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I’m seeing ads all over the place for Zack Snyders Justice League Blu Ray release on September seventh but I tin can’t find anything almost a digital release date. I did see one advert maxim information technology will have no extras and no digital copy. Simply because it doesn’t come with a digital copy doesn’t mean information technology won’t be released on digital does it?

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Possibly HBO Max not allowing a digital re-create to get as many subscriptions as they can. They’ll release information technology digitally in one case they feel they’re non going to get whatsoever more coin out of it on their service. It just sucks they aren’t putting a digital re-create in the physical release.

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Adept theory. I was hoping that once WB released this on 4K to purchase that I could get a copy bundled with a digital version and also hoping for a widescreen release. Love the moving-picture show but near as detest that it’s in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Makes no sense. No plans to get rid of HBOMAX someday so I approximate I volition just rewatch it there if the urge strikes.

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If you utilise a VPN and switch to a UK server you lot could purchase information technology digitally I believe.

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It’southward not going to be bachelor on digital retailers, at least for a while. WB wants to keep it on HBOMax.

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Usual rule of thumb with concrete release is the digital purchases will be two weeks prior. Considering we’re a week out till the concrete, I wouldn’t hold my breath sadly.

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Difficult to tell. DC seems to exist pushing difficult for those streaming subscriptions and releasing less codes/making them available to other streaming platforms (Instance Doom Patrol Season 2 available on Blu-ray but no code and not streaming anywhere outside DCs platform) Of grade this is an HBO exclusive streamer, and then I would think they’ll release to other platforms… Just who knows? I presume everything streaming on any platform exclusively will
be available to purchase streaming rights on all the other platforms… But when is anyone’southward judge.

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The fact that in that location’south no digital code included pretty much points to the fact in that location volition no digital release, at least note prior to the physical release. They probably desire to encourage people to subscribe to HBO Max, and the physical release is mainly just for the collectors and those who prefer physical media over digital.

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I could be incorrect just I call back I call up seeing that it’s available via Amazon and Google Play. If y’all accept Movies Anywhere you can link your GP and your Vudu to MA. Buy it in GP and it’ll port to MA and be available in Vudu… in theory. With all that said, I’one thousand not sure that information technology’ll exist MA compatible so you’d be rolling the dice.

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Well hey, at least that means if information technology DOESN’T come up with ane, you lot only take i or two copies of the picture instead of 3. I personally recall one is 1 too many, but maybe I’k just really sour on Snyder because his fans became the worst part of Twitter.

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The worst part of Twitter isn’t mad DC fans my guy lol

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It seems like physical versions in Canada, Europe, South Africa… They all have digital codes. The The states is the only place you can’t download a digital version. That’s a big FU from HBO Max to all of information technology’s North American viewers. Pull your heads out, dudes… Screw your audience over enough and they’ll leave. I know I dropped HBO Max when I realized they were doing this crap. No thanks.

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They upgraded Batman v Superman with the new 4k release, perchance something similar with this? We can hope

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They won’t, totally different situation.

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