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There’southward something special about Minecraft and the way it brings people together. Zip documents this miracle more than than social Minecraft servers. For those unaware, these are a special type of server that is set up in a particular fashion to promote interaction between players.

The top social servers all take advantage of proximity-based voice chat, which ensures more efficient communication with fellow players compared to the classic text-based conversation. On such servers, yous’ll be able to chat with others without needing to type out your messages.

Best Minecraft proximity conversation voice servers for socializing

ane) Purple Prison

IP Address:

Royal Prison is a great social server with a deep player-based economy (Image via Purple Prison house)

Purple Prison is one of the all-time Minecraft Prison house servers that one could hope to play on, peculiarly because of its community. The members are very friendly and helpful, and they make sure to help anybody with anything they might need.

On this server, proximity-based vocalisation chat is favored and powered past a pop Minecraft customer called Feather Client, which Purple Prison is too partnered with.

The Majestic Prison house server itself has a lot of unlike game modes, including Minecraft Prison, Factions, Parkour, Survival (with multiple biomes), and even Dropper! All of these modes are great for new or experienced players who want to endeavor something new. There are also over 70,000 Majestic Prison house Discord community members to chat, socialize, and form friendships with.


IP Address:


ROXBOT is platonic for players who are looking for something beyond but building and exploring. Proximity conversation is a prominent feature of the server, and the social aspect is actually one of the cadre attractions.

ROXBOT facilitates advice in a much more efficient manner compared to other servers out there; yous tin speak directly with your friends instead of relying on third-party applications like Skype or Discord.

In terms of gameplay, ROXBOT is a PvP (actor versus role player) server. If that’southward upwards your alley, and then be sure to check this one out. Don’t exist scared to bring a friend or two with you since you can talk to them while playing with them or confronting them in 1 of the many PvP modes bachelor on the server.

three) Stone Golem one.xix SMP

IP Address: thestonedgolem.alive

An SMP survival server with proximity chat is a whole new experience (Image via Mojang)
An SMP survival server with proximity chat is a whole new experience (Image via Mojang)

Stone Golem 1.nineteen SMP is a Minecraft ane.19 SMP survival server that has proximity chat equally well as many other features to help you brand new friends and sharpen your survival skills.

Stone Golem is a relatively new server merely has already gathered a lot of fans from all over the globe, courtesy of its wonderful staff and awesome gameplay features. Such features include a playtime bonus that offers you rewards based on the fourth dimension you lot’ve spent on the server.

Furthermore, this server even supports players in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as well as those in Java. This ways yous can utilise information technology to play with your friends across platforms. Those looking to connect from Bedrock Edition will need to use the defended Bedrock IP:

How to use proximity chat on Minecraft servers

Follow the steps below to utilize proximity conversation on a Minecraft server:

  1. Download a Minecraft client that supports proximity chat, such as Plume Client or LabyMod.
  2. Bring together a server that supports proximity chat (three addresses are provided higher up).
  3. Brand certain your proximity chat settings are enabled in your client.

Now, y’all can start chatting with people and making new friends.

What is proximity vox conversation in Minecraft?

Proximity voice chat in Minecraft is a chat system that allows players to socialize with each other without having to blazon. Players can communicate via vocalisation past only being close to each other.

It’s an excellent feature for people who are uncomfortable with typing out their thoughts but still want to collaborate with others. It’southward also quite popular in the Minecraft Factions subgenre, where Faction members often use it to talk to each other apace.

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