KEF reveals its latest high-end Blade and Reference speakers

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British hullo-fi brand KEF has appear the launch of the latest speakers in its premium Blade and The Reference series.

According to KEF, these 2 ranges demonstrate “how innovation and design tin create the most accurate and realistic sound with acoustics in mind.”

The Reference series is made upward of two three-way floorstanding speakers, a three-way standmount speaker, and 2 three-way eye speakers that can exist used every bit Left-Centre-Right (LCR) speakers.

Ii speakers make upwardly Blade range in the Bract One Meta and Bract Two Meta, and they are certainly one of the more than unique-looking efforts, almost looking like a surfboard standing upright.

Acoustics take dictated the look of the Blade, the circuitous parabolic curves of acoustically inert cabinets accept been engineered to eliminate any standing waves that could affect the sound. Inside the cabinet, the Blade benefits from the KEF’s latest speaker advancements, using Metamaterial Assimilation Engineering science (MAT) – a material that absorbs 99% of wanted sound – to reduce distortion and produce a purer sound.

This is alongside a bespoke 12th generation Uni-Q driver array, which is further complimented by the Unmarried Apparent Source technology. The goal of this tech is to achieve the “acoustic ideal of a point source, where low, mid and high frequencies radiate from one point” for a more coherent performance beyond all “all audible frequencies”.

KEF REFERENCE 1 Meta with grille off

The Reference take on a more than traditional appearance with their elegant form factor. All cabinets have been designed using finite element assay (which simulates concrete miracle) to decipher the ideal shape and bracing geometry to minimise secondary radiation from the sides. Past using Constrained Layer Damping, and remaining vibrations are turned into heat.

They likewise use the Uni-Q drivers with Metamaterial Assimilation Technology, the contours of the dome within the speaker’s midrange horn and environment take been calculator-optimised for smoother transition into the chiffonier. And KEF’south patented tangerine waveguide manages the airflow to recreate the “wide, even spread of a natural sound field”, dispersing high-frequency imaging throughout a room.

Both speakers are full of technology and that’s certainly had an outcome on the asking price, as neither the Blade or The Reference speakers come cheap. The Bract One Meta and 2 Meta sell for £30,000 and £22,500 respectively, while The Reference series ranges from £17,500 for the Reference Meta iii to £iv,750 for the Reference Meta 2.

  • Blade Ane Meta: £30,000
  • Blade Two Meta: £22,500
  • Reference v Meta: £17,500
  • Reference 3 Meta: £xi,500
  • Reference one Meta: £7,500
  • Reference 4 Meta: £vi,500
  • Reference ii Meta: £four,750
  • S-RF1 Floor Stand: £1,000
  • REF 8b Subwoofer: £6,000

The Blade comes in eight finishes (a alloy of 5 cabinet finishes and 6 driver cone colours), and those colours are: Piano Blackness/ Copper, Piano Black/Grey, Frosted Blueish/Blue, Frosted Bluish/Statuary, Charcoal Grey/Reddish, Charcoal Grey/Bronze, Racing Red/Grey Arctic White/Champagne.

The Reference mixes iii cabinet finishes and five driver cone colours: Satin Walnut/Silver, Loftier-Gloss White/Blue, High-Gloss White Champagne, Loftier-Gloss Black/Grey, Loftier-Gloss Blackness/Copper.

Both keep sale this month with requests for customised finishes for the Blade starting June 2022.

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