Jabra Elite 7 Active Review: Get a grip

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The Jabra Elite seven Active are cracking sounding truly wireless earbuds made for exercise with practiced battery life and useful ANC skills packed into a small package that does stay put in your ears.


  • Small-scale form factor
  • Great sound once fix in Jabra app
  • Good active noise cancellation


  • Some more reliably secure sports buds out there
  • Need to tinker with sound profile for best results
  • ANC still struggles with current of air

Key Features

  • Active Noise Cancellation
    Supports ANC with adjustable levels

  • Audio+ app
    Offers added customisation with equaliser settings and Hear Through mode

  • ShakeGrip engineering
    Designed to go on the earbuds rooted during workouts


The Jabra Elite 7 Active are Jabra’s latest set of truly wireless earbuds congenital for working out.

The successor to the excellent Elite Agile 75T, Jabra has refined the design so occupy less space in the ears while nonetheless promising a secure fit even during tough practice sessions. In that location are also features similar active noise counterfoil, the power to handle calls and onboard controls.

At £169.99, the Elite 7 Active is by no means a budget buy. Does it deliver where it matters to make it the buds you should accept in your ears when it’s time to run or hitting the gym?


  • UK
    RRP: £169.99
  • USA
    RRP: $179.99
  • Europe
    RRP: €179.99
  • Canada
    RRP: CA$239.99
  • Australia
    RRP: AU$279.99

The Jabra Elite 7 Active is bachelor to purchase in three colours for £169.99 / $179.99 from Jabra’s website equally well every bit other retailers.


  • IP57 waterproof design
  • Comes in three colours

Put the Elite 7 Active side-by-side with the Elite Agile 75T and you can see that Jabra has sought to brand its latest sports buds sit smaller in the ears and still offer a potent fit that holds up for vigorous exercise. They weigh 5.5g per bud and Jabra says they’re 16% smaller than its last generation buds.

Jabra gives yous a pick of black, mint or navy colours and once again opts against a fly tip-style pattern for its own ‘ShakeGrip’ design. It’s using a silicone rubber that it says helps to keep the buds in your ears and keep that contour low. In that location’s also three unlike sized sets of ear gels to make sure you can get an optimum fit.

Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds

I would say the experience of wearing these earbuds is that they do stay put and they sit down pleasingly in the ears than nearly other sports earbuds. I ran, did indoor HIIT workouts and indoor rowing sessions and they did not fall out. While they didn’t budge I did often get that sense that maybe they could, and that’s why I’d still think some might nevertheless favour the more reliable fly tip-manner earbuds. Information technology’south worth making employ of the MyFit test here also, which is available in the Jabra Audio+ app and helps to determine if you have the optimal fit.

While the course factor has shrunk, it’southward protection confronting h2o and sweat remains unchanged. You’re nevertheless getting IP57 certification, which technically means they’re equipped to exist submerged in h2o up to i metre. In reality, information technology means they’re better equipped to handle sweat from a conditioning and running in the rain.

On the outer side of the buds is a single LED light to indicate battery condition. There’s also a prepare of concrete controls that you printing to handle calls, skip music tracks, play/pause and toggle through HearThrough and ANC modes. Y’all can too use those controls to summon your smart banana and press and hold to adjust volume.

Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds touch controls

Physical controls e’er experience like a meliorate fit than touch ones, particularly on earbuds made for exercise, and the Elite 7 Active controls piece of work very well from that perspective. Even when you’re moving at speed and having to reach for them.

Those buds sit in a charging case that’s noticeably flatter than the one included with previous Jabra buds, making it a lot easier to slip into a pocket. That case can exist charged via USB-C or wireless charging pads.

It’southward worth noting that these buds tin be used independently, which is good to hear. What’due south not so neat is that you tin can’t pair them two devices simultaneously. Information technology seems support for that will be added in the hereafter.

Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds and accessories


  • Adjustable agile noise cancellation
  • HearThrough
  • Use earbuds independently

You’re getting 6mm drivers powering the audio performance with presets and an equalizer within the companion Sound+ app letting you lot tinker with the sound contour. I’d say y’all’d definitely need to practise that to get the nearly rewarding sound from these Actives.

That’southward considering out of the box, they sound very unbalanced. Accept the time to perform the MySound test to personalise the earbuds and you’ll get something far more rewarding. In that location’s peachy bass depth though some might want to reign things in on the app if it feels a little on the heavy side. In that location’south a nice sharpness in the treble and you become a good, wide soundstage despite the small stature of these buds.

Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds on a trainer

You can play around with the bass, mid-range and treble in the equalizer or go to the music presets instead where you can besides make your own if you demand something ameliorate suited to speech communication or something more relaxed sounding.

Jabra includes both active noise cancellation and HearThrough modes depending on whether you want to entirely block out the world or let more of it in. The ANC can be adjusted in the app to command how effective that noise cancelling works.

At its total powers I found that for running exterior it did a pretty proficient task muting traffic but did have more than of a challenge entirely blocking out current of air. It does go on it at bay but it doesn’t remove it. You have similar control with the HearThrough letting you adjust how much exterior sound you let in. You can actually turn off both of these modes too, which will ameliorate the battery life.

The Elite 7 Active are ready to have calls too. There’s four internal and external microphones included that use a special mesh to protect against wind and improve call quality. I can’t say that I get many calls these days, but on the few that I did employ these with, that phone call quality was fine overall and the wind wasn’t a total nuisance outside.

Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds being worn

One surprising feature to notice within the companion app is a series of soundscapes that let yous pump in things like white noise, the sounds of waterfalls, ocean waves or crowd noise to mask noise around you. It’s probably not going to get used by many, but it’south a nice improver.

In terms of bombardment life, Jabra is giving you upward to 8 hours with ANC in use and 10 hours without it. With a fully charged instance, you lot’ll get xxx hours in total. There’south as well an improved fast charge feature that now gives you an hour’s listening time from but a 5 infinitesimal charge. It was previously 15 minutes. I’d say those battery numbers band true in my time with them. An 60 minutes’s worth of running with ANC enabled dented the battery by ten%.

In that location is a sleep mode to help better conserve bombardment life that will plough off the buds when they are out of range from your phone or not in the charging case for fifteen minutes. If they’ve not been used for xxx minutes, they’ll jump into that sleep mode too.

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Should you buy it?

Y’all want headphones for sweaty exercise
The stiff water and sweat resistance rating coupled with the good fit make these buds well suited to more than energetic exercise time.

Yous have problems with earbud fit
It’s clear that despite the hope of a secure fit without wingtips, these might however pose fit problems for some.

Final Thoughts

The Jabra Aristocracy 7 Active is another cracking sporty earbud instalment from Jabra that packs more of the same tech inside of a smaller yet still secure fit design. They sound bully, offer battery life in line with the contest and offer expert ANC as well. That being said, y’all could pick up the Aristocracy Active 75T with a similar feature prepare albeit with a slightly larger design for less and still get a great pair of buds if you don’t desire to spend big.

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What’s Jabra’s ShakeGrip technology?

According to Jabra, ShakeGrip uses a special Liquid Silicone Rubber compound to agree “the buds more securely in the ear without the need for ear wings”.

Practise the Jabra Aristocracy 7 Active support ANC?

Indeed they do, and you can adjust the HearThrough ambient sound mode in the Audio+ app.

Total specs

Great britain RRP

United states of america RRP





IP rating

Battery Hours

Wirless charging

Fast Charging



Release Date

Model Number

Driver (s)

Noise Counterfoil?



Frequency Range

Headphone Type

Vocalism Assistant

Jabra Elite vii Active







Not Disclosed




55 K






Bluetooth 5.two

Blackness, Navy, Mint

xx 20000 – Hz

True Wireless

Alexa congenital-in

Jargon buster


ANC (Active Dissonance Cancellation) uses an array of microphones in a headphone to discover the frequency of the sound coming at the listener, with the ANC chip creating an inverse wave (i.due east. opposing sound) to suppress whatever unwanted external noises.

IP rating

An abbreviation for ‘Ingress Protection Code’, which lets you know to what extent a device might be waterproof or dustproof.

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