together. Still, thanks to various techniques and manufacturing processes, Samsung has been able to provide some amazing Galaxy phones over the years that can resist h2o damage. From the looks of Milky way Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, the telephone seems quite frail which is why one might assume the series can non survive moisture. Is that actually the case? Allow’s discuss!

Measuring H2o Resistance and What is an IP Rating?

To put water resistance on a measurable calibration, there is standard rating chosen
Ingress Protection
— IP Rating. Through this, there are varying levels of h2o and grit resistance that phones tin can reach. Each value has its ain characteristics.

Since phones are most susceptible to h2o damage when it comes to liquids and dust when information technology comes solids, IP rating defines its value with respect to these substances. While it might not seem dust causes problems, for phones equally complicated as nosotros have these days, it really does!


Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Popular IP Ratings and their Differences: IP53 / IP66 / IP67 / IP68

Here are the IP scale divisions and the quality of protection for each. College IP value equates to better protection:

IP Rating / Code Clarification
IP53 Rated as protected against solid bodies larger than 1mm and protected against
water splashes.
IP66 Rated as “grit tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.
IP67 Rated equally “dust tight” and protected againstimmersion.
IP68 Rated as “grit tight” and protected against
consummate, continuous submersion in water.
IP69 / IP69K Rated as “grit tight” and protected confronting
high-force per unit area / steam jet water.

Samsung Galaxy Annotation 20, Notation 20 Ultra IP Rating

By now we accept established what is an IP rating and what the various ratings means, its fourth dimension to address the question whether Galaxy Note xx is waterproof? To exist classed equally a water resistant phone, IP68 is the value which Galaxy Note 20 needs to accomplish as at this rating, the phone is said to survive h2o submersion and is classed every bit water tight.

Galaxy Note xx and Note 20 Ultra does have water resistant variants
but there are some which are not. If y’all purchase Samsung Galaxy Note twenty 5G, it will have an IP68 rating and similarly, if you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, information technology would as well come with IP68 rating. However,
Milky way Notation twenty 4G and Annotation 20 Ultra 4G are non IP rated
hence non water resistant!

It is unfortunate that entry level 4G variants of Milky way Note xx miss out on water-resistance! If you value water resistance, you should consult our Galaxy Notation 20 models and variants guide to consult which model you should become.

Here is the official Samsung listing for phones with IP68 Rating:

  • S7 and S7 edge
  • S9 and S9+
  • S8 and S8+
  • S10e, S10, and S10+
  • S20 5G, S20+ 5G, and S20 Ultra 5G
  • Note8
  • Note9
  • Note10, Note10+, Note10+ 5G
  • Note20 5G and Note20 Ultra 5G

Dos and Don’ts with Samsung Milky way Note twenty

If you have a 5G variant of Samsung Milky way Note 20 or Annotation 20 Ultra, you lot can getaway by taking it to the pool and beaches. Further, it would also exist able to survive a water submersion. This doesn’t mean an unnecessary tests. Its a feature that will aid you in accidents but shouldn’t exist tried purposefully.

However, for 4G variants, these recommendations are exact opposite. Milky way Annotation 20 4G phones should non be taken near pools or any places where there is hazard of h2o submersion.

What to do Afterwards H2o Damage?

How to Fix Water Damage on Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Subsequently all, accidents practice happen and it is plausible that y’all become your telephone water damaged — Galaxy Note 20 5G or 4G variant. If that is the case, get-go thing is to ability information technology off immediately. This will salvage from any further short-circuiting or impairment to the telephone’s hardware. You lot can force shutdown the phone by pressing the ability button and volume downwardly button continuously for x-20seconds.

Afterwards that there is a DIY method yous should try out to see if you lot can fix water impairment on your own and relieve the trip to the service center:

Rice Bag Method

One of the most pop DIY tricks to set up water damage on phones (and electronics in general) is the rice bag method. Once you pull out your phone back from the puddle, pond or any water, power it OFF. Practise not turn information technology back ON or you will take chances brusque-circuiting the main board. Now put the phone is a sealed pocketbook of rice and keep it inside for atleast ii-3 days.

Rice is known for arresting h2o and this is exactly what information technology will do from inside your phone. Take out the phone after a few days and turn it on. If it powers on like normal, there is a good chance that would accept fixed your water damage. However, if you still feel the telephone is not functioning properly, you might have to take it to an official service center for repair.

Samsung Galaxy Annotation 20 Waterproof – FAQs

Hither are answers to popular questions that prospective Milky way Note twenty buyers will exist asking, in terms of h2o resistance:

  1. What is the IP rating of Milky way Note20?

    Samsung Milky way Notation 20 5G and Annotation twenty Ultra 5G accept an official IP68 rating. This translates into the phone being dust-tight and protected confronting modest submersion in waterproof. All the same, Galaxy Note 20 4G and Galaxy Note xx Ultra 4G doesn’t have official IP rating.

  2. Can I take the Galaxy Note 20 with me in the pool?

    Official IP68 rating means yous can have the Galaxy Note 20 5G and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G nigh pools merely only if necessary. Notation 20 4G and Notation 20 Ultra 4G lineup is not recommended every bit it doesn’t take an IP rating.

  3. I dropped my Milky way Notation 20 in fresh water. Is my phone damaged?

    After you driblet your phone, immediately take it out. Dry out it out completely with preferably a towel or microfiber. Inspect the telephone, if it works as normal, you don’t have to do whatsoever additional steps.

  4. How long does wet stay in the telephone?

    The elapsing of wet within the phone depends on several factors. like your surrounding temperature, the amount of water in your charging port, the type of h2o etc.