K9 Mail Cannot Connect To Server

Setting up an email account

When starting One thousand-9 Postal service for the offset fourth dimension you are greeted with a welcome screen. Click “Next” to get-go the account cosmos wizard.

Alternatively, if you’ve already ready upwards Yard-9 Mail, and yous want to add together an additional mailbox account, get to the Dwelling Screen, tap the menu button and select “Add account”

Account List Add Account

Beginning you lot are asked for your email address and countersign.

Account Setup Step1 Empty

The buttons “Manual setup” and “Side by side” become only activated afterward a correctly formatted electronic mail address and a password have been typed in.

Account Setup Step1 Filled In

If y’all choose “Adjacent” and the domain part of your email address is known to K-9 Mail, the connection settings for the incoming and outgoing server are automatically set up upwards for you. This is the case for some large email providers, e.k. Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL

Configuring the incoming server

If the domain is unknown to K-9 Mail service or the “Manual setup” button is used, you have to manually enter your server settings. Only start you lot are asked for the account blazon. Bachelor options are POP3, IMAP, and WebDAV (supported by Substitution versions upward to 2007).

Account Setup Step2 Account Type Selection

All of these are names of protocols to access your mailbox. If your email provider supports it, nosotros strongly recommend you use POP3. It is superior to the others and well supported past K-9 Mail.

The following chapters describe the steps necessary to gear up upwards an account using the given protocol.


The post-obit 2 images evidence all the IMAP related settings. Afterwards we describe them in detail. Annotation that on a smartphone, your popped-upwardly soft keyboard may be covering some of these entry fields; don’t forget to scroll.

Account Setup Step3 Imap Incoming Server 1
Account Setup Step3 Imap Incoming Server 2

Username: This is the username that’southward needed to cosign to the IMAP server. The field is initialized with the user role of your email address. Some servers are ok with this; some, more often than not those which support multiple domains, require that y’all make full in your entire e-mail address here.

Password: Hither y’all enter the password to access your emails. The password you entered at the first step of the account creation process is pre-entered here. Then you shouldn’t need to modify information technology. This password is the i which an ambassador set up for you lot or gave to yous, which you use to retrieve postal service from the mailbox.

IMAP server: This is the hostname or IP accost of your IMAP server. Annotation that this accost must resolve to your post server no matter what network you’re connected to — if you provide a name or IP that’s only resolvable
inside your private network, that’s the only identify you’ll be able to choice up electronic mail. Some firewalls tin likewise cause trouble here. If Grand-9 tin’t otherwise guess, it will fill in mail service.$DOMAINNAME here.

Security type: This specifies the cryptographic protocol that should be used when connecting to your IMAP server. Available options are:

  • None: This doesn’t use any transport security at all.
  • SSL (if available): SSL/TLS is used simply the certificate isn’t checked.
  • SSL (always): SSL/TLS is used and the certificate presented must be valid.
  • TLS (if available): The STARTTLS method is used if available; the certificate isn’t checked. If STARTTLS is non bachelor, no encryption is used at all and email will exist moved in the clear.
  • TLS (always): The STARTTLS method is used and the certificate is checked for validity.

Annotation: Avert using the options
“SSL (if bachelor)”, and
“TLS (if available)”
if you lot tin. Check the chapter Security for more information on this.

Authentication type: This specifies which authentication method to use afterwards you take a valid, hopefully encrypted, connection. Available options are:

  • Patently: This is the default method. You shouldn’t demand to alter this.
  • CRAM_MD5: Apply this if your server doesn’t support transport security merely supports the CRAM_MD5 authentication method.

Port: This is the port number the IMAP server is listening on. About of the time yous don’t want to change this. It volition generally be port 143 for non-encrypted connections, 993 for encrypted ones (IMAPS) or occasionally yous might demand to use 585 (IMAP4-SSL). If your port number is something else, the mail service server ambassador should take told you lot.

IMAP path prefix: The content of this field is prepended to IMAP binder names earlier use. The chief usage is to manually select which IMAP namespace to use. As the entry field notes, this can be automatically guessed, so unremarkably, y’all don’t need to change this. (IMAP exposes your mailbox, any internal folders, and usually such things as pre-saved searches and your contacts list all as parts of a folder/directory tree, every bit you see them from a remote client like K-nine.)

Employ compression on network: If your server supports compression (DEFLATE) it is used on the selected networks to minimize the corporeality of information transferred. Selecting this, even if your server doesn’t back up compression, doesn’t cause issues. Then at that place should be no need to modify these.

Afterward clicking “Next” M-9 Mail tries to connect to the server to verify the settings. This means you demand to have a working network connexion to go along the setup.

Account Setup Step3.5 Imap Checking Incoming Server Settings
Skip down at present to
Configuring the approachable server.


POP3 mailbox setup is almost identical to IMAP, except that in that location is no Path Prefix or Pinch bachelor, and the port numbers are
for non-secure or
for secure connections. There’s ane boosted question:

Show only subscribed folders: This shows only subscribed folders. [ It’s non clear to me where the subscription takes identify, in that location; POP3 more often than not just provides admission to your inbox from the server, as that’southward all it has; all foldering and message storage is local in Pop, whereas in IMAP the messages all alive on the server. –Baylink ]

WebDAV (Exchange)

This is too similar to setting up an IMAP mailbox, except that the port volition be
(non-secure) or
(secure), and 3 additional configuration options are prompted for: Mailbox Alias, OWA Path, and Authentication Path. Your server admin volition need to provide these, if you need to use them.

Configuring the approachable server

To be able to ship mail service Chiliad-nine Mail needs to know the settings to your provider’south SMTP server. In this step of the account creation process y’all have to provide those details. Below is an caption of the unlike settings. In sure circumstances, you may need to apply a different outgoing server than you lot’d await; we’ll discuss those after.

Because of the nature of email service, you often (if not ever, these days) send outgoing mail to i server, but choice up incoming mail from a separate 1; this is why many of the items below say “this is often, but non always, the same as the setting for outgoing mail”. Additionally, you can sometimes use i approachable mail server (often a private or corporate one) for
outgoing post, bypassing the standard outbound post servers which you’d otherwise utilize for a given mailbox. Nosotros won’t get as well deeply into these cases; if you tin can practice this, you probably already know how.

Account Setup Step4 Smtp Outgoing Server 1
Account Setup Step4 Smtp Outgoing Server 2

SMTP server: This is the hostname or IP accost of your SMTP server. As above, this name or IP must be accessible from whatever network from which y’all may want to transport post, whether your cellular carrier’s WAN or a private LAN via wifi. See below for more than details if y’all take trouble.

Security type: This specifies the cryptographic protocol that should be used when connecting to your SMTP server. Available options are:

  • None: This doesn’t apply any ship security at all.
  • SSL (if available): SSL/TLS is used but the certificate isn’t checked.
  • SSL (e’er): SSL/TLS is used and information technology’due south checked if the document is valid.
  • TLS (if available): The STARTTLS method is used if available; the certificate isn’t checked. If STARTTLS is not available, no encryption is used at all.
  • TLS (ever): The STARTTLS method is used and the certificate is checked for validity.

Port: The port number your provider’due south SMTP is listening on. This may be
587, depending on the configuration and transport security settings of your server and One thousand-ix.

Require sign-in: Tells K-9 Mail whether or not it volition be expected to authenticate to the server. In near all cases this needs to remain checked.

Authentication type: This specifies which authentication method to utilise. Available options are:

  • Patently: This is the default method. Y’all shouldn’t need to alter this.
  • CRAM_MD5: Utilize this if your server doesn’t support ship security but supports the CRAM_MD5 authentication method.

Username: The username that’s needed to authenticate to the SMTP server. This is usually equal to either the left-hand side of, or the entire, email accost; your mail server operator should take told yous what to utilize as an Approachable username — and it will usually exist identical to the incoming username, though not always.

Password: The password that’south needed to authenticate to the SMTP server. This is often, though non ever, identical to the countersign for the incoming server.

To complete the outgoing server configuration click “Next”. And once more, K-9 Mail tries to connect to the server to verify the settings you just entered.

Account Setup Step4.5 Smtp Checking Outgoing Server Settings

Account options

Later successfully setting upward the incoming and outgoing servers, you tin can at present configure some basic settings on how oftentimes M-ix Mail checks for new messages, if you want to be notified of new mail, etc. These settings are specific to each account/mailbox you configure; you can gear up them differently for dissimilar mailboxes.

Account Setup Step5 Account Options

Binder poll frequency: Here you lot specify in what interval 1000-9 Post should check the incoming server to see if in that location are new messages. Available options are:

  • Never
  • Every infinitesimal
  • Every 5 minutes
  • Every 10 minutes
  • Every 15 minutes
  • Every 30 minutes
  • Every hour
  • Every 2 hours
  • Every 3 hours
  • Every half-dozen hours
  • Every 12 hours
  • Every 24 hours

Enable push mail for this business relationship: This option is only available for IMAP accounts. When information technology is enabled a long-lived connection to the IMAP server is established then K-9 Post can be notified by the server when a new message has arrived. When this is set, you exercise non need to select a poll frequency, because yous practise not poll. This by and large decreases ability consumption in addition to decreasing delivery notification delay, and is a practiced plenty thing that it can be worth selecting a mailbox on the footing that the provider supports IMAP IDLE.

Number of messages to brandish: This value determines how many messages are kept locally cached and displayed. Bachelor options are:

  • 25 messages
  • fifty messages
  • 100 messages
  • 250 messages
  • 500 letters
  • m messages
  • all messages

Higher values have some performance implications. Read the description of the setting
Local folder size
in chapter Business relationship settings for more information.

Notify me when mail arrives: If this is checked you are notified when a new message was downloaded in this mailbox. Notification type (LED, vibration) and ringtone tin be configured afterward. See
in affiliate Business relationship settings.

Notify me while post is existence checked: If this option is enabled M-9 Mail volition inform the user when an account is being synchronized by displaying a message in the Android championship bar.

Concluding step

To complete the account creation you have to fill out the post-obit two fields:

Account Setup Step6 Account Name

Requite this account a proper noun
(optional): This is the name of the account that will be displayed in the account list. If y’all leave this field empty the electronic mail address associated with this account will be used.

Type your name: This will exist used as your proper noun for messages sent using this account.

Once yous’ve done this, click Salvage, and the account will exist completely prepare up. It will start to effort to retrieve mail immediately, and this can sometimes exist troublesome. If you don’t desire information technology to exercise this, the simply affair y’all tin can presently do to avoid it is to disable your data connections (Wifi, 3G, 4G) before clicking that last button.

You lot tin at present fix upwards boosted accounts, if necessary, by choosing Menu->Add Account from the Domicile Screen — the screen which displays the Unified Inbox and All Messages pseudo-folders as well as each of your mailboxes.

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