Jungle Book Winnie The Pooh Same

Over the weekend, a Twitter video went viral, clocking over 10 million views showing reused animations from early on Disney movies like The Jungle Book, Winnie The Pooh, and few others.

Not only did it blow people’s mind on social media, it likewise presented an opportunity to explain early animation techniques and why reusing animations was par for the form.


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Before we go into why the animations were reused, let’s wait at the reused animations that recently resurfaced on social media. Information technology shows a couple of scenes from The Jungle Book animated moving-picture show and how these animated scenes were reused in subsequent Disney movies.

The Walt Disney Blitheness Studios officially released
The Jungle Book
blithe movie in 1967, where Mowgli’due south exploits from the jungle kingdom saw theatrical release

across the US. 10 years later,
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
came out in 1977.

This chronology is important to empathize, as you lot watch the linked video below — the one that went viral on Twitter over the weekend.

In the carve up-screen video, yous can see how
Christopher Robin’s animated graphic symbol (from
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
picture) stunningly mirrors each and every activeness that Mowgli performs from
The Jungle Book
blithe movie

Since Mowgli and his deportment were animated a whole 10 years before Disney released Winnie The Pooh, it’s evident they reused quite a few blithe scenes from The Jungle Volume into the later movie.

In fact, it’due south not but Christopher Robin from Winnie The Pooh, but some other characters like Baloo and the monkeys have their actions depicted and reused in other Disney movies that released after down the years. Obviously, this is shocking for first-time viewers and repeat, older viewers watching these scenes in new low-cal.

So why did Disney do it?
Were the animators patently and simply lazy? The answer lies in the cumbersome animation techniques that existed over half a century agone when computers hadn’t yet been used for animation.

The video in a higher place illustrates the painstaking procedure of creating the first-ever fully traditional animated characteristic film (besides Disney’south first e’er) — Snow White and the Vii Dwarfs — back from 1937.

In the absence of computer-generated imagery, every frame of the animated sequence had to be sketched by hand, needing tens of hundreds of illustrators to attain. But by the time Disney came around to making The Jungle Book animated movie in 1967, things had improved a scrap.

Enter Walt Disney’s multiplane camera! This complex piece of engineering science allowed Disney animators to exercise like to what you saw happen in the shared Twitter video.

The Multiplane camera was like different layers in a Photoshop prototype, assuasive animators to add together or remove anything they wanted, while keeping the base of operations blitheness the aforementioned — which is what yous meet in the reused animations from The Jungle Book in the Winnie The Pooh and later Disney movies.

Walt Disney movies dorsum in the 1930s till nigh 1980s were null short of living paintings, moving in three-dimensions. The process evidently was labour-intensive and fourth dimension-consuming in the absenteeism of modern CGI equipment, which hadn’t been invented yet. And that’due south why animations were re-used — a few times.

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