Kodi Won T Start Windows 10

Kodi is ane of the best open-source media players where you lot can relish unlimited media files. You lot can enjoy Kodi in
Windows, Linux, Android,
likewise. So, without any doubt, Kodi is guaranteed the best video streaming service, nonetheless, it is not without errors or problems from fourth dimension to fourth dimension. Sometimes, you may confront Kodi won’t open up which is an unusual sign that something is not proper with Kodi. If you are too struggling with this issue, this guide will aid you fix Kodi won’t start problem.

Fix Kodi Won't Open in Windows 10

How to Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows x

When you confront Kodi won’t start issue on your Windows 10 PC, you can easily compress downwards the most possible causes that trigger the trouble. Analyse this list of reasons that crusade the problem on your device.

  • Corrupt Kodi installation
  • Misconfigured database files on your device that can merely be resolved when you remove them completely.
  • Few Kodi processes are still running on your device. And so, if you continue with the final session, you cannot open up a new ane.
  • Few necessary Kodi installation files are cleaved or damaged.
  • The enshroud files of Kodi media files are decadent or damaged.
  • The Kodi add together-ons are outdated or not fully updated to their latest version.
  • The graphics drivers in your device are outdated or not compatible.
  • Geographic location is restricted to your device.

Here is a list of troubleshooting methods that will assist you fix Kodi not working upshot. Follow them in the same guild to attain the best results.

Method one: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

The basic troubleshooting methods to fix the Kodi freezes on startup are explained in this section.

1A. Force Restart PC

The first approach to ready the Kodi freezes on startup is to forcefulness restart your PC. Printing theWindowskey, click on thePowerbutton, and click on theRestart option to solve the glitches on your PC.

Click on restart

1B. Delete Temporary Files

The Numerous enshroud files on your PC might exist a reason for Kodi not starting on the Kodi app, you can attempt deleting all the temporary files on the PC. Read the method on the link given here to clear all the temporary files on your PC to set up the error.

delete all temporary files. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

1C. Restart Kodi

This is a simple set up that volition help you fix Kodi freezing on Windows PC problem at ease.
Restarting Kodi media player
is one of the simplest fixes that will ensure fix all the glitches on the player and media content as well.

If all these troubleshooting methods do not piece of work, motion ahead to the side by side troubleshooting method.

Method two: Troubleshoot Cyberspace Connectivity

To savor the media streaming services on Kodi without Kodi won’t open issue, your computer must satisfy basic cyberspace requirements. A proper internet connection is necessary to send and receive data from Kodi servers. Y’all can check the internet connection past pinging 8.8.8.eight. This is the primary internet connectivity examination and if the packets sent and received are equal, then it indicates your net connexion is working fine.

ane. Hit the
Windows key
and type
cmd, then click on
Run as ambassador
every bit shown.

open command prompt as administrator

2. At present, type
Ping eight.eight.viii.eight in the command window and hit
Enter key.

type Ping in the command window and hit Enter. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

3A. If the
number of packets sent is equal to the number of packets received (0% loss), then your internet connection is working fine.

3B. If the
number of packets sent is not equal to the number of packets received (north% loss), you have issues with your internet connectedness. Try to restart the Wi-Fi router or switching to an Ethernet connection to tackle the problem.

Turn Off the router power button and turn it on again

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Method three: Close Background Processes

There may be enough of applications that run in the background. This will increment the CPU and memory usage, thereby affecting the performance of the computer. In such cases, you can close a programme or any application with the assist of the Task Managing director. But, if you confront a Job manager not responding error, you lot volition have to look for the answers to how to forcefulness close a program without Task Manager. To do so, follow our guide on How to Cease Task in Windows 10.

Click on End task

Method iv: Clear Kodi App Cache

Kodi won’t open result may occur on the PC if there are numerous enshroud files on the Kodi media role player. In this instance, you can endeavour deleting the Cache on your addition or media thespian to fix Kodi won’t open issue.

1. Press the
Windows key, typeKodi
and click on

launch the Kodi app. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

2. Click on thecog-bike icon
to open up

click on the settings icon in kodi app

3. Then, click on the
File Manager

click on File Manager. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

iv. Next, select the
Add source

click on the Add Source option

5. Then, add the following
file source
and proper name the media source as


add file source for openwizard repository. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

6. Now, go to
My Add-ons > Add on browser.

seven. Click on
Install from cipher file.

Make sure yous have enabled the installation from unknown sources feature.

go to add on browser and click on install from zip file option

viii. Double-click on the

select the a4k source. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

nine. Select the

file and click on

select the repository openwizard zip file and click on OK

10. Then, click on
Install from repository.

click on Install from Repository option

11. And, click on
OpenWizard Repository.

click on OpenWizard Repository

the Open up Wizard Repository past following the on-screen instructions.

install OpenWizard Repository. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

13. Later installing, go to
Plan Add-ons

and launch the Open Sorcerer program.

14. Navigate to
(Open Sorcerer) Maintenance > (Open Wizard) Cleaning Tools.

fifteen. Finally, select the
Total Clean Upwardly

option and click on
Clear All


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Method 5: Disable

Hardware Acceleration Feature

Several Windows users have confirmed that Kodi won’t beginning upshot is stock-still by disabling the hardware acceleration characteristic in the media actor. We recommend you follow these steps to disable the feature as instructed below.

one. Launch the
media player equally instructed in above
Method 4.

2. Now, get to Kodi

click on the settings icon in kodi app

3. Now, select the
choice equally highlighted.

If yous are using an old version of Kodi, you lot take to click on
Thespian Settings.

select the Player option. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

4. Now, click on
gear icon
from the bottom left corner of the screen till yous detect

5. Now, disable
Allow Hardware Acceleration
turning it off and check if this helps you fix Kodi non starting on Windows 10 PC.

Method 6: Update Kodi Add-ons

If the Kodi add-ons are outdated or corrupt, you lot may run across a Kodi won’t open up effect on the PC. Follow the steps beneath to update the addition and prepare Kodi non opening issue.

one. StrikingWindows key, blazonKodi and click onOpen.

launch the Kodi app

2. Click on
Add together-onstab on the left pane of Window.

Click on the Add ons tab. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

3. InMy add-onstab, right-click on your add-on in theVideo add-onssection, and click onData option from the given carte du jour.

4. At present, click on
Update push button on the screen to update the add-on.

Kodi add ons update

Note:You can also enable theAuto-update button on the screen to install the updates of your add-on automatically on the Kodi app.

Repeat these steps to update all the add-ons available on Kodi and bank check if you can prepare Kodi won’t start problem.

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Method 7: Update Kodi to Latest Version

If yous are using an outdated version of Kodi, y’all have to update it to the latest version to gear up Kodi freezes on startup issue. In this case, you lot accept to update Kodi as instructed below.

1. Hit
Windows key
and type
Windows Store.
Then, click on
Open up.

open Microsoft Store. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

2. Now, get to the

Click on library

3. Then, click on
push button for Kodi player if there are any updates available.

update kodi app in Microsoft Store

Method 8: Delete Kodi Database Files

Sometimes, you may face Kodi not working event due to corrupt, damaged or corrupt Kodi database files on your PC. In this case, you have to delete all these sometime database files equally instructed below to relish your video without any issues.

i. Launch
app as instructed in above methods and move to

click on the settings icon in kodi app. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

2. Then, click on
File director.

click on File manager. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

3. Now, navigate to
Profile Directory
menu of the actor.

4. Then, go to
and and then press

This addons.DB file comes along with some versions and numbers like addons20.DB.

5. Then,
delete these database files
and check if Kodi won’t start issue is resolved or non.

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Method 9: Utilize VPN (Virtual Individual Network)

More oft Kodi won’t open issue is caused when your Internet access provider blocks your geographic location for some privacy reasons. So, in this y’all have to use appropriate VPN connection to encrypt your network traffic and makes your media playable.

  • To be short, while the Kodi software is open-source, free, and legal, some of the available add together-ons allow you to access content illegally.
  • Your local network provider is likely to monitor and report alive streaming, Television receiver, and pic plug-ins to the regime and business authorities, leaving you exposed every time y’all go online.
  • Therefore, you may utilise a Virtual Private Network to shield yourself from spying on the service providers.
  • VPNs operate as a bulwark between you and the downloaded content. Read our guide on What is VPN? How it works?
  • It is appropriate to use VPN while using Kodi. Even though Kodi is officially legal to use, some add-ons in Kodi are not created or developed by the official developers.

Hence, utilize a trusted VPN service to safeguard yourself and watch content from any function of the world, without disclosing your true location or information.

is shown as an case for demonstration. You can use any other VPN as you similar.

1. Download NordVPN by clicking on the
Download App push, as shown.

download nord vpn

ii. In the Setup Nord VPN window, click on
to choose installation location and click

Setup Nord VPN browse location click Next

3. Choose any or both options for shortcuts, as needed:

  • Create a desktop shortcutor,
  • Create a shortcut in the Start menu.

And then, clickNext, as depicted beneath.

click Next in Nord VPN Setup

4. LaunchNordVPN app andSign-up.

5. In one case logged into your account, click onSettings icon as highlighted below.

nord vpn click on settings icon

6. On the left-manus side, selectSplit tunneling.

seven. Turn the toggleon as it will allow you lot toCull which apps use VPN-protected connections.

8. Click onEnable VPN for selected apps only pick. Then, clickAdd apps.

nord vpn turn on split tunneling and add apps. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

ix. SelectKodi from the listing and click onAdd selected push button.

check kodi app and click on add selected button to add apps for split tunnelling in nord vpn

ten. Now, selectYour Server on theMap
to watch your favorite bear witness.

eleven. Side by side, get toKodidesktop app and click onPower icon > Reboot, as illustrated below.

click on power icon and select reboot option

Enjoy watching shows or movies in Kodi with utmost privacy and anonymity. All the same, the only downside of using Nord VPN is that it might be slow to connect sometimes. But we believe it’s worth it!

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Method 10: Reinstall Kodi

Still if you face Kodi won’t open outcome even after restoring the media player to its default settings, most probably, your Kodi media role player might take some issues within the problem. You accept to delete all the Kodi data left on your computer and starting time it from scratch to reinstall information technology once more. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reinstall Kodi.

Pace I: Uninstall Kodi App

ane. Hit the
Windows fundamental, type
Control Panel
and click on

open Control Panel. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

2. Now, click on
Uninstall a plan
nether the
carte as shown.

click on Uninstall a program under the Programs menu

3. Now, select
from the list and click on
equally shown. Then, ostend whatsoever prompt that comes in the next window.

Right click on the Kodi application and click on Uninstall

4. Click on
Aye in theUser Account Control prompt.

5. Click on
Next in theKodi Uninstall window.

Click on Next in the Kodi Uninstall window

6. Again, click on
Next in the post-obit uninstallation window.

click on Next in the following uninstallation window. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

seven. At present, click on the
Uninstall option to confirm the uninstallation process.

click on the Uninstall option to confirm the uninstallation process

8. Click on
Finish to complete the process.

Click on Finish to complete the process. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

Step II: Remove Kodi AppData

1. Press the
Windows central, blazon
and striking the
Enter key
to open the
AppData Roaming folder.

Open AppData Roaming folder. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

2. Correct-click on
Kodi folder
and select the

Right-click on Kodi and select Delete

3. Next, type
%localappdata% in theWindows search bar
to open the
AppData Local binder.

Open AppData Local folder. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

4. Again, delete the Kodi folder as shown in
Pace two.

5. Finally,
reboot the PC after completely removing Kodi.

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Step III: Download and Install Kodi App

1. Go to the Kodi download page and click on theInstaller (64BIT)button every bit depicted.

Go to the Kodi download page and click on the Installer 64BIT button

2. Once the setup file gets downloaded, then run the downloaded Kodi 19.iii-Matrix -x64 flake installerby double-clicking on information technology.

Kodi 19.3 Matrix 64 bit installer

3. Click on
Nextin theKodi Setup window, as shown.

select next in kodi installer window

4. Read the
License Understanding. Then, clickI Agree button.

read the licence agreement and select I agree button in kodi installer window. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

5. Choose the
Full selection underselect the type of install: drib-downwardly carte du jour.

6. Also, bank check the box titled
Microsoft Visual C++ packages. Then, clickSide by side.

select type of installation and click on next in kodi installer window

7. Choose your
Destination Folder to install the app by clicking onBrowse… so, clickNext, shown highlighted.

click on browse to select the destination folder and click next in kodi installer window. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

eight. Now,
select the binder in which you would similar to create the plan’s shortcutsasStart Menu binder ornewfolder. And then, click onInstall.

Notation: We have created a folder titledKodiin the instance below.

select the start menu folder and click install in kodi installer window

Wait for the installation process to finish.

wait for kodi app installation to finish

10. Finally, click on
Finish button. Now, you tin run & apply Kodi app as explained in the next section.

click on Finish to complete the kodi app installation. Fix Kodi Won’t Open in Windows 10

One time y’all accept restarted Kodi, you lot volition non confront any problems related to it.


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Nosotros hope that this guide was helpful and you could fix
Kodi won’t open
on your Windows 10 PC. Let united states know which method worked for you the all-time to solve Kodi won’t start problem. Also, if yous have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, and so feel free to driblet them in the comments section.

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