Learn Java The Hard Way Review

Learn Object-Oriented Coffee the Hard Way

Really learn object-oriented Java step-by-step

“Acquire Object-Oriented Coffee the Difficult Mode” is a volume that teaches yous the object-oriented parts of Coffee with over 50 complete example programs that illustrate each concept step-by-step.

Each concept is
with working code and
explained, and so that yous understand what every line of code does and why it is there. Afterward you work through this volume, you lot should be able to understand the basic structure and function of
Coffee programme, even large programs by professional developers.

The exercises and explanations in this volume are distilled from my over xv years of experience teaching object-oriented programming to everyday students.

Your volume volition be available as a download in PDF, Kindle (.mobi) and iPad (.epub) versions and so you tin can read it on all of your favorite devices.

Get Started

The Book
  • 309-page volume in PDF, Kindle and iPad formats. Really acquire the object-oriented features of Coffee, even if other books have failed you.
  • Java source code for all the example programs in the volume
  • dozens of Study Drills (one or more than per chapter) to test your understanding

There are no tutorial videos however; I’ll be recording those over the next few months.

Sample Book

If you’re yet undecided, you lot should read the starting time twelve chapters for free on this site or I can e-mail you lot a sample volume containing just the free chapters.

What You Will Larn

“Learn Object-Oriented Coffee the Difficult Way” focuses on the object-oriented parts of Java and covers them
deeply, with plenty of complete working examples and the explanations you lot won’t discover in other books.

You need some experience in Java or a similar linguistic communication before yous will be able to make information technology through this material. If you lot take never programmed before in
language, yous should beginning with my intro book “Learn Coffee the Hard Style”. Just if yous already know the nuts of Coffee or some other linguistic communication similar C, C++, C# or Javascript, this volume is for you. And if y’all just know a very different language similar Python or Ruby then yous will accept some catching up to practise but will probably still exist fine.

In the final chapter you’ll write a graphical version of a pop checker-dropping game and know how to package it up in a JAR file to send to others. You will learn:

  • How to install the Java compiler and a text editor
  • How to work with Java objects and create your own classes
  • Fields and instance variables
  • Methods and Parameters
  • Constructors
  • Reference Variables vs Primitives
  • Generics and Casting
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Abstruse Classes and Methods
  • Packages
  • How to create JAR files
  • Graphical User Interfaces in JavaFX
  • Mouse and Keyboard Input in GUIs
  • Testing and Efficiency
  • Algorithmic Complexity and Big-O Notation
  • ArrayLists
  • Sorting

…and more!

About the Author

Teaching regular people to code since 1997.

2016 photo of the author -- Graham Mitchell

Hi, I’chiliad Graham Mitchell!

I accept been teaching Computer science at Leander Loftier Schoolhouse (nigh Austin, TX) since the fall of 1997. We are a pretty good school; consistently ranked near the height 5% of public schools nationally.

Most authors of “how to code” text books have never worked in the classroom or accept only taught university students who are already majoring in Informatics or who have quite a bit of prior feel. And although I
had a lot of infrequent students over the years,
of my students are regular kids with zero experience and no particular aptitude for programming.

I taught them to code, and I can teach you.

You lot should follow me on Twitter.

Oftentimes-Asked Questions

» What is included in the book?
The book is a
DRM-free PDF. You can also download Kindle (.mobi) and iPad (.epub) versions if those are more your style. The volume contains 55 exercises that walk yous through creating programs and explaining what each line does. All the tools you need to create Coffee programs are included or freely bachelor. Besides included is a zip file containing all the source lawmaking and text files used in the book.
» Does this book have tutorial videos like your other book?
Not yet, unfortunately. I wanted to go the book out there and I’ll be recording the videos over the next few months. If you buy the book I will electronic mail you once videos are available.
» Are you affiliated with Zed Shaw, who wrote the first-class volume Acquire Python the Hard Way?
No, only I
spoken to him on the phone. He knows almost this project and has given it his approving.
» Can I electronic mail you to get help?
Sure. E-mail graham@grahammitchell.com and I will exercise what I can.

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