Edit master carte du jour and add another direct link to media?

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    Is it possible to add another detail to the main (side) bill of fare so when clicking on it you navigate directly to media instead of having sub categories?

    Only like ‘Movies’ and ‘TV Shows’.

    Thank you in advance!

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    This is not supported by the default (Estuary) skin, simply is something that tin be done by other skins (so i’ve been told in the past – I don’t accept any specific recommendations).

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    On Estuary skin the Favourites menu was designed to store shortcuts. Using other skins tin make trouble, if they are outdated, which is pretty often the case.

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    I’thousand fairly sure the many authors of third-political party Kodi skins might disagree with that statement.

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    Thanks guys for jumping in!

    I will explain why I wanted to do this since that seemed the ‘all-time’ manner to make it more than convenient (as in college WAF)

    I’m using Jellyfin, which I recently discovered.

    These are the kind of different media on a samba share:

    1. Movies
    2. Idiot box Shows
    3. Concerts/Music Videos
    4. Cocky recorded/converted video textile
    5. Pictures

    – Movies & TV Shows are accessible directly through the main carte and this works fine, so not necessary to change anything there.

    – For Pictures: it would make information technology very simple to exist able to go direct to the Pictures section in the main menu, and seeing the content instead of getting the share/library AND another icon/link to ‘Movie add together-ons’.

    That makes information technology more confusing and 1 ‘can get lost’ in browsing whereas, like with Movies/TV Shows, you don’t have this trouble.

    – Concerts/Music Videos: is not populated atm, have to check what goes wrong between LE & Jellyfin.

    – Self recorded textile: I also thought of having a direct link to this library, apart from the other video sections

    If there is another/better manner to achieve this: very welcome!


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    Often users are unable to add an entry to the favorites carte, because they don’t have the context card push at the remote control. To map the context menu push button to the blueish remote control push, add this


    After file creation, reboot and try to utilise the context menu to add menu entries to favorites. You can’t add all menu entry types to favorites (this is on my wish list), but mayhap it’s enough for your needs.

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    Hi Da Flex, cheers for your explanation.

    I know well-nigh the possibilities with the favorites and already utilise them for certain subfolders on the server and telly programs that I stream (IPTV)

    As you can see from my explanation, I’thousand looking for a way that has fifty-fifty fewer steps.

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    OK, and so I can’t assist anymore, and all you can do is to find the right pare.

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    Thanks a lot anyway!

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    Have you ever tried Aeon Nox silvo skin? You can do annihilation you lot asking for with it 😊

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    Hi Borygo77, thanks for the tip.

    I’one thousand a little reluctant to install another skin since information technology might break things but I will requite it a effort.

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    I’m a niggling reluctant to install some other peel since it might pause things but I volition give information technology a try.

    At that place is such a affair as a Backup/Restore tool in the Settings Add-on.

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    Thanks for that Fill-in/Restore tip!

    I’m giving the Aeon Nox silvo skin a try.

    Anyone knows how to utilize a Jellyfin library as a new source/menu item in the primary menu?

    From the ‘Principal Menu Customizer’ I have tried quite a lot of things but with no luck.

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    Never used jellyfin but effort add it t favourites and and then add menu and pick one of those 😉

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    Non sure how to navigate in Aeon Nox, but Jellyfin Kodi should put Videos Nodes for each Jellyfin Library nether videos.